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Had sudden urge to clean up LJ tags when I should probably be sleeping (it's 4:30 AM here). Tomorrow I ought to begin packing but I may just go for a walk instead. Having the entire apartment to myself might be kind of liberating but it's also strangely disconcerting. Not that I haven't been home alone before, I do it all the time...I'm just used to having roommates. Bright side, if I were so inclined, I could totally walk around the place nekkid. Sadly, I'm no exhibitionist. I'll settle for playing my music loudly and singing along without the fear that I'll be overheard. Except by the neighbors because these walls are quite thin. Let's not dwell on that tiny detail.

Oh, I didn't exactly mention the whole "I'm back in Milan" thing. The family arrives on the 25th and I've had a long talk with Dad about how he thinks Italy is crazy expensive (it is) and how he needs to still watch his weight while on vacation (hopefully not to the point where he makes me feel like a fatty for enjoying my goddamned pasta). I wonder what it's like living with him now that he's on this health kick. While I want him to be healthy, he'd better still be slightly squishy because I don't know if I can cope with a non-squishy dad. It would be like calling a muffin a cupcake when it is clearly a muffin (and vice-versa. Dear Scotland, When I ask for a cupcake, do not reply "a muffin?" because that just confuses my poor US born brain. Love, Adri). I don't care if that analogy doesn't make sense to you, it's almost 5 AM here so I don't have to make sense.

Currently unsure of what to do with myself. For the next few days I have absolutely no commitments. No school, no traveling, nada. I know that I should begin the whole packing/cleaning thing but that isn't something I plan to do all day-every day. Hoping to see some friends. Other than that...who knows? It's kind of liberating. Maybe I should go to the park, slowly burn because despite sunscreen I burn easily, like an Irishman.

And now it's time for...
Germany had the least smelly inhabitants. Paris stank like no other (the metro was hell) and Milan is somewhere between the two. I mean, Berlin is built on a freakin' swamp so obviously the city has its own scent but its people were pretty good when it came to actually using deodorant. Paris and Milan...not so much.
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Last few days filled with apartment drama. Sandra seem to always be there when I'm going through some kind of bullshit like that (see: wallet stolen, also initial apartment hunt crap) and is always fabulous and helpful. Allowing me to use her internet and phone to call home was exactly what needed to happen and her family is wonderful for letting me do so. I think I may be going there for dinner tonight and want to bring a gift.

Sandra picked me up at 12 and we drove around Hamburg, her pointing stuff out along the way. We took a boat tour around the harbor, which ended up being in German so she translated briefly. Then we headed to this pig themed restaurant (sadly I don't think I took photos but picture a TGI Fridays and instead of the random stuff they pepper on the walls, picture only pig related stuff). She showed me Reeperbahn during the day and we went back later that night. I have now seen prostitutes, for real. And not just ladies but transvestites, too. And damn do they have good legs. So not fair. Before our night excursions, we went to her friend's house and hung out for a few hours. These guys were really nice and it made me miss my guy friends. There used to be so many around and now they're busy with girlfriends or have moved to New Jersey. I miss my lady friends, obviously, too. :-)

So, back to Reeperbahn. This area is where the clubs are. Not just clubs with drinking and dancing but also sex clubs and sexy dancin' clubs. And everything was so out in the open. The sex shops had all types of toys in the windows as well as photos that I doubt Playboy would show. Families walk by this place but it's so normal to them they don't notice. After being in the Puritanical US I will completely admit surprise when walking by these places and then seeing who else was around. In the US, places like this are hidden behind euphemism and often the most racy thing in the window is lingerie. Cultural differences, eh?

Sandra showed me the main streets before we entered this Irish pub/club. I love this place. There are three floors indoors and two or three different outdoors areas. Mainfloor does live music (the woman who sang last night was quite good), the level below is more party music. The bottom level is mainstream music. We mostly hung out on the main floor at a table near the bar. Lots of singing along and drinking took place. Good times. Her friends were great and talked to me in their limited English (which sounded pretty damn good, actually) and their grasp on the language did tend to slip a bit as they continued drinking.

