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Dear Covert Affairs,

Nice typography joke. Her codename is Helvetica and she's in Switzerland? Very cute and I approve. Keep it up and I may forgive you for significantly less Auggie in this past episode.
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Left arm hurts like a bitch. Currently have a splint on my arm in case that helps the wrist. First thought: Am I going to be like Bennett from Dollhouse? Second: No, I'm not Summer Glau. Me playing crazy would be less awesome and more scary.

Also, saw Sherlock Holmes. Never read any Sherlock Holmes books so I just enjoyed it and didn't think about how accurate it was. According to textile major friend, the costumes are fairly spot on except for Irene's pink dress (she would be assumed to be a hooker in that) and the old clergy man wearing britches. Only little boys would be wearing those at that time. I told her he obviously likes little boys. Lots of laughs and innuendo had by all during the showing and I snuck (sneaked?) in a Wawa hoagie for dinner-y goodness. Yummy and entertaining. May see it again with other friends tomorrow. Really want the soundtrack.

Saw Invictus, too. Went with the 'rents. Very moving and good. As said before, accents were awful. Still, Morgan Freeman can pull off the Mandela gravitas. Good on him.

Time to catch up on Doctor Who specials. Haven't seen the last three. DUN TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS.
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My main wonder about 2010 was how they would do the new year glasses. They balanced the 2 sticking out on the side with an exclamation point on the other. The glasses look silly but so did the previous years'.

Y'know what would start this new year off right? Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2009. Is it up yet? Apparently it hasn't even aired yet--will have to wait until the Brit's get it and then hope they are generous and share the funny.
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Dear Hollywood,

Stop making movies where American actors fake the South African accent. It's more subtle than they can master. Hire actual South African actors. May I suggest Cliff Simon?

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Before reading this, keep in mind that as of right now I have not watched the newest Doctor Who special so no spoilers please.

Brainstormed with Katrina for what I can do for project four for one of my senior project classes. I really like the restaurant she's doing and while I'm not about to rip her off, the idea of doing something in the same vein came up. So here it is: a Doctor Who themed bar. The entrance will be a normal looking wall with the TARDIS parked up next to it--but THE TARDIS IS THE ENTRANCE OMG! IT'S BIGGER ON THE INSIDE! Right now I'm partial to the New Who TARDIS interior more than Old School but I want to reconcile the different aesthetics so they kind of mesh together in one geeky cornucopia of awesome.

The center console with navigation controls will be the main bar--it will be larger than the actual consul, obviously, and there will no green tube thing because people need to stand there. I'm thinking there will be about three sections of the console/bar, each one representing different periods of the console in Who history. The wait staff will be dressed as various companions. A friend suggested having a floor show at one point in the evening where the Doctors come out and dance/sing/play instruments.

Pretty much I want to have fun and create a wonderfully nerdy bar that can bring old and new Who fans together in love and drunken debauchery.

What I'd need to do for this project includes:
-Create a logo (and apply it to sign-age, business cards, advertising)
-Menu design
-Interior design
-Exterior design
-Uniform design
-Special glass design (if applicable
-Sign age (bathroom, exit, employees only, etc)

That's all I can think of right now. Anyway, thoughts? People who are into Old School Who, I need your suggestions the most. I'm horribly uneducated in Old Who.

Keep in mind this is a fictional bar.
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Is it bad that I totally called Obama replying to that woman's question about the new health care plan killing us all with his fabulous dry wit? Specifically saying that we don't have enough man power to go to each American citizen and ask them how they would like to die. Though that would provide jobs for the currently unemployed...Just an idea.

P.S. You chose Bud Light? Really, Obama? REALLY? Not because it's a "foreign" beer (it may have been purchased by a foreign company but it has maintained it's American identity of being watered down)...because it's a shitty beer.

"Cupcake Reach-around"? I love you Stephen Colbert (and writing team). That and "Jeremeh" made me laugh like crazy.

Tucker Carlson looked a lot like Gollum in that photo.

