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Guess what flist? Guess!

Fine. I'll tell you.

I passed! I'm a bartender!! Well, I can be. Now. Legally. Trained and all. Oh yeah! Know what that means? If you're legal, I'll serve ya till you're good and wasted! And then I'll get a cab for you or something. Don't want to get the customers killed now do I?

But yes, that is my news.

That and I leave for Pratt next Saturday. This next week will be consisting of camp, packing and socializing with friends. Friday we're having a sort of goodbye thing at my house so ya'll can stop by after supper (like 7:30 PM ish). It's sad, but I'll be back for holidays and vacations. Like for Rosh Hashana. Which is in September. See? I'll leave and then I'll be right back. Gotta love Jewish holidays. There are so many of them.
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Flair today. I can now flip the bottle and do random other shit with it. I can't really describe it. However, I still suck at throwing the bottle over my shoulder and catching it with the same hand at its neck so you can pour it. They also taught us some magic tricks and other fun flair you can do without the bottle so it doesn't waste any alcohol. That uses the tins, ice and garnishes. Pretty simple but we didn't get a chance to really practice it so I'm still unsure how to do the flippy things for the tins. Will learn later. The fire stuff was freakin' awesome. Not that they actually let us do it. That's a little too dangerous.

Next week: Final. Next Saturday: Speed test.
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Last day of bartending class-wise. Now I need to take my final and speed test. I passed the midterm! I thought I'd failed. But obviously I didn't fuck up too badly because I PASSED!!! So next weekend is speed test. I'm going to do the final sometime this coming week. Gotta study.

Fun story. I was in the train station with Weronika after class (pronounced Veronica, she's Polish) when two guys approached us. One actually stayed to talk to us, the other kind of went off on his own because he was shy or something. So the guy, Joseph, I think, told us about how he and his friend Brian had come to Philadelphia for Ozzfest and their bag was stolen. They wondered if we could lend them some cash (they needed $24) and offered their MP3 player in exchange. During this little story Joseph mentioned that he was from Brooklyn. His wording was something like, "Brian and I are from Brooklyn, we go to this art school Pratt." Then I replied, "I'm GOING to Pratt!" From there we went on a tangent where I found out that he lives off campus with a few other people and is majoring in linolium block carving. He has stuff in galleries, as well. So, yeah. It was crazy weird. But we believed their story, and he was willing to give us his MP3 player (which I think he knew we'd decline) so we got our extra money together and gave it to them. We also exchanged email information so we could get in tough again. In the end, I met two people who go to Pratt in an extremely odd way and they got the money needed to get home. Fin.

Yesterday night I went shopping with my mother, Cara, and her mother at Target. We got shit loads of stuff for college. And we've decided that I'm bringing the trunk I used for sleepaway camp to pack stuff in and if there's room, I'll keep it in the dorm. It will be so I can store stuff I don't want people getting at like my DVDs or books or something. I thought it was a pretty good idea. Hopefully there will be room for it. But if not, I'll figure something out.

Argh. College in two weeks. Crazy. I don't like growing up. Why can't it be summer forever?
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My life has been taken over by camp and bartending. I don't mind it mostly, it's fun, but I would have liked to see Pirates with my friends on Friday instead of taking a class it turns out I've already taken except the teacher I had for it the first time didn't do the second half for us. It was a good thing I went, though, because I learned a lot and met some really nice people. And the class I have tomorrow (wine seminar) is earlier than I thought now so less sleep. And less sleep = unhappy Adri. Garg!

For my lunch break I walked around Old City in search of Becca because I knew she was working. I asked some of the dudes in ye olde time costumes where she was and the third questioned actually was working for the same company as she is and gave me great directions to find her. So I got to hang out with her for the rest of the break and went back when we got out early. I had much fun!

I like walking around the city. It's fun to people watch. The idea of living in a city is just so appealing. There are so many things going on and tons of places to explore. I just wish I got to do it more often. Maybe the days when I miss the 5:40 train (which is bound to happen since it takes over ten minutes to walk from class to the station and class ends at 5:30 usually) I'll have an adventure until the next train comes. Philadelphia is pretty.

I got my first paycheck. It was very exciting. They actually spelled my name right and everything. We also had a party for John 'cause he's going to Italy on Tuesday and won't be back at camp until the last two weeks. No, not that John. The other one. We have two of 'em. And sometimes David is John and John is David. It's all very confusing but amusing if you know what the hell I'm rambling about, which you probably don't and I don't feel like explaining because it makes the confusion less funny for me. And in conclusion, I'm gonna drink my tea in this huge-ass Tinkerbell mug that is bigger than my face. Yeah, it's awesome.

P.S. [ profile] eileenthepeach, I finally rented and watched "The Producers" and loved it! A few actors who had small parts in it have actually been in the play on Broadway at one point. Examples: Richard Kind (jury dude) was Max Biallystock when I saw it and Jonathan Freeman (ticket dude) was Roger DuBris (he and Richard were in the show together, actually). Yes, I notice small things. Blame my cousin Antonia. She said Jon would be in it, I just didn't know exactly when so I kept my eyes open. And after watching "Spin City" almost religiously when little it's pretty impossible for me to not notice Richard Kind.
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Second (and third, technically speaking) bartending classes were today. We learned shooters. Andrew (the teacher) even brought out the real alcohol they keep in the back to show us how they do layered drinks and we tried inventing a bunch of new shots with the variuos liqueurs we had. Let's just say that those who were over 21 got a taste if they wanted and the teacher especially. But that was later on during the class so it wasn't like he needed to be utterly alert. We also learned garnishes, which took maybe ten minutes. So it was a pretty relaxing day. Very nice.

The class was in Old City so I saw a bunch of the people who dress up in the historical costumes and tell stories around. I wondered where Becca was because I know that she works for them. Funnily enough, when getting onto the train to get home, there she was. We sat together and talked. It was a great way to end the day! It's crazy how those few minutes were some of the most fun ones of the day. And now I know where she's working (which is nearby the school) so I can head over there during my lunch break and learn about Philadelphia while eating. I think it's a good plan.

Other than that, the first week of camp is over. I really like the other counselors I'm working with and we seem to have a sort of routine now. It's fun. Tiring but fun. Well, wiping the kids after they've gone to the bathroom is not fun. Nor is changing them if necessary. But after my freakoutage when attempting to change one of the kids and Taller John's inability to put a diaper on correctly, our lovely senior counselor has been nice enough to do changings. Overall: Good.

My cousin Darryl is staying for a few days with his friend Avi while my parents are at another cousin's house. They're pretty cool guys but we haven't really talked. Tonight shall be bonding night. Sort of. We're gonna do dinner. Darryl and Avi are here because they're doing this blog about congressional districts, various towns and other political stuff. I'm not sure about the details because I haven't had the chance to sit down and read it yet. That's my next mission. Still, it sounds interesting and you should check it out. Got that? Wonderful.


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