Today I don't know what we're doing but I hope it doesn't rain. Really should have checked the weather before packing, did not bring the right type of clothing.
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Last day of school. Made out with mostly three Bs (two of these grades came from teachers who barely looked at my work, which annoys me greatly), two As (photo and lettering) and one E. That last one is in art history where I completely failed the test. Let's keep in mind that I was taking it in a different language and hadn't studied the right material because I couldn't find the books (it is my fault that I didn't try the library but I'm pretty sure you can't actually take books OUT of it, just look at them on campus). I did study. I wrote a seven pages of notes and images. I just didn't look at the right stuff. Of course, the test was not what I was expecting either so I guess it's a mix of me not understanding when he told me what the test would be like and not going over the right information. But it's done and I need to stop dwelling. That, however, is hard because an E is essentially failing but with effort. So I tried but still did a shit job. If we had had a paper, I would have fucking aced that class (or at least gotten a B and I would have written it in English). So yeah, that whole dwelling thing...gotta get on not doing that.

In happy news, I am going to Madde's place tonight and we are going to play mini golf! It should be fun. I haven't played mini golf in ages. Mini golf and friends! Best way to end a school year.

More happy news, I leave for Berlin on Tuesday! Three days later, I head to Hamburg and on the 15th I go to Paris where I'm staying with a family friend. Then back to Milan to begin cleaning my apartment and packing before the family comes/I move out.

July 12th I'm going to London before heading home. Haven't booked a ticket home yet because I'm not sure if I want to go home on the 20th or a few days earlier. Thing is, in London I have friends and family and I adore the city. I could very well spend 8 days there and be happy. But I also want to get back Stateside soon. I'll figure that stuff out when I'm back from my trip.

Now, to eat lunch. I skipped dinner last night (unintentionally) because I was working on lettering. Almost finished season 10 of SG-1 whilst doing so (let's keep in mind I started watching middle of season 8 when I began working on this hardcore a few weeks ago).

And how are you all doing? I want stories!
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Last week and a half of school. SO eager to get out of Milan. Booked my ticket for Berlin and am currently looking for a hostel (Twitter is awesome because some random cheap hostel place @replied me offering help). The plan is as follows:
-Head to Berlin for three days (maybe head to Weimar and visit Ma'ayan if time allows).
-On the 12th, catch the train to Hamburg and visit Sandra/explore the city for about three days.
-On the 15th or 16th, head over to Paris to stay with Mum's friend Pierre and sons. Stay for four days.
-If prices allow, maybe hit up Madrid/Salamanca on the way back to Milan to visit Carter. So far this part of my trip is a no-go as it's too much money to spend for only three days.
-Alternatively, head back to Milan and then directly to Rome to visit Nadine for a few days (two or three) and then head back to Milan.
-Be back by 23rd at the latest because I need to pack up the apartment and then get the keys to the place the family is staying in.

Before all that, however, I must finish my projects for the semester. So far most of them are at that point where I need to get just a few more things done. The project that's killing me is Lettering. He wanted us to design two typefaces, one serif and one sans. Done that bit. We needed to do it by hand and making it fucking perfect, mine is...less than perfect. But I'll fix part of that tomorrow. Then we need to scan the letters and vector them (almost done serif). Then we need to design three posters for various museums in Milan. Thing is, I haven't been to any of these museums (though I will definitely go to the da Vinci one with my brothers and maybe the natural history if we have time) and I don't know anything about them. I have vague ideas of which face I want to use on each poster and took notes on what they're known for so that's a start...but I have no idea what image I would use in the background or what colors. I need to start at least 2/3 tomorrow. Then I need to finish my books for photography so they can be printed, along with my work for art and copy (Speaking of, OMG their aesthetic can be so freakin' annoying!). Wow, this is turning into a to-do list (and I have about five of those already).