Unrelated, I'm going to DC for the weekend to hang with my big brother. Maybe we'll get a chance to go for drinks at the White House. If so, I'm asking for liquor.
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Family is already driving me a little crazy at times but we had a nice evening hanging out at my apartment (because it is WAY better than the one they've rented). Bri was going to stay over but they left so late that he's opted to just stay with the 'rents. Tomorrow we're heading to Lake Maggiore. We were supposed to go to Lake Garda and visit my friend Fallen but it's going to rain heavily there, which is not so fun. Sadly, the family will miss out on the awesomeness that is giant lemons...oh, and a castle. Bri and I are hoping to convince Dad to hop over to Switzerland for dinner since it's so close. Seriously, it's like twenty minutes away from Maggiore.

Sunday we're going to hit up the antique market on my street (and I will get more photos for my steampunk obsessed friends because I am an enabler) and hopefully get to the science museum. Then Monday I say goodbye to my amazing apartment and Milano. I'm ready to leave Milan...the apartment, not so much. I love it to the point where I would take it with me if it were physically possible. To make up for this, I plan to steal the mini-Spiderman figure that hangs out in the bathroom ([ profile] ohniki knows what I'm talking about).

In other unrelated news, I had a weird dream that I was heading home. )

Okay, so I have a shitton of photos to put on my computer and eventually post. In a bit, I will get them up on facebook. I haven't been good about facebook photo albums since South Africa...lots to catch up on.


May. 16th, 2009 06:49 pm
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Jesus Smallville, way to be craptastic. (spoilers, foul language and calling Clark a pansy-ass..okay, not that last part but it is implied) )

Well, I've gotsta meet up with a friend, then apertivo and then we're hitting up the karaoke bar. Madde and I are going to do Spice Girls (I'm voting for "Stop"), Backstreet Boys (preferably "Everybody") or Michael Jackson ("Billie Jean" probably). I may be convinced to do one on my own, which would most likely be "Virtual Insanity" by Jamiroquai, "Sunny Came Home" by Shawn Colvin or "Stay" by Lisa Loeb. Most people who go are Italian and do songs in Italian. Last time Manuela and I did "Quit Playing Games With My Heart" but I didn't actually know the song that well, just the chorus, and we pretty much butchered it. But in a fun way. Tonight will be better, I'm sure.

ETA: Sang "Stop" with Madde and then "I Want It That Way" with Madde and Madde's boyfriend Walter. But Madde left us on stage. Walter and I kicked that songs ass (yeah harmony!). Walter signed me up after much prodding to do a solo but we left after they decided to take a karaoke "break" and never really came back. Oh well. Next time. Hopefully by then I will know "Virtual Insanity".
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Why does Kyle Gallner almost always play characters who have gonorrhea?
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And now to catch up on Smallville. Shut up, it's a guilty pleasure.
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Playing catchup on this season of Supernatural. Ep. 17 is freakin' hilarious! Loving the whole dynamic when Sam and Dean don't realize who they truly are. Love the Ghostfacers website tie-in and all the callbacks to past eps (calling Madison and getting an animal hospital?! Brilliant!).

Also caught up with Dollhouse. SO MUCH LOVE. It had BEST get renewed!

Did all this whilst attempting to finish designing that typeface for school...not completely done.

Next thing to do: Finish that AE promo thinger for Tuesday.
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It's just occurred to me how similar The Phantom from Phantom of the Opera (mostly focusing on movie!Phantom) and Edward from Twilight are. They are both obsessed with one girl, except in Christine's case she has redeeming qualities as a character (at least Sarah Brightman Christine and book Christine-- I'm reading PotO right now and that Christine isn't completely lame), and are kind of pathetic when it comes to said girl. They have stalker tendencies (see: Edward watching Bella SLEEP and The Phantom having his My Size Christine doll). Edward is supposedly too beautiful to go out in public whereas The Phantom is too hideous (I say this with sarcasm because DAMN is Gerard Butler hot!). Basically they both feel alienated by society and shit and have found the ONE GIRL they idolize and put up on a pedestal. Sadly in Phantom's case he doesn't end up marrying and banging Christine and biting pillows and then having a super growing super powered baby half-vamp (that can sing like mad). Maybe things worked out for the best in his case, then.


