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Today [ profile] typo1138, Chana and I went to the SoHo Apple Store for a Doctor Who Meet n' Greet thing. We got there VERY early so we went over to Rice to Riches (where I got to introduce [ profile] typo1138 to the wonders of trendy rice pudding that is overpriced so we only get it once a year) and then looked around at other stores nearby. We eventually made our way back to the store to find that many fans had already staked out a spot in the theater area during a GarageBand demo. Even though we weren't there for the demo specifically it was very interesting and potentially useful. Anyway, we got adequate seats and were able to chat with people while we waited.
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[ profile] typo1138 straightened my super curly hair with her brand-new straightening iron. I look SOOO different it's weird. That plus my sexy librarian glasses are apparently adorably barf-worthy (or, rather, barfingly adorable). [ profile] tru_chan_speaks took photos. And then [ profile] ohniki came in, assumed I was Bethany and then had a wonderful reaction to realizing that I was me. Here's hoping I don't ruin this too much during sleepytimes.
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Quizzo tonight. Won a free t-shirt because I yelled out that the real name of the Taco Bell dog was Gidget...before he even finished the question. Because I'm that awesome. We didn't win but we had a great time. Got to see Avi, a friend I haven't seen in ages and we are totally hanging out at Fest next week. SO EXCITED!

Friday night is Project Philly and then Cara and I run over to Paul and Storm/Arrogant Worms and pray we didn't miss too much. We're probably going to be noticeably late, though, so I wouldn't be surprised if we get called out on it. Mum and Dad will be there early so we will definitely have seats.

During the day Mum and I will go shopping so I can get more pants. Italy destroyed my favorite jeans. :-( Must replace them!

ETA: When waiting for Chris to finish up work, Nonee, Jess and I saw this guy walk out of the restaurant and I immediately said, "dude has Edward Cullen hair". Then he turned and we saw his face looked very Elijah Wood-esque. This guy is what would result if Robert Pattinson and Elijah Wood had a baby.
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Karaoke night was amazing!!! Sang Stop with the girls and then did Nickel Creek on my lonesome (first time singing solo). It was a lot lower than I anticipated (song: This Side) and I totally fucked up the first part. Tricia was amazing doing Etta James' At Last and Sully was fabulous when singing Miley. They had Ani DiFranco, too! One song, anyway. I signed up to do Jimmy Olsen Blues but we never got to it. Alas, we're going to do it again Saturday so it's all good.

Tomorrow, well today, I'm hanging out with Anna whom I have not seen in ages. So excited! I should go to bed but I'm not quite tired yet.

Fabulous night. Am somewhat inebriated (funnily enough, Tricia and I discussed large vocabulary words and their definitions when outside after the bar closed and she was totally wasted but still managed to tell me the French route of "defenestrate" and we reminisced about 8th grade English. Best class ever.)
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Hung out in London with [ profile] nibbes and [ profile] klo_the_hobbit (at least when Klo wasn't working) and had a blast! Nicole and I saw HBP and wandered around the city. V. fun! Also got to see my Auntie and Uncle before heading to Canada to stay at their house (while they went off to Spain).

Got picked up at the Toronto airport by other Auntie and Gramma. We stopped by to get cousin Joanne and the four of us went to get food. Later Jo and I went to see The Proposal and hung out. Twas very nice. Next day the grandkids (so Jo, Daniel, Ricky and me--Kev was at a wedding) went to lunch with Gramma. After that I called up [ profile] melisus and we met up. We proceeded to walk all around Toronto, passed something being filmed and eventually made it to the Hard Rock Cafe. We talked about all things nerdy and awesome and came up with a brilliant bakery idea. I had a wonderful tome, Melis! We will definitely do it again (and if in NYC I will take you to my favorite food places because that's the kind of tour guide I am :D ). Got back and had tea with Jo and played with the doggies before bed (love the doggies!).

Today Gramma got me for the airport and I sat next to a nice guy who teaches history in Philly. Was going to wait for the parents to arrive but their plane was delayed so I got myself a cab and am now finally home, showered and relaxing.

