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Last night at the club they.played.BACKSTREET BOYS! Well, they played Everybody, which is their best song EVER so that's really all that matters. (They also played Greenday, Kid's Aren't Alright by Offspring--which I had incidentally listened to earlier that day--and Tubthumping downstairs making me feel like I was back in elementary/middle school...but BACKSTREET BOYS! Some Spice Girls would have made my life!)

We were also hit on by very charming Spanish guys. They wanted besos (the shortest one found out I knew some Spanish and asked me how to translate "da me un beso" so he could get with Aurora)! We did not oblige. One of them was very, very handsome. We have photos but Fallen needs to upload them. One of them was very cute. One reminded me of Josh Spitzer (a guy I went to elementary school with who, at the time, was a bit of a dick). Then the short one was just kind of hilarious. Lots of language issues before we realized they were Spanish.

Before Rolling Stone (the club), we went to Fallen's after eating at some African restaurant. We were invited by Cehyun, this Turkish dude who went to the language school but is now at NABA like me (he's doing interior design). V. expensive and had we known, we probably would not have gone. Met some nice Turkish girls, though, who only spoke Italian and Turkish. Was able to have a conversation with them so that's pretty cool. My Italian is improving! Or it was a good day.

Earlier, I had been at the Brera Pinacoteca (museum) with Sarah. It was pretty cool. Brera is one of my favorite areas in Milan. It's very pedestrian friendly and at night the fortune tellers set up booths on the street. It's just very cute and very artsy.

And before I met up with Sarah I had gone to the market across the street. It always has the same stuff and I would love to see some variety. I guess that's just how it works. Antique market may be today but it's really gross out and I think it closes in 20 minutes, anyway. Next month it is! Hopefully it will be sunny.
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Shut up, I know it's a bad joke.

Update first:
Went to this "speed date" thing that Nadine and Fallon convinced me would be fun (and the promise of a free drink was very tempting). It was entertaining but extremely weird. Pretty much I was asked the same thing over and over again (in Italian) and there were awkward silences (when I was trying to figure out the answer in Italian). Besides Nadine I was the youngest there, I think, and was often told this by older men (in their 30s). One of the guys who was there had his dog in the bar and the only reason I wanted him to get to my table was so I could play with the puppy. He seemed more amused than offended by this. A very small number were vaguely creepy but most people were just nice. I did meet a few cool people from the language school who I could totally hang out with again and be friends. So yeah, potential new friends is good.

One of the Spanish exchange students, Marcos, invited me to a party they're having at their house tonight. If I can bring Judith and Fallon (and if they want to go), then maybe this could be the night's activity. :-)

Milano! )

Lago Como Trip...did you know George Clooney has a place here? I do now. Because people wouldn't stop asking about it. )

back in Milano around the neighborhood )

That's it for now. Gotta go meet up at the school and head out to the park now.
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I never thought I would miss the insanity that is Pratt but I genuinely do. I feel so unproductive here (though I am working on a side project for BW so that's good). It's been a month and I've been given a total of ONE real project and a bunch of vague directions for projects that will be done in the future. It makes it difficult to WANT to do anything, too. Speaking of assignments, the one that I do have is a group project (which is good for a first project because I'd be lost without Manuela and her amazing patience when it comes to explaining shit to me in a mix of Italian and broken English) and we JUST got a typed brief today.

When I got to class Silvia, the girl who wants to go to Pratt next semester, came over and we talked briefly. She asked me if I'd read New Moon. Kind of random. I guess it was because Twilight is a huge thing in the US for certain age groups. Or I give off a vibe that reels lovers of the Sparklepire.

Uploaded photos to photobucket and will post them tomorrow. Promise. Tweet me if I don't, 'kay? *expects Erica, Amanda and Nicole to respond alla Pee Wee's Playhouse*

Random observation: You tweet once using the word "vegan" and all of a sudden you're followed by one on Twitter.
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Went to Purim Party on Tuesday. Chabad peeps rented out an entire disco! It was cool and I met some American girls that go to the seminary school who were nice. Lots of food, lots of wine, lots of Yiddish. Jews totally know how to party.

Today got first assignment in Art and Copy. Still unclear as to what we need to but next week is just roughs so that shouldn't be too hard, and I'm working in a group. The very nice girl who I sat next to helped me by translating because we could barely hear the clients' explanation and because I'm shit at Italian it all went over my head. Silvia, the girl who wants to come to Pratt next semester, also came over to make sure I knew what was what. Fantastic people! Hope to be better at this comprehension thing in the future. And I need to speak more in Italian...slipping into English is just so easy! Back to the client thing: they will actually USE what we come up with if they like it. I think that's really cool. Thing is, they desperately need a corporate identity and we're just doing print ads and a radio spot. Kind of want to try doing extra work and develop an identity for 'em...

Currently watching Ricky Gervais stand up. Last week was Russell Brand. Am on a British comedian kick (okay, "British comedians who aren't Eddie Izzard for once" kick).