Other than work, I have actually had some fun. I went to Lake Garda last week to visit Fallen since she's working as an au pair stuff near there. It's a gorgeous area and we went swimming in the lake. Did I mention this was near a freakin' castle? It totally was. Anywhoodle, I got horribly sunburnt because Mother Nature thinks I'm part Irish. And I applied sunscreen. Twice. (The sunscreen song went through my head the entire day..."Ladies and Gentlemen of the Class of '97, Wear Sunscreen").

This coming Saturday we're having a dinner party at my place because Sandra, one of the girls I hung out with my second week here, is coming to visit! It should be fun. So lots to do so I can justify not having Saturday as a work day.
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Dear Milan,

I don't care if your football team won. Shut the fuck up. Please. Now would be good.

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Jesus Smallville, way to be craptastic. (spoilers, foul language and calling Clark a pansy-ass..okay, not that last part but it is implied) )

Well, I've gotsta meet up with a friend, then apertivo and then we're hitting up the karaoke bar. Madde and I are going to do Spice Girls (I'm voting for "Stop"), Backstreet Boys (preferably "Everybody") or Michael Jackson ("Billie Jean" probably). I may be convinced to do one on my own, which would most likely be "Virtual Insanity" by Jamiroquai, "Sunny Came Home" by Shawn Colvin or "Stay" by Lisa Loeb. Most people who go are Italian and do songs in Italian. Last time Manuela and I did "Quit Playing Games With My Heart" but I didn't actually know the song that well, just the chorus, and we pretty much butchered it. But in a fun way. Tonight will be better, I'm sure.

ETA: Sang "Stop" with Madde and then "I Want It That Way" with Madde and Madde's boyfriend Walter. But Madde left us on stage. Walter and I kicked that songs ass (yeah harmony!). Walter signed me up after much prodding to do a solo but we left after they decided to take a karaoke "break" and never really came back. Oh well. Next time. Hopefully by then I will know "Virtual Insanity".
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Quickie update.

Still in Milan. Actually have homework now that we're a few weeks from being done. Still constantly confused as to how this school functions. Doubt we will ever know.

Got housing. Frustrated because I think they made the room a triple when it should definitely NOT be a triple. I got the single but doubt this will be a comfortable living environment (kitchen not big enough for four people, don't want to even THINK about bathroom dynamics and there is a sound tunnel effect that makes everything sound louder at the door of the single...and roomies would be sophomores, which isn't bad but would prefer to live with older people). Plans to swap rooms ASAP in progress. [ profile] ohniki has similar situation.

Holy Shit I Actually Have Stuff To Do List )

Trying to figure out where I want to go after classes are done. I'm thinking Paris because I would have free rooming there--we know a guy-- and guides--guy's got sons. Other ideas include visiting Germany. Possibly hanging with Maayan in Weimar or Cat and Armin in Heidelberg. Or Sandra in Hamburg. Any suggestions are awesome. Am definitely going to London at some point and Exeter. Must tell the family this because I'll be mooching off them for housing. Also considering another trip to Israel. If only money grew on trees! Am probably going to be like Aurore (Fallen's friend who is now my friend and who stayed here for a few nights and is now on her way to Rome) and kind of wing it. She's going a vague idea of where she wants to go but other than that is very much going with the flow. It sounds freeing, scary but freeing. I would love to do that.
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Guess what ya'll? I have to get tested for TB! That's right, someone in one of my six classes had TB and now we've all got to get stuck with those small needle things. I somehow doubt they will draw a bunny on my arm and use the needle thing to give it a nose because I'm obviously too old for such things. :-(
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Last night at the club they.played.BACKSTREET BOYS! Well, they played Everybody, which is their best song EVER so that's really all that matters. (They also played Greenday, Kid's Aren't Alright by Offspring--which I had incidentally listened to earlier that day--and Tubthumping downstairs making me feel like I was back in elementary/middle school...but BACKSTREET BOYS! Some Spice Girls would have made my life!)