Only thing that could make this perfect is if there were some freakin' food in this house. SHOPPING!

Overall I had a good time these six months. It's had it's ups and downs, of course, mainly when it came to NABA but it was worth it. I met great people (whom I hope to keep in touch with) and I'm pretty sure I got more outgoing. Did things I probably would not usually do (like going clubbing until 5 AM) so yay! So, worth it!
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I think I'm going to save my stories from Family Vacation™ for multiple photo-posts. That way you can SEE what the hell I'm on about instead of just reading it...

Yesterday I arrived in London and promptly made my way to Cambridge where I met up with Aurore. Aurore and I became friends through Fallen, whom I met at the Scuola Leonardo in Milan. I met her when she visited Fallen (they were friends from Australia and have known each other for ages) and we got along famously. Aurore briefly stayed on my floor before heading to London to get a job. She currently lives outside of Cambridge with a family friend and seems to be having a wonderful time.

On the train to Cambridge I met a wonderful girl whom I believe is named Lara. We found that we had Italy in common--she had lived there at one time and while we both enjoyed the country we could not stay there forever. As she put it, the disorganization would drive her insane. That and the misogyny. She's from Ireland but also lived in England so her accent was kind of a mix of these three countries (Italy, Ireland and England). We talked about almost everything during the train ride, sadly cut off when a man sat next to her and we both had a mutual understanding that it would be rude to speak over him. She had lived in Cambridge when studying and was heading back to visit a friend. It was sort of like a homecoming to her. I hope to she emails me. I put her address in my bag somewhere but I'm not quite sure where right now...Anyway, one thing I'm really enjoying about traveling is meeting so many different people and getting potential pen pals and connections.

Lovely person that she is, Aurore met me at Cambridge so I wouldn't have to guess how to get to her place and most likely get horribly lost. We were going to hit up a pub for dinner but Helen, her roomie, put on some food instead and we went out to pick up some more alcohol. Helen has done everything. This woman has led an extremely interesting and entertaining life and is still exploring different things to do. I love it! She told us stories from her days working in film and that time she dated some famous guy's body double, the hiijinks they got into on set (also gossip--totally called the bj thing, by the way), explained very generally astrology to me and the Hindu calendar. Seriously, she, Matt (her friend), Aurore and I chatted for hours. When Matt left we put "Galaxy Quest" in because Aurore had not seen it. Love that movie. Helen headed up to bed and Aurore and I kept chatting for a bit, opting to sleep in late the next day and see how the flow took us.

Today we headed out to Cambridge and generally explored. She showed me the canal, the punters, a man singing in a rubbish bin (I have some video and photos) and introduced me to the brilliant creation that is the cookie-cupcake. I had never actually seen one but had heard of them. Pretty much the best thing ever. We walked through a fair that Cambridge has every year mostly to help parents keep their kids occupied during the summer. Wanna know what we saw there??? THE TARDIS! And Daleks!! And an Ood. K9 was there, too! MANY photos were taken.

We went through this tent thing and saw a woman selling cupcakes. She mentioned having issues with designing her site so I told her I knew how to do web design and she asked for my email. I have her card so Aurore and I can send her photos we took of her cupcakes, as well. Very nice woman. Apparently the US has much more in terms of cake decoration and for much less money than England. She and I fangirled over the blog Cupcakes Take The Cake and I told her about one of my favorite blogs, Bakerella. I do believe I've made a new friend.

I headed to London in the early evening and Kevin, the cousin I'm staying with, is awesome and picked me up at a tube station. I have since met his girlfriend, Jo, who is very nice and sweet, and gone to dinner. Now I'm enjoying some wifi.

Tomorrow I will hopefully meet up with [ profile] klothehobbit and [ profile] nibbes! OMG EXCITEMENT! And then I get to hang with [ profile] melisus in Toronto? SO COOL! I love our SBMB community.
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This won't be nearly as exciting for non highschool friends.


And then we hugged and I joined her and her friends until 3, when we had reserved tickets to see the Uffizi. She leaves tomorrow to go back to her dig near Sienna but it was amazingly fantastic to see her!! She gave me a brief summary of what's been going on back home and we are definitely hanging out once she's back.