P.S. Gerard Butler as The Phantom is WAY hotter than RPatz as Edward. Just sayin'.

P.P.S. This has nothing to do with the above post but I felt like stating that I've finally watched the first two episodes of Dollhouse and I'm really liking it. I can't wait until next week's ep!
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The dude who's going to be Eleven...he's got a really long neck. Methinks neck!porn might replace oral fixations in fic.

Just sayin'.

We return to Critiquing Commercials:
I HATE the E-Surance commercials. Especially the one with the dude who is all "You can see what draws me to E-Surance" and then they become cartoons. Of course, he has ABSOLUTELY no inflection in his voice and the whole "animated" line doesn't work. They are all WAY too happy about insurance! It boarders on creepy.
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I love Russell Brand. I saw him on Conan over the summer and decided to watch as much of his comedy that I could find on youtube and I'm kind of addicted. Also, I find him oddly attractive. I think I just really want to play with his hair.
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Two things.

1) Folk Fest was amazing!!! I had a fabulous time (though I probably should have been a bit more social and not read my book so much) and the line up was fantastic! We got to see Janis Ian (who tells stories wonderfully), Kimya Dawson (who is adorable and I wanted to hug her because she seems huggable...she also had people go up and sing with her, which was sweet), Judy Collins (who was great, obviously, but she sang a few Joni Mitchell songs without giving credit), Tom Paxton, Al Stewart, Great Big Sea (OMG SO MUCH LOVE!!!) and many more. There was this amazing guy who could play a ukulele hardcore! It's amazing how many different sounds he could make with a tiny four-stringed instrument. There were tons of other bands that I could gush over but I wasn't paying attention to WHO was playing so I can't give names until I check the schedule.

Anyway, it was a great time and I got to see a bunch of people from high school that I haven't seen in years. It was fun meeting the Jugglers with Allison (many were rather attractive) and watch Trout Fishing in America with Benny and his friends and acting like children. All in all, a great weekend. Next year I'm TOTALLY camping.

2) The commercial for the new chicken sandwiches at (enter name of appropriate fast food joint here) is just disturbing. That whole "Chicken so good you'll cheat on beef" thing would be fine if it weren't for the angry cow. It's like the cookie singing songs to that chick that I wrote about here except with a cow. And it's got that pseudo-bestiality vibe. Not quite there but there enough that I'm vaguely creeped out.
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Twilight Review Vlog is pretty much done. I've cut the footage together and there are bits where it's mostly my footage and Melis's because we filmed the most but I've tried to balance it out. Anyway, I'm currently working on background music and I think I've done okay with that. I've pretty much put whatever I thought would work in the background and be fun. I'm currently stuck on what song to used for the credits (yes, I'm doing credits...mostly because I feel like it, I'll decide later if they stay). Also debating random video to put after said credits...and possibly outtakes (not that there really are any from people other than me). Anyway, the song. I need song suggestions. I'm thinking pop music. Or something really serious. I don't know. I'm leaning towards upbeat pop music. Suggestions?

The review is almost a half hour
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Anthropomorphic chocolate chip cookies are very creepy advertising tools. Especially when singing along to "If You Want My Body (And You Think I'm Sexy Despite Me Being a Baked Good That Your Grandmother Sometimes Makes...If She Still Bakes, of course. Maybe Now She Just Talks About How She Used To Cook and Bake. Anyway, You Probably Just Buy Cookies Like Me in the Store Now Because You're Too Lazy To Take The Time To Make 'Em, Ass.)"


Jul. 6th, 2008 12:21 am
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Doctor Who Finale (Spoilers, obviously) )

Added after reading other people's reviews/opinions )

Not Who related: My computer is making weird noises and seems to be overheating more than normal. I'm worried and it's very much bothering me. I think I may cough up a shitton of money to fix the part of my laptop where the casing has come apart because I think that's why it's noisy. Also, I'm pretty sure I'm currently melting another charger.


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