Note to self: send desired schedule to Jen Perry, send current schedule to Mia and Kathleen, call Itamar
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Lettering is probably going to be like Type I, which is bad if I want credit for Type IV but maybe the teacher will give me special projects or something? He's English. That is all kinds of awesome. Not only will we be able to communicate easily but even if he speaks Italian quickly I can mostly understand him. I don't know why I'm so shit at understanding native Italian speakers...maybe it's how the words just flow seamlessly so I'm all "What the hell did you just say? Something about cars?" (this totally just happened, by the way...a woman asked me something about cars and I have no idea what it was...I translated it in my head to "There were/are cars here?" and since they were right in front of us I doubt that was it. Perhaps she was talking about the illegal parking?). Hopefully this will improve with the next week of lecture. Decided that despite this being early on a Friday, I like this teacher so I will stay with him rather than move to Wed. nights. Still need to drop multi-layer...need to find out how the hell to do that *emails Aleksandra for help*.

Helped a girl who wants to get into the exchange program and go to Pratt next semester with her letter of motivation. Hope my edits don't make her sound too American or whatever. I want her to get in and I think Pratt could be very good for her. They seem quite laid back here and I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. When am I going to have five projects due on the same day when the printers happen to be down and the closest print shop is closed? Does that even happen here? Also, from what I've seen, they don't even have large format printers at NABA! And they use paper sizes A3 and A4. Blowing my mind.

Need to unpack like whoa. Landlady and nephew are coming to check out the room to make sure previous girl didn't damage anything.

Birthday on Sunday. Possible Purim party Monday night. Do I want to party with most likely orthodox Jews? The men get weird when they get drunk (see: Jewzapalooza, freshman year). Other party Tuesday night, I think. Will probably make appearance at that once since nice Chabad family invited me. Purim = Holiday with costumes, A LOT of booze (not to be confused with Passover, which has a four drink minimum but no costumes...and no yeast) and food (ie. hamantashen: dough with filling--often fruit--in shape of triangles, like Haman's hat).

Day Three

Mar. 4th, 2009 02:15 pm
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Art and Copy. Started out confused as to what I was supposed to do. Teacher explained that this was a weird day as we usually get a client who gives us a brief and then we begin working on it. Starts with ideas, then sketches (on paper) and then once teachers have looked the stuff over we move onto the computer. Most of the work sounds like it's done in class but I assume edits are done on our own. Also, today I actually talked to other NABA students. Well, they came to me, which was very nice considering the whole "Adri is shy" thing. One girl, Alessandra, speaks very good English and introduced me to some of her friends when we got coffee over break at the NABar (yeah, they totally call it that). I think I have class with her again tomorrow and may swap into the motion graphics class her friend is in (he's very nice and willing to translate his Italian despite saying he speaks English badly). Another girl, Silvia, wants to go to Pratt for the exchange and showed me her portfolio. I liked it and think she could get in, I hope she does. I told her if she gets in I'll be back at Pratt that semester and we exchanged email addresses. She also introduced me to some of her friends but they were about to leave so we didn't really talk. After class I met up with my Scoula Leonardo friends at Mayflower for lunch. We're going to see Revolutionary Road tonight in Italian. Should be entertaining.

So yeah, today was very good socially. The class seems to be more of the same stuff I've done but that could be good. The teachers showed us some commercials that were funny and I have no idea what the significance of that is in relation to what we will be doing but it could be a fun class. At least I know some people in it, so that's always a plus. It's also nice that they're willing to re-explain things to me in English if I'm lost (even if I think I get it for the most part this is good).

On a sad note, my headphones decided to break so I headed over the Italian Best-Buy equivalent called Media World and was SO tempted to get this sweet alarm clock (I do need an alarm clock, I wasn't just "HOLY SHIT I MUST HAVE THIS ALARM CLOCK BECAUSE IT IS COOL! FRIVOLOUS SPENDING FTW!") that has an iPod base, CD player and radio. Question is, can I wake up to any of those options or is it only alarm-radio, because that would be lame. If so, there's one that's the same price that has two alarms and you CAN wake up to a CD. In conclusion, Media World is love.

Weather sucks today. Currently happy inside apartment with small mug of tea (my mugs are huge, this is like a slightly larger Italian cup). Movie later.

P.S. Had dream where Whoopi Goldberg was trying to take my eyes. With a spoony thing. WTF BRAIN?!

P.P.S. Read some past entries (circa 2004/2005) and while I'm glad they aren't all "angst angst angst bitch bitch bitch" it reinforces this fact: I am a loser. In the best sense of the word...but still, loser. Looked at memories, too, and realized that the SBMB Oldies had lots of plans, like Mildred's Kilt and a Badger Colony. What happened to these things? Did we all grow up and get jaded? Mildred's Kilt could still totally happen, you know. It really should. I need somewhere to work after school is over.

