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Photo post! So today I felt sick and after discussing it briefly with my roommate (Katarina) I opted to stay home today instead of going to class because I need to justify this sort of thing before I do it. Messaged one girl in my class to let her know I'd be MIA so it's all good. Feeling better now and I've decided to p--and here's where I rushed to the oven because I totally forgot about putting those mini-pizzas in the oven and I smelled burning, they're still edible

Anyway, back to what I was typing. I decided to post some Venice photos (and by some, I probably mean many) and, as usual, they're unedited.

Venice, a city slowly sinking into the ocean )

Pretty much, I love Venice. There were times when it smelled a bit but I don't care because I loved it anyway. I've decided to go back with my parents when they come to Italy. I was going to split from the family vacation and get to my own travels...not so much anymore. I will but two days later than originally planned. So yeah.

Tomorrow I head to Israel for Pesach. My roommate Annette and I may head over to the airport together since she also is going somewhere for the holidays. I plan to meet up with the Carols (and hopefully check out the nightlife in Tel Aviv with Lauren) and maybe even see Liora, one of Mum's friends (they've been friends FOREVER). I want to see Jerusalem and pick up some more Israeli chocolate spread (that shit is GOOD). Maybe get some other foods I can't find in Italy.

Tonight I'm headed to Fallen's for a very un-Passover-y dinner. As much as I like Freida and her family (the Chabad peeps in Italy) I still don't feel very comfortable in an Orthodox environment. I will, however, join them for Shabbat dinner again sometime soon.

Side note: I hate my neighbor's ridiculously loud alarm clock. Stop waking me up before I have to get up! And stop putting it on snooze, you douche.
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Went to Purim Party on Tuesday. Chabad peeps rented out an entire disco! It was cool and I met some American girls that go to the seminary school who were nice. Lots of food, lots of wine, lots of Yiddish. Jews totally know how to party.

Today got first assignment in Art and Copy. Still unclear as to what we need to but next week is just roughs so that shouldn't be too hard, and I'm working in a group. The very nice girl who I sat next to helped me by translating because we could barely hear the clients' explanation and because I'm shit at Italian it all went over my head. Silvia, the girl who wants to come to Pratt next semester, also came over to make sure I knew what was what. Fantastic people! Hope to be better at this comprehension thing in the future. And I need to speak more in Italian...slipping into English is just so easy! Back to the client thing: they will actually USE what we come up with if they like it. I think that's really cool. Thing is, they desperately need a corporate identity and we're just doing print ads and a radio spot. Kind of want to try doing extra work and develop an identity for 'em...

Currently watching Ricky Gervais stand up. Last week was Russell Brand. Am on a British comedian kick (okay, "British comedians who aren't Eddie Izzard for once" kick).

Note to self: send desired schedule to Jen Perry, send current schedule to Mia and Kathleen, call Itamar
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Lettering is probably going to be like Type I, which is bad if I want credit for Type IV but maybe the teacher will give me special projects or something? He's English. That is all kinds of awesome. Not only will we be able to communicate easily but even if he speaks Italian quickly I can mostly understand him. I don't know why I'm so shit at understanding native Italian speakers...maybe it's how the words just flow seamlessly so I'm all "What the hell did you just say? Something about cars?" (this totally just happened, by the way...a woman asked me something about cars and I have no idea what it was...I translated it in my head to "There were/are cars here?" and since they were right in front of us I doubt that was it. Perhaps she was talking about the illegal parking?). Hopefully this will improve with the next week of lecture. Decided that despite this being early on a Friday, I like this teacher so I will stay with him rather than move to Wed. nights. Still need to drop multi-layer...need to find out how the hell to do that *emails Aleksandra for help*.

Helped a girl who wants to get into the exchange program and go to Pratt next semester with her letter of motivation. Hope my edits don't make her sound too American or whatever. I want her to get in and I think Pratt could be very good for her. They seem quite laid back here and I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. When am I going to have five projects due on the same day when the printers happen to be down and the closest print shop is closed? Does that even happen here? Also, from what I've seen, they don't even have large format printers at NABA! And they use paper sizes A3 and A4. Blowing my mind.