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That's right folks, I am in Paris. It's my...third? Yeah, third day here. I mean, if you count the day I arrived (which was actually in the evening). I have so far done two walking tours, the free one and the Montmatre one, checked out the Louvre (very big, hard to figure out how to get around and apparently you need to PROVE your age when buying a student ticket...I would have gotten in for FREE...or they would have still charged me because despite having an EU student ID my passport is most definitely USA and only EU students are free), the Centre Pompidou, Notre Dame (gotta say, all churches look pretty much the same from the inside), been up to the top of the Eiffel Tower (AT NIGHT), gone to Versailles and went on a tour of the palace, hung out for hours in the gardens and briefly strolled around in the town. And I still have one full day left.
Cut because I'm considerate like that )
Now I'm in the apartment. Got me some take away Chinese that was le suck. Cannot wait to get to London to get some good Chinese take away. I've been craving it for too long. The family is out and it sounds like a club outside. Unless the son is home and I don't realize that music is def. coming from outside. Anyway, no idea what I'll be up to tomorrow but I will be back in Milan on the 20th of June and the family comes on the 25th. Then July 11th I fly into London and stay there until the 18th. Then Canadialand and finally home on July 20th. Honestly, cannot wait. Travel is fun but I really miss my friends...and my bed...and Wawa. Never separate a tri-state area girl from her Wawa hoagies. It is not pretty.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful summer. Tell me, what have you been up to?
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Last few days filled with apartment drama. Sandra seem to always be there when I'm going through some kind of bullshit like that (see: wallet stolen, also initial apartment hunt crap) and is always fabulous and helpful. Allowing me to use her internet and phone to call home was exactly what needed to happen and her family is wonderful for letting me do so. I think I may be going there for dinner tonight and want to bring a gift.

Sandra picked me up at 12 and we drove around Hamburg, her pointing stuff out along the way. We took a boat tour around the harbor, which ended up being in German so she translated briefly. Then we headed to this pig themed restaurant (sadly I don't think I took photos but picture a TGI Fridays and instead of the random stuff they pepper on the walls, picture only pig related stuff). She showed me Reeperbahn during the day and we went back later that night. I have now seen prostitutes, for real. And not just ladies but transvestites, too. And damn do they have good legs. So not fair. Before our night excursions, we went to her friend's house and hung out for a few hours. These guys were really nice and it made me miss my guy friends. There used to be so many around and now they're busy with girlfriends or have moved to New Jersey. I miss my lady friends, obviously, too. :-)

So, back to Reeperbahn. This area is where the clubs are. Not just clubs with drinking and dancing but also sex clubs and sexy dancin' clubs. And everything was so out in the open. The sex shops had all types of toys in the windows as well as photos that I doubt Playboy would show. Families walk by this place but it's so normal to them they don't notice. After being in the Puritanical US I will completely admit surprise when walking by these places and then seeing who else was around. In the US, places like this are hidden behind euphemism and often the most racy thing in the window is lingerie. Cultural differences, eh?

Sandra showed me the main streets before we entered this Irish pub/club. I love this place. There are three floors indoors and two or three different outdoors areas. Mainfloor does live music (the woman who sang last night was quite good), the level below is more party music. The bottom level is mainstream music. We mostly hung out on the main floor at a table near the bar. Lots of singing along and drinking took place. Good times. Her friends were great and talked to me in their limited English (which sounded pretty damn good, actually) and their grasp on the language did tend to slip a bit as they continued drinking.

Today I don't know what we're doing but I hope it doesn't rain. Really should have checked the weather before packing, did not bring the right type of clothing.
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Last day of school. Made out with mostly three Bs (two of these grades came from teachers who barely looked at my work, which annoys me greatly), two As (photo and lettering) and one E. That last one is in art history where I completely failed the test. Let's keep in mind that I was taking it in a different language and hadn't studied the right material because I couldn't find the books (it is my fault that I didn't try the library but I'm pretty sure you can't actually take books OUT of it, just look at them on campus). I did study. I wrote a seven pages of notes and images. I just didn't look at the right stuff. Of course, the test was not what I was expecting either so I guess it's a mix of me not understanding when he told me what the test would be like and not going over the right information. But it's done and I need to stop dwelling. That, however, is hard because an E is essentially failing but with effort. So I tried but still did a shit job. If we had had a paper, I would have fucking aced that class (or at least gotten a B and I would have written it in English). So yeah, that whole dwelling thing...gotta get on not doing that.