Day Two

Mar. 3rd, 2009 10:42 pm
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Ridiculously lazy day. Class wasn't that special either. He talked about stuff that I couldn't quite understand (language barrier, how I hate you) but the gist was that we will be incorporating image and type and whatnot from the various Creative Suite programs and making, at least for the first assignment, posters. So far I'm not that enthused. Then he showed us examples of work that I'm assuming came from the previous year. He seemed to like the ones that used hand drawn images and illustrator-text and photography together. I think they looked too busy and many were illegible. The few that I did like he said didn't quite get the whole "multi layer" thing down (or that's what I think he said). At the end of class he talked to me in stilted English, which was very kind of him, and explained that our first project is based on this social design zine's project called "Basta" ("Stop" in Italian) and it can be anything like, "Basta la guerra" (stop the war) or "basta hip hop music" (his example, not mine). It sounds like I need to have a brief for next week on what I want to do. The question is, is this a series of posters or just one? Because I think it's one and I think he's giving us a month to do it...I think he mentioned that we do about three or four projects during the semester. I know that we have long term projects at Pratt, too, but is it just me or does this seem like an excessive amount of time for (I'm assuming) one poster?

Tomorrow is Art and Copy. It is SO FUCKING LONG (9 AM - 1 PM) that it had BETTER be good or I am going to cut a bitch. Seriouly, out of all of the classes I have I'm considering dropping this one the most. This or multilayer (which could be fun if I ignore most of the design rules we've been taught at Pratt...may be good for me, you never know). Mostly because I just don't want to take a four hour class if it's boring. I do, however, want to move my lettering class to tomorrow but will talk to Aleksandra about that later.

People at Pratt RIGHT now: What are you guys taking next semester? I asked in my last post and NONE OF YOU ANSWERED because you are obviously losers. :-) Tell me so I can make a schedule that doesn't suck ass!
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First day of NABA classes. The first went pretty well. It's an after effects class but I already know the program so that makes life way easier. Also, he talks while doing what he's talking about on the computer so I can follow that way. Wish I knew how to get onto the NABA wifi, then I'd be set. Sadly it requires managing proxy settings manually (which I have the info for) and then signing on with a password. I thought I knew my password...apparently not. May have to ask Aleksandra for help on that later. Second class was history of graphic design. Did not understand much but he uses slides and gave us artist names. Can find other info that way (like time period and whatnot). Talked to him after class about exams and it sounds like there is only one exam where he shows a slide and we identify artist/year made/period/etc (much like Pratt) and some oral exam...this last part makes me nervous but he said it's all very easy. Considering how people were talking throughout the lecture I think the students here don't care much about the art history classes.

Tomorrow I have multi-layer at 5:30-7:30 PM and nothing in the morning. May swap into morning after effects class instead of doing it on Monday so I don't have such a dead Tuesday and can do a late morning on Mondays. Teacher has offered this so I know it would be okay. I have his email if I decide to switch. No idea what multi-layer is but I think it involves photoshop...? Will see tomorrow.

Rest of the week is as follows:

Tuesday- Multi Layer from 5:30-7:30 PM

Wednesday- Art and Copy (which I may drop if there is a better Wed. class, would rather take Art and Copy at Pratt if going to take it at all) from 9 AM to 1 PM

Thursday- Photography (hoping for Italian version of Kontzias as teacher) from 9-11, then Web Design from 11-1 (no idea what level of proficiency I must have for this class, hopefully will have a little review and then move onto flash or something)

Friday- Lettering from 9-11 (hear this is like calligraphy or something, may see if I can switch into Wednesday Lettering class that is from 5:30-7:30 PM)

Am now off to go get some food at the supermarket. Tonight will continue unpacking.

ETA: Birthday on Sunday. Just sayin'.
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Am feeling somewhat bitter today that it insists on still snowing. Apparently they have not had this much snow in Milan for five years, and then it was a little bit for about four hours.

Didn't really talk to people in language class as they seem to know WAY more Italian and a majority don't speak English as their first language anyway. Feel somewhat stupid but am dealing. One girl, Anastasia, and I walked to the train together. She's very nice. From Moscow and we spoke in stilted English and stilted Italian. I think I'm still going to be screwed for classes Italian-wise since I'm not learning language specific to my major. Hopefully classes will be conducted partly in English, though this is doubtful.

May have a place to live in between this coming Saturday and March. Yay! Waiting for the Leonardo school peeps to get back to me on that.

To Peachers: I haven't forgotten about our SNL convo and I know it's weeks late. I cut most of the video into the different parts, just didn't get around to arranging it and such quite yet. I also wanted to include clips from the NPH SNL so there would be context. I love you baby, don't be mad. ;-)

Anyway, PHOTO TIME )


Feb. 1st, 2009 09:28 pm
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Good news! I have a place to live! Well, I do come March, anyway. But it's BEAUTIFUL! I love it. I'll be with two other girls, one from Finland and one from Sweden, who are fashion students. They don't go to NABA and are older. They were really nice when I met them and the girl who's moving out, Ruth, is also incredibly nice. They said I can leave my stuff there even if I haven't yet moved in, which makes my life much easier. Now all I need is temporary housing, which isn't too difficult to find. Just trying to keep it cheap. This room, not the cheapest, but it's SOOO nice that Mum and I agree it's worth it. Yay! OMG SO EXCITED!

Met some nice people at an ExPat bar where they were having a Super Bowl Party. That party will be going LATE. We left 'cause I am le-tired. I definitely plan on going back, especially for the movie nights and live music nights. Nice people.

Language classes start tomorrow.


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