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I wanted to do the following over break:
-get a 4GB flash drive
-do illustration homework
-do comm imaging homework
-start research for paper
-get digital portfolio together
-whatever homework that I could have started
-finish UPenn summer school application

I did absolutely NONE of these things. None. I did actually try to accomplish that first task and failed miserably. I was being lazy. I wanted to actually relax during my break. Now I'm probably fucked for this upcoming week. Guess I'll find out when I get back tomorrow.

On the bright side, I did finally get a hair trim.
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And it's break. I'm currently home and praying that the cold I seem to have acquired does not get worse. Mum's in Phoenix so it's just Daddy and me for a few days. I'm hoping to get some work done but I know deep down inside that it probably won't. For now I'm going to enjoy fast loading times for youtube and check out as many random videos as possible. Yeah, I'm that kickass.
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Back at Pratt. I did pretty much no homework over break, which I knew would happen despite hoping I could accomplish shit. So now I'm chillin' on my bed (which is WAY more comfy than my bed at home, surprisingly) and not doing work. It's like a normal Sunday.

Break Summary )

This break seemed to go by so quickly. It barely felt like a break, too. I was doing stuff constantly. Helping Mum out, helping Grandma out, entertaining people, seeing people, trying to do homework, etc. I need more time. And now I have three weeks left of this semester. Hopefully enough time to finish everything that needs to be done in time for Survey. Oh God. Survey. So not ready for this.
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Totally enjoying just relaxing. Yesterday involved a lovely little party at [ profile] jesskivage's house that was later moved to [ profile] ladysar803's house (okay, for an hour or so). Good times were had. Apparently there was some drama but I don't know the whole story. I was too busy chilling in the basement with people and watching [ profile] fantusta kick some DDR ass. Hopefully break will continue being like this-- the fun part not the drama-- because it's great to just kick back and hang out with friends.

Next week will be busy with my lil' trip to Batlimore/DC. Jeff needs to get back to me about details because much of the DC part depends on him being available. And by much I mean all. If he decides he's too busy for his loving little sister then that little sister is going to be back in Philly a lot sooner than planned. Read that, Jeff? Check your email. And I love you. Even if you don't check your email as regularly/compulsively as I do.

Right now I'm sitting at the kitchen table with my parents. Each of us has a laptop. It's kind of pathetic. Mine, however, is the coolest of them all. It is a beautiful Mac. Mum and Dad...well, theirs kind of suck in comparison. Man, I should take a picture. This is too amusing. :-)
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I'm currently typing this up while lying down on my bed. Oh yeah, a girl can get used to this. Dad has also all but given me permission to DL stuff as he's now obsessed with torrents after an incident that involved him NOT seeing the premiere of Boston Legal and having Bri get it for him. He's in love. And I'm hoping to have all of Fight Club by tomorrow.

Anyway, I'm at home. It's Rosh Hashana. Luckily, I'm not expected to actually go to synagogue, just to help Mum with cooking and stuff. It's quite nice to be home. I missed my parents, though I won't admit it to them. It's like a mini-vacation. Plus, I get good food and lots of goodies to take back to the dorm. I just hope I'll be able to carry it all on the train.

Hopefully I'll get to see some friends tomorrow. Probably around dinner. Hint hint callme. I tried to email a bunch of you but for some reason it didn't work. So get in touch por favor.

Tomorrow= Celebrating Rosh Hashana, Eating and Shopping for supplies


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