In happy news, I am going to Madde's place tonight and we are going to play mini golf! It should be fun. I haven't played mini golf in ages. Mini golf and friends! Best way to end a school year.

More happy news, I leave for Berlin on Tuesday! Three days later, I head to Hamburg and on the 15th I go to Paris where I'm staying with a family friend. Then back to Milan to begin cleaning my apartment and packing before the family comes/I move out.

July 12th I'm going to London before heading home. Haven't booked a ticket home yet because I'm not sure if I want to go home on the 20th or a few days earlier. Thing is, in London I have friends and family and I adore the city. I could very well spend 8 days there and be happy. But I also want to get back Stateside soon. I'll figure that stuff out when I'm back from my trip.

Now, to eat lunch. I skipped dinner last night (unintentionally) because I was working on lettering. Almost finished season 10 of SG-1 whilst doing so (let's keep in mind I started watching middle of season 8 when I began working on this hardcore a few weeks ago).

And how are you all doing? I want stories!
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Jesus Smallville, way to be craptastic. (spoilers, foul language and calling Clark a pansy-ass..okay, not that last part but it is implied) )

Well, I've gotsta meet up with a friend, then apertivo and then we're hitting up the karaoke bar. Madde and I are going to do Spice Girls (I'm voting for "Stop"), Backstreet Boys (preferably "Everybody") or Michael Jackson ("Billie Jean" probably). I may be convinced to do one on my own, which would most likely be "Virtual Insanity" by Jamiroquai, "Sunny Came Home" by Shawn Colvin or "Stay" by Lisa Loeb. Most people who go are Italian and do songs in Italian. Last time Manuela and I did "Quit Playing Games With My Heart" but I didn't actually know the song that well, just the chorus, and we pretty much butchered it. But in a fun way. Tonight will be better, I'm sure.

ETA: Sang "Stop" with Madde and then "I Want It That Way" with Madde and Madde's boyfriend Walter. But Madde left us on stage. Walter and I kicked that songs ass (yeah harmony!). Walter signed me up after much prodding to do a solo but we left after they decided to take a karaoke "break" and never really came back. Oh well. Next time. Hopefully by then I will know "Virtual Insanity".
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Quickie update.

Still in Milan. Actually have homework now that we're a few weeks from being done. Still constantly confused as to how this school functions. Doubt we will ever know.

Got housing. Frustrated because I think they made the room a triple when it should definitely NOT be a triple. I got the single but doubt this will be a comfortable living environment (kitchen not big enough for four people, don't want to even THINK about bathroom dynamics and there is a sound tunnel effect that makes everything sound louder at the door of the single...and roomies would be sophomores, which isn't bad but would prefer to live with older people). Plans to swap rooms ASAP in progress. [ profile] ohniki has similar situation.

Holy Shit I Actually Have Stuff To Do List )

