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Took bus home. Went to Apple Store, got new battery. Mum made me go to the dentist.

Dinner. Drank our ice wine in order to use bottle for project.

Went to the club and "stole" three empty wine bottles (well, Mike and John let me have them). Ran into Bossman, who now has a goatee. Also saw Gwen and Beau, who commented that I look better since I've left the club. Haha! Hung out around the bar talking to Mike and Gwen for a bit before heading home.

Forgot to get corks and twist caps. Oops.
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I've been able to remember bits and pieces of dreams before, sometimes the full thing (which, depending on how amusing it was, leads to a post about that dream) but lately they've been costarring people I haven't talked to or thought of in a while. One of the evil people in the most recent one (whom I had to kill with a gun that was poorly designed, why the hell was the trigger a push button versus a pull back kind like most guns, and what was with it becoming a water gun sometimes and then a flame thrower? I apparently was experienced with this gun, which looked pretty badass, but I was still trying to figure out how the hell to use it properly) was a girl that I used to go to elementary school with and I have seen her little sister around recently. Other than that, however, I haven't spoken to or really seen her in years. Also, there was a bit where I was doing my job (yeah, you know you're brain hates you when you end up cleaning up after people in your dreams as well as in least this time I wasn't in uniform) at a real restaurant and this guy I've known for ages but, again, have not talked to for at least a year, shows up. I think this might be because Philly Folk Fest is coming up and I'm pretty sure he'll be there. Still, usually my dreams tend to star people I see on a regular basis and then we go on fun adventures and kill vampires or something. I couldn't figure out what the bad guys were this time. All I know is that bullets killed 'em in large quantities and setting fire to them sort of worked. And then I went to clear plates. today and then work. It shall rule!

And the parents are on their way to St. Maarten.
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Re: Twilight-- FINISHED!!! More snark-summary to come.

Apparently I was driving next to one of the guys I work with on Sunday night (well, Monday morning). He now has decided I'm a crazy ass driver (I told him I like to accelerate but always go the speed limit) and at one point called me Speed Racer. We never really talked before so this was new and fun. Now we're more friendly and can actually hold conversations. Who knew that being a "maniac" driver could lead to friendship? Also, Alex was working the salad bar so I got to chill with her. Twas very fun. Except for when it was hella busy. That was not so fun.

Last week of UPenn class. Final is on Thursday. This means I can't participate in Mum and Dad's anniversary outing and I feel really bad about it. I didn't realize! This timing sucks. On the bright side, I said many important things today that my teacher had not thought of as answers to questions, making me feel all smart.

So excited for the Vlog collab review on the board!! We are SO doing this!
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Last night was awesome!! The whole family (plus Dov, who may as well be family) went to see Eddie Izzard at the Academy of Music. We had fabulous seats (unlike the seats Dad and I had for Sexie, which were crap...but also very last minute). Eddie was not in heals or a dress but a very nice coat with tails and some very flattering jeans. One of the girls yelled out that she missed the heals and he told her to go buy some. He can wear whatever he wants, damnit! And while still a card-carrying transvestite, he is currently undercover.

His act was mainly about religion and why he rejects the idea of God. If God exists, he's either not paying attention or is making all of these awful things happen and we may as well tell him to fuck off. There were some geography jokes that went over the audience's head. He only brought up 'The Riches' once, when going on about iTunes and stuff related to it, somehow tying that into Noah's Arc. It's kind of amazing the way that man can bring it back around so easily. Anyway, the show was amusing and made me laugh. His last bit was about coveting. Apparently we are all going to hell for wanting...bit weird considering that's how our economy survives (consumerism). Mum and I think his best act may be 'Dress to Kill' but it's possible that it is our favorite because it's the first one we saw (on the TV, that is). Once the show ended, Jeff, Bri and I were off to do one last thing...

The three of us headed over to Manayunk. My family is a family of nerds. Jeff, among other things, is a comic book nerd. Me, well, he tells me what happened in the comics and I remember it or wiki it and sometimes read comics but he's definitely the one we go to with Marvel questions. Bri and I remember watching the cartoons. Anyway, the three of us ran to the theatre because the movie was on at 10:30 PM (or previews started then) and we got there a minute before it started. What is the movie we were so eager to see? One I've already seen once and Jeff had seen twice. That's right: Iron Man! It is f-ing FANTASTIC!!! Bri hadn't seen it considering he just got back from being way for five months and traveling around Southeast Asia. We kept him away from home a little longer but it was so worth it. This is one of those movies were the more you watch it, the more you pick up on little things they put in there (like the rings, there are ten of 'em, you know. We've seen two). Oh, so good! Marvel, you have done a fabulous job with your first in-house movie. Keep it up.

Eventually we got back home and Jeff and I exchanged some files and then it was bed time. I've been having weird dreams. One where my teacher gave me incompletes despite seeing my final work and most recently, one where I was at work but not in the uniform, which was odd. I need to contact Graham about working at the cricket club again but I need to know if I have an internship first. This is going to be one busy summer.
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The first day went pretty well, I think. Didn't break anything. Did as I was told. That sort of thing. Met some nice people. Hopefully tomorrow will be good, too. There was a free wine tasting so not many people ordered stuff from the bar. One of the regulars has tons of fun stories involving her kids and various famous people they know. Or she seems to, at least. Nice lady. So, all in all it was a good day. And I should to go bed now...I just stayed up to watch Eddie Izzard on Conan. They are hilarious together, even if they aren't trying to be. Good times.


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