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Saw HP5 with Cara and her mummy after work and had dinner after, then infiltrated one of the elementary school's playgrounds for funsies. Twas a nice night. Unfortunately, it means I have again missed my Gramma's daily call whilst my parents are away and have to call her tomorrow or fear her wrath.

Possible spoilers but not really since you've probably read the book and whatnot )

For SBMBers, new and old, in case you don't frequent the boards, I want to put together an HP themed BW for the 21st (or a day or two after) but need stuff from you. Send pictures of you in costume, fanfic, stories that actually have nothing to do with HP, whatever. Just send me stuff pleasethanks! I'll get the other BW out soon. It was supposed to be ready for Wednesday but life got in the way of me getting it all put together. Sorry! The best way to motivate me is through feedback and submissions. And chocolate. And pretty boys. And ponies (or unicorns, I'm not too picky). So motivate me!
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Torrents are weird. I'm still trying to get used to them. I'm now attempting to download Stargate SG-1 season 2. Let's see if it works...

I'm doing my SBMB comic thing in my comic book illustration class. This means the next one shall look professional (if I do it the right way, that is). My teacher likes my drawing style. He says that I am better than the guy who drew the Marvel comics (specifically the Rogue comic) I'm using as guides. W00t!!!

Damn, the download didn't seem to work. Help please from those of you who are experienced with this sort of thing...*looks pointedly at [ profile] klo_the_hobbit and [ profile] jdcohen*

HBP thoughts in the brief (spoilers, obviously...and not in order) )


Jul. 19th, 2005 05:57 pm
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I had this whole entry all typed up but then the computer decided to fsck up and I lost it...even though I thought I'd copied it. Bitch computer.

Anyway, DC trip to visit [ profile] jdcohen was fun. Had good times geeking out with brother over SGA premier. Jeff liked that I iced his cake a did it of Shadowcat in his favourite costume of hers. It was supposed to look like that, at least. Saddened because I didn't get to see "Charlie and the Choclate Factory" with him. Was happy to see [ profile] ohjoy1187 in her local bookstore and even more amused by the surprised looks received by said meeting as I'm not from DC.

Finished HBP two days ago due to huge amounts of time in a car and nothing else to do.
Will post thoughts later...

Today was good. Yay for goodNess!
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Last night I went with a friend to our local Borders for the Harry Potter opening thinger. I didn't order it there but I'm getting it from Amazon so that should arrive soon. Anyway, we hung out and had fun and saw pretty much my entire high school there...even some people who'd graduated two years ago. I spent most of my time wondering why on earth Border's prices on hardback books have increased so much. I wanted to buy three separate books but couldn't because they were all about $15.00 and up. Gah! There was also a FOX News truck with a dude taping us being all fannish. I'm the girl drinking her soda whilst looking at the camera with a "Oh, there's a camera there" look if I got on the news at all. Still, was fun. I did get to read the inner flap thing of HBP and the first paragrapheven though this isn't really a spoiler I'ma cut it anyway just in case )

Soon we'll be going to Washington, DC for [ profile] jdcohen's birthday. Jeff is getting old!! Hopefully we will get to see "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and watch "The Seige III".


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