Trying to figure out where I want to go after classes are done. I'm thinking Paris because I would have free rooming there--we know a guy-- and guides--guy's got sons. Other ideas include visiting Germany. Possibly hanging with Maayan in Weimar or Cat and Armin in Heidelberg. Or Sandra in Hamburg. Any suggestions are awesome. Am definitely going to London at some point and Exeter. Must tell the family this because I'll be mooching off them for housing. Also considering another trip to Israel. If only money grew on trees! Am probably going to be like Aurore (Fallen's friend who is now my friend and who stayed here for a few nights and is now on her way to Rome) and kind of wing it. She's going a vague idea of where she wants to go but other than that is very much going with the flow. It sounds freeing, scary but freeing. I would love to do that.
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Went to a club with friends on Friday night (Fallen, Nadine, Raef and Manuela, the last three all know German so at times Fallen and I had NO idea what was being talked about, it was more amusing than annoying). We arrived too early so we had a drink at one of the few cafes nearby. At the club there were A LOT of men. Some quite pretty. Some making out with each other. Turns out we arrived on gay night, for lack of a better name. Of course, realizing that we were not surrounded by the pervy Italian guys who apparently will grind with unsuspecting girls I felt much more comfortable about dancing, something I rarely do. But damn, was it fun! Lots of boy love and Britney Spears (with some Justin and Beyonce thrown in for good measure). Was thrilled when the two songs I wanted to hear were played (I blame [ profile] crudelydrawn for my Lady Gaga love). Even slightly inebriated, I couldn't help but appreciate the comedic value of hundreds of gay men singing along to Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" (not to be confused with Jill Sobule's "I Kissed A Girl", a superior song in my opinion but not nearly as danceable). Fallen made a friend with one Italian dude who kept finding us to dance with our group throughout the night. We didn't put our stuff in the coat room so we settled with putting it on the floor and dancing around it, so we made more friends that way when making sure no one tripped over it. One guy pinched my cheek in that "well, aren't you JUST PRECIOUS!" sort of way.

We danced from 11:30 until the club closed at 4:30 AM. We walked to the Duomo, hoping to find some food place along the way. Alas, it was not meant to be (we found sammich trucks but they were busy and we were impatient). Raef, usually quite quiet, is LOUD when he's had a bit to drink. Also, I'm pretty sure I'm the first Jew he's ever seen/hung out with. We sat down outisde the McDonald's and discussed what we'd do since nothing was open, it was 5 AM and we were hungry. The homeless guy sleeping in the flowers across the way began yelling at us in Italian because were were being too loud. Anyway, Raef and Manuela were close to their respective homes so they walked home while Fallen, Nadine and I sat outside the McDonald's. Apparently it doesn't open until 9 AM? That's just wrong. We wanted our freakin' Egg McMuffins!

Whilst debating over what to do, two guys walked by and motioned for us to share a cab with them. I know, not the smartest idea but there were three of us, two of them and they looked harmless. And they were. But they did try to get us to go back to their apartment and "smoke a joint" and "play Guitar Hero". I admit, I really did want to play Guitar Hero but not with them and there was no way in hell we were going to their apartment. After a few more minutes of trying to convince us they gave up, the cab driver even chipped in and told them they should leave us in the taxi. He was awesome, by the way. We joked with our driver friend on the way back to Fallen's place and told him stories of our night at the club and laughed at the men we'd just dropped off. After arriving at Fallen's door, we opted to head to our apartments. Nadine didn't live too far away and could walk and the bus I needed was running at this point.

I got back to my room about 6 AM and went to bed shortly after. I ended up sleeping most of the day away. We had discussed going to another club on Sat. night but I never got a message telling me a meeting place or time so I assume either it didn't happen or it did but I didn't get the message. Oh well, I was tired and I don't mind alone time.

Today involved waking up much earlier than Saturday and heading to the shops (praying they were open, surprisingly a bunch of clothing stores were) because I'm in desperate need of new pants. Gotta love H&M. I know, I'm in Italy and should be checking out their stores for clothes but the places I looked were WAY overpriced for what I wanted. I'll save that kind of shopping for later.

So back to class Monday (which is technically now but whatevs). I'm not sure if this week is normal because there's a design fair thinger and I THINK we might not have class? I'm going to ask tomorrow (today?). I hate how uncertain I am about scheduling at this place! Which reminds me, I need to do that OIA forum post thing...but not now.
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Photo post! So today I felt sick and after discussing it briefly with my roommate (Katarina) I opted to stay home today instead of going to class because I need to justify this sort of thing before I do it. Messaged one girl in my class to let her know I'd be MIA so it's all good. Feeling better now and I've decided to p--and here's where I rushed to the oven because I totally forgot about putting those mini-pizzas in the oven and I smelled burning, they're still edible

Anyway, back to what I was typing. I decided to post some Venice photos (and by some, I probably mean many) and, as usual, they're unedited.

