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I think I'm going to save my stories from Family Vacation™ for multiple photo-posts. That way you can SEE what the hell I'm on about instead of just reading it...

Yesterday I arrived in London and promptly made my way to Cambridge where I met up with Aurore. Aurore and I became friends through Fallen, whom I met at the Scuola Leonardo in Milan. I met her when she visited Fallen (they were friends from Australia and have known each other for ages) and we got along famously. Aurore briefly stayed on my floor before heading to London to get a job. She currently lives outside of Cambridge with a family friend and seems to be having a wonderful time.

On the train to Cambridge I met a wonderful girl whom I believe is named Lara. We found that we had Italy in common--she had lived there at one time and while we both enjoyed the country we could not stay there forever. As she put it, the disorganization would drive her insane. That and the misogyny. She's from Ireland but also lived in England so her accent was kind of a mix of these three countries (Italy, Ireland and England). We talked about almost everything during the train ride, sadly cut off when a man sat next to her and we both had a mutual understanding that it would be rude to speak over him. She had lived in Cambridge when studying and was heading back to visit a friend. It was sort of like a homecoming to her. I hope to she emails me. I put her address in my bag somewhere but I'm not quite sure where right now...Anyway, one thing I'm really enjoying about traveling is meeting so many different people and getting potential pen pals and connections.

Lovely person that she is, Aurore met me at Cambridge so I wouldn't have to guess how to get to her place and most likely get horribly lost. We were going to hit up a pub for dinner but Helen, her roomie, put on some food instead and we went out to pick up some more alcohol. Helen has done everything. This woman has led an extremely interesting and entertaining life and is still exploring different things to do. I love it! She told us stories from her days working in film and that time she dated some famous guy's body double, the hiijinks they got into on set (also gossip--totally called the bj thing, by the way), explained very generally astrology to me and the Hindu calendar. Seriously, she, Matt (her friend), Aurore and I chatted for hours. When Matt left we put "Galaxy Quest" in because Aurore had not seen it. Love that movie. Helen headed up to bed and Aurore and I kept chatting for a bit, opting to sleep in late the next day and see how the flow took us.

Today we headed out to Cambridge and generally explored. She showed me the canal, the punters, a man singing in a rubbish bin (I have some video and photos) and introduced me to the brilliant creation that is the cookie-cupcake. I had never actually seen one but had heard of them. Pretty much the best thing ever. We walked through a fair that Cambridge has every year mostly to help parents keep their kids occupied during the summer. Wanna know what we saw there??? THE TARDIS! And Daleks!! And an Ood. K9 was there, too! MANY photos were taken.

We went through this tent thing and saw a woman selling cupcakes. She mentioned having issues with designing her site so I told her I knew how to do web design and she asked for my email. I have her card so Aurore and I can send her photos we took of her cupcakes, as well. Very nice woman. Apparently the US has much more in terms of cake decoration and for much less money than England. She and I fangirled over the blog Cupcakes Take The Cake and I told her about one of my favorite blogs, Bakerella. I do believe I've made a new friend.

I headed to London in the early evening and Kevin, the cousin I'm staying with, is awesome and picked me up at a tube station. I have since met his girlfriend, Jo, who is very nice and sweet, and gone to dinner. Now I'm enjoying some wifi.

Tomorrow I will hopefully meet up with [ profile] klothehobbit and [ profile] nibbes! OMG EXCITEMENT! And then I get to hang with [ profile] melisus in Toronto? SO COOL! I love our SBMB community.
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Family is already driving me a little crazy at times but we had a nice evening hanging out at my apartment (because it is WAY better than the one they've rented). Bri was going to stay over but they left so late that he's opted to just stay with the 'rents. Tomorrow we're heading to Lake Maggiore. We were supposed to go to Lake Garda and visit my friend Fallen but it's going to rain heavily there, which is not so fun. Sadly, the family will miss out on the awesomeness that is giant lemons...oh, and a castle. Bri and I are hoping to convince Dad to hop over to Switzerland for dinner since it's so close. Seriously, it's like twenty minutes away from Maggiore.

Sunday we're going to hit up the antique market on my street (and I will get more photos for my steampunk obsessed friends because I am an enabler) and hopefully get to the science museum. Then Monday I say goodbye to my amazing apartment and Milano. I'm ready to leave Milan...the apartment, not so much. I love it to the point where I would take it with me if it were physically possible. To make up for this, I plan to steal the mini-Spiderman figure that hangs out in the bathroom ([ profile] ohniki knows what I'm talking about).

In other unrelated news, I had a weird dream that I was heading home. )

Okay, so I have a shitton of photos to put on my computer and eventually post. In a bit, I will get them up on facebook. I haven't been good about facebook photo albums since South Africa...lots to catch up on.
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Today I intended to do all this fabulous stuff. Instead I have barely started anything. I've done bits and pieces but nothing substantial. Unless you count scanning in a bunch of my doodles from notebooks when I should have been taking actual notes. Remember this one, [ profile] ohniki?

Ah, good times in World Civ.

Things I WILL Do Tonight:
-Start Illustration
-Begin picking out stuff for my portfolio
-Get everything ready for [ profile] crudelydrawn's visit. OMG EXCITEMENT!!!

Things I SHOULD Do Tonight:
-Start those pesky essays for the exchange program
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As you probably have realized, it's 2007. Crazy, eh? I'd like to think that last year was pretty good but right now I can't be arsed to analyze it in too much detail. One thing that happened last year was graduating and going on to college. That was pretty damn cool. Here's hoping for 2007 to kick major ass!

Got to see "Dreamgirls" today. It was really good! I recommend it, anyway. It was fun and somewhat serious. Good times were had.

I had a great time with [ profile] molassesturtle, [ profile] uscdreamr and [ profile] maverick0324 at Amber's house! We watched "Coupling", created a drinking game for HP GoF but didn't play it and instead played Scategories and some tabloid game that turned into fitting in the phrase "lesbian spank inferno" in the headline in funny ways.

In fact, I'd like to remind you guys that there is a challenge waiting to be fulfilled: Use "lesbian spank inferno" in some way in a fic. Doesn't matter what the pairing is. They can be watching it, making it, in it, whatever. Just write the fic and make it awesome! Please? Points to those of you who know where that quote comes from ('those of you' being the people who weren't at Amber's).

Tomorrow I sleep over the Bayit and then Bri and I are off to Florida to join the parents. They leave tomorrow. It should be fun. I just hope they let me go to Disney World. I've never been and feel that's just not right. Everyone should go at least once, even if it is overrated.

Anyway, happy new year and I hope you all have a wonderful 2007!

Great Day!

Oct. 29th, 2005 11:51 pm
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Tonight's Halloween party thingers were cool. I love getting the chance to hang out with friends.

Unfortunately, now I have a shitload of work to do. Oh crap.


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