Need to unpack like whoa. Landlady and nephew are coming to check out the room to make sure previous girl didn't damage anything.

Birthday on Sunday. Possible Purim party Monday night. Do I want to party with most likely orthodox Jews? The men get weird when they get drunk (see: Jewzapalooza, freshman year). Other party Tuesday night, I think. Will probably make appearance at that once since nice Chabad family invited me. Purim = Holiday with costumes, A LOT of booze (not to be confused with Passover, which has a four drink minimum but no costumes...and no yeast) and food (ie. hamantashen: dough with filling--often fruit--in shape of triangles, like Haman's hat).
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Went to Chabad for dinner last night. Very nice people who made an effort to speak in English. It was hard to follow their conversations overall as the languages switched between three (English, Hebrew and Italian) and I only properly understand one. Mum, however, could follow both English and Hebrew. Fell asleep at the table multiple times as my body is still not completely adapted to Italy time. One of the men who goes to Chabad dinners is a graphic designer-- already offered services for free. He apparently has spoken at Pratt at that Industrial Design department because that's what he was before going graphic. Mum and I will be going to this Chabad next Friday, too.

Apartment Hunt and Whatnot )

Am feeling particularly lazy today. Don't want to think about shittons of paperwork that need to be done. Why oh why did they never mention all of this at the meetings?
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Went with Mum to DC for this Jewish American Heritage Month celebration at the Capitol. It was rather dull. Fun parts included some comments random politicians made. One compared his caucus (which wasn't but is?) to being like Prince as they keep changing their identity. Another guy talked about when he went on the Colbert Report and was super funny but they cut it out. The best was Charlie Rangel. He's Chairman of the House Ways and Means committee and is pretty damn hilarious! Wanted to give that guy a hug. Apart from those few moments, it was mostly a bunch of people in a room milling around and talking to each other about things I didn't know about.

In the beginning Mum and I were sitting on the side and this guy she had met recently came over. He's a young lawyer...and is rather attractive. Anyway, they were talking over me (I was sitting in between them) and I noticed the women across from us checking out Hot Lawyer. One said she wanted to talk to the "cute guy." Obviously, as soon as he and Mum were done talking, I told him that those chicks were TOTALLY checking him out. He was amused. Didn't see him again after we left that conversation to see who else was out and about. Still, Hot Lawyer is hot.

Went to food with Mum's friend who is a non-profits lobbyist. He gave me a brief history of Capitol Hill and promised to take me around should I make my way to DC again. Might take him up on it. Wanna come [ profile] jdcohen? We could have super amounts of fun!!!

Chill time now.
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We have a convenience store downstairs in my dorm, the C-Store, and while it has very little selection you can get the basic necessities there-- milk, orange juice, hair stuff, condoms, mac and cheese, etc (what am I saying? No one buys condoms at the C-Store, they get them for free from Health Services! Or the 6th floor). So I ran out of orange juice and decided to go down and get more (sidenote: I forgot to get soda.). On the way down, this guy came into the elevator and turns to me. He asked me, "Are you Jewish?" I guess it's pretty obvious that yes, yes I am. So I replied yes and he said, "Happy Yom Kippur!" I kind of hate Yom Kippur. It doesn't make me feel spiritual, it make me feel hungry. And cranky. So I may or may not observe it tomorrow. I ask him if he's Jewish and he says yes. "We should start a club," I joke. He replies, "Yeah! The Jew crew." I ask him if he's going to observe and he says that he's going to synagogue tomorrow at 6 AM. I reply that I'm most definitely not going at 6 but I may still fast (or just forget to eat, which tends to happen with me when at school). We talk a little more and then he gets off the elevator while I continue on my way to the C-store.

