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Last day of school. Made out with mostly three Bs (two of these grades came from teachers who barely looked at my work, which annoys me greatly), two As (photo and lettering) and one E. That last one is in art history where I completely failed the test. Let's keep in mind that I was taking it in a different language and hadn't studied the right material because I couldn't find the books (it is my fault that I didn't try the library but I'm pretty sure you can't actually take books OUT of it, just look at them on campus). I did study. I wrote a seven pages of notes and images. I just didn't look at the right stuff. Of course, the test was not what I was expecting either so I guess it's a mix of me not understanding when he told me what the test would be like and not going over the right information. But it's done and I need to stop dwelling. That, however, is hard because an E is essentially failing but with effort. So I tried but still did a shit job. If we had had a paper, I would have fucking aced that class (or at least gotten a B and I would have written it in English). So yeah, that whole dwelling thing...gotta get on not doing that.

In happy news, I am going to Madde's place tonight and we are going to play mini golf! It should be fun. I haven't played mini golf in ages. Mini golf and friends! Best way to end a school year.

More happy news, I leave for Berlin on Tuesday! Three days later, I head to Hamburg and on the 15th I go to Paris where I'm staying with a family friend. Then back to Milan to begin cleaning my apartment and packing before the family comes/I move out.

July 12th I'm going to London before heading home. Haven't booked a ticket home yet because I'm not sure if I want to go home on the 20th or a few days earlier. Thing is, in London I have friends and family and I adore the city. I could very well spend 8 days there and be happy. But I also want to get back Stateside soon. I'll figure that stuff out when I'm back from my trip.

Now, to eat lunch. I skipped dinner last night (unintentionally) because I was working on lettering. Almost finished season 10 of SG-1 whilst doing so (let's keep in mind I started watching middle of season 8 when I began working on this hardcore a few weeks ago).

And how are you all doing? I want stories!
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Brooklyn Trip Roundup: )

Quick question to the FList. Many people start separate journals when they go traveling and I'm a week away from being in Milan. Should I start a new journal (I'd either get a new LJ like Laura K did or a blogspot) or just continue on this one? I'm leaning towards getting a separate LJ account but I also like keeping things in one place...advice is appreciated.

Also, if any of you have traveled abroad for long periods of time, what did you bring with you and what do you wish you'd brought?
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Things I need to find out about this Italy Program:
1. How long it is - Semester is March to June, three week language course first
2. How much housing costs - Need to be there to get housing but can get it for about $600/Month
3. Where to get housing (preferably near the school)
4. Supply costs
5. How much the Italian class costs - About $450
6. How much earlier I need to get there for said course - Three weeks?
7. What the area is like - Fantastic
8. Language barrier--is it really a big deal (in terms of socializing)? - Pretty much yes
9. How intense are the courses - Not too bad for Fashion, hopefully not too bad for COMD
10. Will I be screwed credit-wise when I get back to Pratt

There are probably a lot more things I should be asking but I can't think of them. [ profile] ohniki, I sent out an email to the girls who are currently there. You've been copied on it. Feel free to send your own with questions you have that I didn't cover.

To Do:
1. Write art history essay (due Friday)
2. Write world civ essay (due Wednesday)
3. Get comm imaging proposal together (technically due Monday but will be due Tuesday due to Daily Show)
4. Do vis comm (due Tuesday)
5. Do typography plus extra credit (due Wednesday)
6. Stupid boards for design procedures, stupid newsletter stuff, get better promo colors (due Thursday)
7. Work on web design (due Thursday)
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I've been nominated for the exchange program. This is cool and all but I'm sad that my friend didn't because I would have LOVED to go to Scotland with her. Also, she is probably my first choice for getting in and I have no idea why she didn't get nominated. :-( She's so talented! Anyway, I'm mostly happy to be nominated. Part of me is panicking about when I need to turn in my redone portfolio. I'm doing it digitally this time. No printing bullshit. Glasgow wants it in Powerpoint with commentary anyway (what they want me to say, I've no idea). There's a meeting tomorrow about this whole exchange thing. I'm kind of nervous.

Also, I have my art history midterm tomorrow. I do not know the IDs at all and haven't even started with the terms or essays. w00t.
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Exchange program-wise, we figured out (after a lot of miscommunication) that we do not have to resubmit our portfolios until we find out whether we have been nominated to actually apply to the schools themselves. This is very good news as it means I have time to fix my portfolio and create a digital one instead of a paper one. I'm still going to try to fix the paper one but perhaps will print it at home where I can do it at a Kinkos or something.

Other news, I discovered much to my surprise on Wednesday that it was almost March...That means in a week I'm 20. It's freaky. It's weird to think that I won't be a teenager anymore, even though it's not like this will change the way I act. Which is more suited to a middle schooler sometimes. This number thing and what it's just so strange. Hopefully the birthday will be a good one.

Randomness...I want to get a printer. A very good one that prints high quality photo prints (preferably can print 11x17", too). Any suggestions? Digital camera suggestions are also welcome though I won't be getting one of those for a bit.
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Today I intended to do all this fabulous stuff. Instead I have barely started anything. I've done bits and pieces but nothing substantial. Unless you count scanning in a bunch of my doodles from notebooks when I should have been taking actual notes. Remember this one, [ profile] ohniki?

Ah, good times in World Civ.

Things I WILL Do Tonight:
-Start Illustration
-Begin picking out stuff for my portfolio
-Get everything ready for [ profile] crudelydrawn's visit. OMG EXCITEMENT!!!

Things I SHOULD Do Tonight:
-Start those pesky essays for the exchange program


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