We were also hit on by very charming Spanish guys. They wanted besos (the shortest one found out I knew some Spanish and asked me how to translate "da me un beso" so he could get with Aurora)! We did not oblige. One of them was very, very handsome. We have photos but Fallen needs to upload them. One of them was very cute. One reminded me of Josh Spitzer (a guy I went to elementary school with who, at the time, was a bit of a dick). Then the short one was just kind of hilarious. Lots of language issues before we realized they were Spanish.

Before Rolling Stone (the club), we went to Fallen's after eating at some African restaurant. We were invited by Cehyun, this Turkish dude who went to the language school but is now at NABA like me (he's doing interior design). V. expensive and had we known, we probably would not have gone. Met some nice Turkish girls, though, who only spoke Italian and Turkish. Was able to have a conversation with them so that's pretty cool. My Italian is improving! Or it was a good day.

Earlier, I had been at the Brera Pinacoteca (museum) with Sarah. It was pretty cool. Brera is one of my favorite areas in Milan. It's very pedestrian friendly and at night the fortune tellers set up booths on the street. It's just very cute and very artsy.

And before I met up with Sarah I had gone to the market across the street. It always has the same stuff and I would love to see some variety. I guess that's just how it works. Antique market may be today but it's really gross out and I think it closes in 20 minutes, anyway. Next month it is! Hopefully it will be sunny.
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Went to a club with friends on Friday night (Fallen, Nadine, Raef and Manuela, the last three all know German so at times Fallen and I had NO idea what was being talked about, it was more amusing than annoying). We arrived too early so we had a drink at one of the few cafes nearby. At the club there were A LOT of men. Some quite pretty. Some making out with each other. Turns out we arrived on gay night, for lack of a better name. Of course, realizing that we were not surrounded by the pervy Italian guys who apparently will grind with unsuspecting girls I felt much more comfortable about dancing, something I rarely do. But damn, was it fun! Lots of boy love and Britney Spears (with some Justin and Beyonce thrown in for good measure). Was thrilled when the two songs I wanted to hear were played (I blame [ profile] crudelydrawn for my Lady Gaga love). Even slightly inebriated, I couldn't help but appreciate the comedic value of hundreds of gay men singing along to Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" (not to be confused with Jill Sobule's "I Kissed A Girl", a superior song in my opinion but not nearly as danceable). Fallen made a friend with one Italian dude who kept finding us to dance with our group throughout the night. We didn't put our stuff in the coat room so we settled with putting it on the floor and dancing around it, so we made more friends that way when making sure no one tripped over it. One guy pinched my cheek in that "well, aren't you JUST PRECIOUS!" sort of way.

We danced from 11:30 until the club closed at 4:30 AM. We walked to the Duomo, hoping to find some food place along the way. Alas, it was not meant to be (we found sammich trucks but they were busy and we were impatient). Raef, usually quite quiet, is LOUD when he's had a bit to drink. Also, I'm pretty sure I'm the first Jew he's ever seen/hung out with. We sat down outisde the McDonald's and discussed what we'd do since nothing was open, it was 5 AM and we were hungry. The homeless guy sleeping in the flowers across the way began yelling at us in Italian because were were being too loud. Anyway, Raef and Manuela were close to their respective homes so they walked home while Fallen, Nadine and I sat outside the McDonald's. Apparently it doesn't open until 9 AM? That's just wrong. We wanted our freakin' Egg McMuffins!

Whilst debating over what to do, two guys walked by and motioned for us to share a cab with them. I know, not the smartest idea but there were three of us, two of them and they looked harmless. And they were. But they did try to get us to go back to their apartment and "smoke a joint" and "play Guitar Hero". I admit, I really did want to play Guitar Hero but not with them and there was no way in hell we were going to their apartment. After a few more minutes of trying to convince us they gave up, the cab driver even chipped in and told them they should leave us in the taxi. He was awesome, by the way. We joked with our driver friend on the way back to Fallen's place and told him stories of our night at the club and laughed at the men we'd just dropped off. After arriving at Fallen's door, we opted to head to our apartments. Nadine didn't live too far away and could walk and the bus I needed was running at this point.