This brings me to ask, do I look like the stereotypical Jew? I don't have the "Jew nose" according to friends (mine's aristocratic thankyouverymuch!) but I do have the curly brown hair and brown eyes. It's possible that he saw my Chamsa necklace and deduced that I was Jewish but considering it was kind of hidden by my shirt I'm guessing that's not it. Or if it is, I don't want to think about it. Still, it was kind of weird and somewhat awkward but mostly amusing. I guess I'm just Jewtastic.
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Today I went with Michele to get chicken for our chicken soup (which, incidentally, was amazing!). We went to the kosher Supermarket Hatzlachah. It's pretty amazing. When we walked in all eyes turned to me, the girl without a skirt on. No, I was wearing my nice pinstripe pants. See, Orthodox Jewish Women wear skirts. I'm not quite sure why that is but I'm sure it has to do with tradition or something. Anyway, I was the center of attention. Even the Spanish guys who work there were staring. I was very amused. So, we got our stuff and went to check out and the guy at the cash register was also an Orthodox Jew. Men and women in Orthodox Judaism don't touch members of the opposite sex unless they are related to them or are married to them. So knowing this I was very much trying to avoid touching him. However, he did not do the same and there was definite hand brushing. I was extremely surprised and confused. I was consciously trying to avoid his touch and he was just kinda going for it. I'm not sure if it was intentional but it definitely felt like it. If it weren't so funny it would be creepy.

Tomorrow (well, today now) Mum is coming in for a meeting and we're going to meet up at Cafe Zaiya. Hopefully the Beard Papas will be open. They make amazing creampuffs! And my cousin Joanne is meeting us there, too. And Mummy is bringing food! I have SO much food in my fridge right now it's kind of insane, I hope I can fit the stuff she's brining me in there, too.
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Sunday involved going to what my mother describes as a "Jewish Woodstock" event called Jewzapalooza. A few big names in Israeli music were there: David Broza and HaDag Nachash, specifically. I mostly worked handing out fliers about the Jewish Genetic Disease Consortium and directing people with questions to those more knowledgable than me. As dull as it sounds, it was fun to hang out with Jox and Lauren, the two people who were officially working the event (I was asked/told by the mum to help out). Around the end of the day I began reading my English HW (Kafka's Penal Colony) and had two guys come up to me and ask me about it. The first was nice and sort of cute and started up the conversation by saying, "It's bad for your eyes to read in the dark" or something like that. We talked until he found out I was a freshman and he politely extricated himself from the conversation. I don't blame him. I'm a young'un. The other dude was obviously drunk. He even had a beer in his hand. Yes, they sold Israeli beer at the thing. He tried to talk to me about Kafka and I was polite but obviously preoccupied. He asked at one point, "Don't you want a guy who can give you Kafka in one minute?" drunkenly. Later we saw him dancing all crazy near some other guy who was doing the same. It is really, really funny to see drunk Chassidic Jews dancing. I wish I'd had a camera...those pictures would have been priceless.

Other than that I'm putting off doing my work, which is a very bad habit. But I am way too tired to put any effort into doing my drawing so it would turn out looking like shit. What's the point in doing it if I'm going to have to redo it tomorrow anyway? So the deal is I'll do it tomorrow once I get back from the 4D field trip. And I'll do my 4D then, too. Once drawing is done, I'll start LCD. It'll all work out. Really.

We watched a movie in English about French people who were cannibals. We're going to finish it on Wednesday. From what I've seen so far I think I can say with some certainty that whoever thought of the story for this movie is seriously weird in the head.
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In which Adri wonders about her needle phobia )

Passover starts tomorrow. I don't like this holiday. It bothers me. So I'm pretty much just not planning on keeping it outside of the house. Of course, I may just feel guilty enough to actually be a good Jew. We'll see. I'm going through that thing where organized religion in general is bugging me so I'm not really up for following the rules. We shall see where this rebellion ends up. But to those of you who do care, Happy Pesach!


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