Sep. 27th, 2009

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I'm unable to find my amazingly awesome mask. :-(

Hopefully it was left at home or something and not missing for good.

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After scouring my room multiple times, I haven't been able to find the mask I brought back with me from Venice. I'm clinging to hope that it's just somewhere that I haven't checked thoroughly enough...Is there a way to announce lost items at Pratt? I'm tempted to post on the LJ community to garner some help in finding it.

I'm afraid that it may have been accidentally thrown out (though this is HIGHLY doubtful). I'm really upset that it's missing. I saw that mask the first time I was in Venice with friends and bought it when I went with my parents. They kept it safe for me while I traveled to England and I was delighted to get it when I was at home. I'm wishing I didn't bring it to Pratt. It would have been safer at home. If it was taken, I would have thought they'd go for my TV or DVD player first. Maybe it's because the mask is small and I didn't need it at the time so I wasn't paying attention? I've asked my suitemates to keep an eye out for it (so glad I took photos right now!) and I'm hoping to find it next time I check the closet (which has been checked multiple times already).

So for those of you at Pratt who check this out, please please tell me if you see it. If someone has taken/found it or whatever, tell them to give it back and no questions will be asked. I don't care HOW it got into someone else's possession, I just want it back.


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