Venice, a city slowly sinking into the ocean )

Pretty much, I love Venice. There were times when it smelled a bit but I don't care because I loved it anyway. I've decided to go back with my parents when they come to Italy. I was going to split from the family vacation and get to my own travels...not so much anymore. I will but two days later than originally planned. So yeah.

Tomorrow I head to Israel for Pesach. My roommate Annette and I may head over to the airport together since she also is going somewhere for the holidays. I plan to meet up with the Carols (and hopefully check out the nightlife in Tel Aviv with Lauren) and maybe even see Liora, one of Mum's friends (they've been friends FOREVER). I want to see Jerusalem and pick up some more Israeli chocolate spread (that shit is GOOD). Maybe get some other foods I can't find in Italy.

Tonight I'm headed to Fallen's for a very un-Passover-y dinner. As much as I like Freida and her family (the Chabad peeps in Italy) I still don't feel very comfortable in an Orthodox environment. I will, however, join them for Shabbat dinner again sometime soon.

Side note: I hate my neighbor's ridiculously loud alarm clock. Stop waking me up before I have to get up! And stop putting it on snooze, you douche.
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My NABA classes start tomorrow. I'm nervous for many reasons. One, I don't speak Italian very well and my classes are All IN ITALIAN. I knew this was the case but it's hit me that I am so very screwed. Two, I don't know if the schedule I made is the schedule I have. See, with the International Affairs person, Aleksandra, I made a schedule (well, she made it and I sat there hoping to get the times I wanted and while the schedule she gave me isn't ideal it'll do) and was told that there is no guarantee that I will actually get into those classes since they're mostly in computer labs and a limited number of computers means a limited number of students. Fair enough. But I haven't gotten any word from her about whether this is my actual schedule or not. Hence the confusion and uncertainty.

Rant )

Now I'm in my new apartment, kind of loving it. It's with two other girls who are a bit older than me and are doing fashion marketing. They're from Sweden and Finland (though I don't know which girl is from which country). One of the reasons I really wanted this place, other than it being nice and close to the school, was that in the house we speak English. I'm glad that communication will be easy. Also, they're both really nice and helpful. Will post photos of new apartment later. Promise. P.S. Laura K, you can find photos of the old studio on facebook.

Carnevale and whatnot )

Tomorrow's classes include: Motion Graphics (aka Adri Plays with After Effects, hopefully) from 9-12 and History of Graphic Design from 1-3 (or as they put it on the schedule: 13-15). Must talk to teachers about the whole "I speak English and my Italian sucks but I'm honestly trying to get better...please don't fail me" thing.

Question for Pratt Graphic Des. people (so Michele): What classes are you taking next semester and do you know what teachers you want for senior project? I want to challenge myself but also have fun. And possibly and internship. Speaking of, how does one go about getting an internship anyway?

P.S. My birthday is this next Sunday. Perhaps I should have a party on Friday or Saturday?
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Brooklyn Trip Roundup: )

Quick question to the FList. Many people start separate journals when they go traveling and I'm a week away from being in Milan. Should I start a new journal (I'd either get a new LJ like Laura K did or a blogspot) or just continue on this one? I'm leaning towards getting a separate LJ account but I also like keeping things in one place...advice is appreciated.

Also, if any of you have traveled abroad for long periods of time, what did you bring with you and what do you wish you'd brought?
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My friends and I finally watched our shitty copy of Twilight. Amanda's description of the whole night was pretty perfect: "It was like going to the dentist...but with friends".
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Yesterday was one of those days that made me sort of believe in fate.

On the way to UPenn, Bri and I ran into a guy I'd known from elementary school. Specifically, I knew his brother. There was brief chatting involved. Then we got to Penn. Class was canceled but I was already in the city. Italian was at 2PM so I had a few hours to kill. I ended up going back to the Hillel to hang around the office and maybe help out (they are very nice to let me do so). Instead Joan, the boss, told me to just chill and let me steal one of the computers. Read a bit and did some homework and decided to tell the older brother that I'd seen his sibling, thus letting him know that I was in the area. One of the beautiful things about facebook is that people who are bored tend to go onto it and then answer you quickly. Jeremy, the friend, got back to me right away and invited me to his Frat's barbecue since I was in the area.

