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I didn't realize that today's not only my birthday but also International Women's Day.

Haven't done anything all weekend (unless you count checking out the market across the street and walking around yesterday). Tonight hopefully will involve getting drinks with language school friends.

Kind of wish I were turning 21 in the states. It's just another number here while in the US it's kind of a big deal. And it's not like I wasn't allowed to drink before 21 anyway...I guess I just miss that feeling of importance. And it would be nice to celebrate with friends I've known for years as well as the new ones. I guess we'll have rectify this when I'm back home--wanna go party at the beach?
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Lettering is probably going to be like Type I, which is bad if I want credit for Type IV but maybe the teacher will give me special projects or something? He's English. That is all kinds of awesome. Not only will we be able to communicate easily but even if he speaks Italian quickly I can mostly understand him. I don't know why I'm so shit at understanding native Italian speakers...maybe it's how the words just flow seamlessly so I'm all "What the hell did you just say? Something about cars?" (this totally just happened, by the way...a woman asked me something about cars and I have no idea what it was...I translated it in my head to "There were/are cars here?" and since they were right in front of us I doubt that was it. Perhaps she was talking about the illegal parking?). Hopefully this will improve with the next week of lecture. Decided that despite this being early on a Friday, I like this teacher so I will stay with him rather than move to Wed. nights. Still need to drop multi-layer...need to find out how the hell to do that *emails Aleksandra for help*.

Helped a girl who wants to get into the exchange program and go to Pratt next semester with her letter of motivation. Hope my edits don't make her sound too American or whatever. I want her to get in and I think Pratt could be very good for her. They seem quite laid back here and I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. When am I going to have five projects due on the same day when the printers happen to be down and the closest print shop is closed? Does that even happen here? Also, from what I've seen, they don't even have large format printers at NABA! And they use paper sizes A3 and A4. Blowing my mind.

Need to unpack like whoa. Landlady and nephew are coming to check out the room to make sure previous girl didn't damage anything.

Birthday on Sunday. Possible Purim party Monday night. Do I want to party with most likely orthodox Jews? The men get weird when they get drunk (see: Jewzapalooza, freshman year). Other party Tuesday night, I think. Will probably make appearance at that once since nice Chabad family invited me. Purim = Holiday with costumes, A LOT of booze (not to be confused with Passover, which has a four drink minimum but no costumes...and no yeast) and food (ie. hamantashen: dough with filling--often fruit--in shape of triangles, like Haman's hat).
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Happy Birthday to me.

I'm 20 today. Weird.

ETA: Thank you very much!!! I love you all!
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Exchange program-wise, we figured out (after a lot of miscommunication) that we do not have to resubmit our portfolios until we find out whether we have been nominated to actually apply to the schools themselves. This is very good news as it means I have time to fix my portfolio and create a digital one instead of a paper one. I'm still going to try to fix the paper one but perhaps will print it at home where I can do it at a Kinkos or something.

Other news, I discovered much to my surprise on Wednesday that it was almost March...That means in a week I'm 20. It's freaky. It's weird to think that I won't be a teenager anymore, even though it's not like this will change the way I act. Which is more suited to a middle schooler sometimes. This number thing and what it's just so strange. Hopefully the birthday will be a good one.

Randomness...I want to get a printer. A very good one that prints high quality photo prints (preferably can print 11x17", too). Any suggestions? Digital camera suggestions are also welcome though I won't be getting one of those for a bit.
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It's officially Thursday...
Which means...

See Also: LCD class.

Friday, however, should be awesome. Ditto with Saturday. And the week after that since it will be break.
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Feeling slightly better but not much. Went to class only to come back an hour later. Have been coughing a lot so my torso physically hurts each time I do it now. Ditto on sneezing. Still need to do midterm stuff...
This is officially the worst birthday week ever.

Speaking of which, 3 days.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVAH-IN-LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of birthdays, I want to have a party. Not a movie night. In fact, I'm hoping to avoid the movie-crutch in general. While my friends and I hang out a lot we don't always talk and I just want to have fun with some food, nice music and hang-outage. And Apples to Apples. Which I've only just discovered. That is one kickass game! Anyway, details are sketchy at the moment so I'll call/email ya'll later...or something.

For pressies Mum and Dad bought me iPod speakers (which are quite nice...except because of that I don't want to bring them with me to the dorms next year which defeats the purpose) and The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde. Because I requested and was very glad to get this, Bri called me a dork. Well, less calling me a dork than lifting up his Napoleon Dynamite hoodie (which says, "You're just jealous because I've been chatting with hot babes all day..." or something like that) to reveal his DORK tee-shirt. He then pointed at it and said, "This is what you are!" Gotta love brothers. Anyway, that book should arrive with a bunch of others I ordered off soon. Yay!

On another note, Brit Lit is one of the most pointless classes EVER! On the bright side, because the teacher isn't very bright I may be able to convince her to let us watch A Knight's Tale because we're currently reading The Canterbury Tales and it's based off one of them (titled "The Knight's Tale")...and Paul Bettany plays Geoffrey Chaucer. Yeah, we should totally watch that movie. I mean, it's got Wash, Heath and Paul's ass educational. Sort of.
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When 5:30-ish PM rolls around I will officially be 18. My voting registration sheet is lying on my place on the kitchen table. I plan to fill it out ASAP but have homework to do first.

I wore my tiara for a bit of today. [ profile] fantusta was awesome and announced my birthday during morning announcements to everyone. He was saying Happy Birthday to multiple people but for me he said, "And to a tiara-wearing Adrienne Cohen" because he is just that cool! *loffs Chris* And Hunnex thought I'd just worn the tiara for fun. Pfft! I have a reason for almost everything I do. It may not always make sense, but the reason does exist. Seriously.

Chinese food tonight! W00t! And hopefully some presents. Not because I need them. I just like 'em. :-)

Now am off to finish gov homework.
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For Carter )

Mum's getting sick. Adri's getting tired of school. Almost everyone's going to Disney. My birthday is in six days. I don't think I'm having a party because I can't think of anything to do. Maybe I'll do it in a month like some people do.

On the note of birthdays, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have an awesome day!!! And eat lots of yummy cake!

I really need to work on my tie-dye skirt. But I dun wanna. Meh.
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Happy birthday [ profile] hoipolloi_penny and [ profile] miss_electrishn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you guys have wonderful days! Love you both muchly.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] ladysar803! You are officially 17. Sorry that I couldn't go hang out with you. I'll speak with you about other times we can chill later. In the mean time, enjoy life and have fun!

And Happy Birthday to Amy and Amber!!! You two amuse me muchly and I thank you for it. Have wonderful birthdays!

Comic Book Illustration= done. I'll post the comic (without dialogue, probably) later.

Now I need to finish up this photo project. Will also pimp these later.


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