Then we have an Italian interlude. The class was fine. Teacher looked at my sketchbook 'cause I was working in it before we started and was very supportive. She later had me draw a body on the white board so we could do the parts of the body. She's so cute. I may in fact be learning, too!

Back at UPenn, one of the girls there gave me directions to the frat house. I guess I heard them wrong or something because I ended up walking WAY too far. I spent some time in the bookstore, milling around and wondering if my phone's battery would die on me. Eventually I left and kept on walking. While I was pretty sure I wasn't going the right way there was still uncertainty and I figured I'd turn back once I hit 30th st (the girl had told me it was before that I look back, she may have said 38th). On my way I considered calling one of my high school friends who I knew was working in the area. The next thing I knew that exact person called my name.

Anna was walking with her friend Alan towards me. It was amazing to see her!! I told her what I was looking for and she laughed, telling me I was definitely past the house and that she ends up there all the time for some reason. I began to walk with them. Her friend left us to go to his apartment and we decided to chill somewhere before heading over to the frat together. We had bubble tea (something we'd been planning on for a while and never actually got around to doing) and talked about pretty much everything. Apparently I haven't changed. Neither has she. It's hard to describe just how fantastic it was to see her.

Eventually we made it to the frat to see Jeremy. I got the tour and met some of his brothers. The barbecue was a bust but we had fun standing around the vestibule and chatting. Apparently there's some juggling thing going on at Penn on Mondays and there will be an improv group sometime in July (or so his brother heard). I'm very interested. I want to do that more--just enjoying people's company without need for some other stimulation (like movies or television). That's my idea of a good time. And if exploring the city happens, I'm up for that. One of the reasons I didn't mind missing the house is that I got to see more of that area. Also, had I actually found the house right away, I wouldn't have gone into the bookstore for about half an hour and then I wouldn't have run into Anna. In the end, it really worked out for the best. I would LOVE to do it all again.


Jun. 1st, 2008 08:19 pm
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Possible Spoilers for Silence in the Library. What am I saying? Definite spoilers for Silence in the Library )

Went to NJ to see Amanda yesterday. We went to see Miss Gay NJ 2008 and the person we were rooting for ended up winning! YAY! He totally worked the dress during the evening gown section and was the most original when it came to talents. It was a LONG show but entertaining. The theatre was gorgeous. Sadly, I don't think they had the staff who work at the theatre regularly there because whomever was on lighting really didn't understand that there's a reason there are lights pointing at the stage. When people moved towards the audience on the stage, they stepped into shadows. They really needed spotlights on and better sound equipment. Maybe next year. But those are my pet peeves after doing high school theatre.

It was very nice to hang out with Amanda. We went to a very nice Italian place for dinner before the show and then her mom's friend drove us around Asbury Park and told us about how it used to be and what significant buildings were. He also took us into a really cute town that had these beautiful Victorian houses. I really should have brought my camera along. :-( Anyway, next time you should come to me. We'll do South Street and maybe even go into Amish country?

Starting Italian tomorrow. So my schedule as of now is class from 10:40 AM to 12:15 PM at UPenn Monday through Thursday, Italian 6:00 PM to 8:15 PM on Mondays and Wednesdays and work at the cricket club Tuesdays and Thursdays and one day a weekend from about 5 PM to 9/9:30 PM. Here's hoping it isn't too much.
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IRON MAN IS FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!! Robert Downey Jr (I got it right this time, Nicole!) IS Tony Stark. So much love for that movie! Gotta see it again. Jeffy, you, Bri and I NEED to go together. It will rock! Also, do you have Iron Man by Black Sabbath? I don't and can't find it to download. Please upload to mediafire? I'll love you forever!

Free Comic Book Day tomorrow. I'm going whenever I wake up and meeting up with some friends who are going early to sate their inner otaku. Now that exams are over and move out is imminent, we're stealing some chill time in Manhattan before we head back to our homes. So not looking forward to move out.


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