I got back to my room about 6 AM and went to bed shortly after. I ended up sleeping most of the day away. We had discussed going to another club on Sat. night but I never got a message telling me a meeting place or time so I assume either it didn't happen or it did but I didn't get the message. Oh well, I was tired and I don't mind alone time.

Today involved waking up much earlier than Saturday and heading to the shops (praying they were open, surprisingly a bunch of clothing stores were) because I'm in desperate need of new pants. Gotta love H&M. I know, I'm in Italy and should be checking out their stores for clothes but the places I looked were WAY overpriced for what I wanted. I'll save that kind of shopping for later.

So back to class Monday (which is technically now but whatevs). I'm not sure if this week is normal because there's a design fair thinger and I THINK we might not have class? I'm going to ask tomorrow (today?). I hate how uncertain I am about scheduling at this place! Which reminds me, I need to do that OIA forum post thing...but not now.
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Israel was fantastic. More )
Various Adventures )
Sleepover Part II )
And a big 'fuck you' to AlItalia )
Epilogue )
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Photo post! So today I felt sick and after discussing it briefly with my roommate (Katarina) I opted to stay home today instead of going to class because I need to justify this sort of thing before I do it. Messaged one girl in my class to let her know I'd be MIA so it's all good. Feeling better now and I've decided to p--and here's where I rushed to the oven because I totally forgot about putting those mini-pizzas in the oven and I smelled burning, they're still edible

Anyway, back to what I was typing. I decided to post some Venice photos (and by some, I probably mean many) and, as usual, they're unedited.

Venice, a city slowly sinking into the ocean )

Pretty much, I love Venice. There were times when it smelled a bit but I don't care because I loved it anyway. I've decided to go back with my parents when they come to Italy. I was going to split from the family vacation and get to my own travels...not so much anymore. I will but two days later than originally planned. So yeah.

Tomorrow I head to Israel for Pesach. My roommate Annette and I may head over to the airport together since she also is going somewhere for the holidays. I plan to meet up with the Carols (and hopefully check out the nightlife in Tel Aviv with Lauren) and maybe even see Liora, one of Mum's friends (they've been friends FOREVER). I want to see Jerusalem and pick up some more Israeli chocolate spread (that shit is GOOD). Maybe get some other foods I can't find in Italy.

Tonight I'm headed to Fallen's for a very un-Passover-y dinner. As much as I like Freida and her family (the Chabad peeps in Italy) I still don't feel very comfortable in an Orthodox environment. I will, however, join them for Shabbat dinner again sometime soon.

Side note: I hate my neighbor's ridiculously loud alarm clock. Stop waking me up before I have to get up! And stop putting it on snooze, you douche.
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-Nicole visited, it was awesome.
-Sadly it rained a lot when she was here.
-As soon as she left, I headed off to Venice.
-Venice is also awesome!
-We rented a REALLY GOOD apartment for the night that was only 20 euro per person so YAY!
-IchiP? You are going to LOVE me. Well, more so than you do already. No, I'm not telling why so wallow in suspense (that doesn't make sense but I'm going with it anyway) until I get back kthx!
-Got back a few minutes ago and made sammiches.
-Yay sammiches!

The End

Elaboration on events (such as Nicole Visit and Venice Trip) and pictures to come.
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Smallville Geekery )

Nicole is headed here tomorrow! If only I didn't have school this week (and some homework that I didn't do, not that it will take super long). Alas, we'll figure shit out. Hopefully everything goes smoothly tomorrow to get here.

I can hear the people outside singing. I think there's a discotheque across the naviglio, actually. Didn't notice it until now but it does explain the bass.

ETA: Now someone has a loud-speaker thing. I can't understand what they're saying (1. different language 2. I can't hear them clearly anyway) but people are yelling "YEAH!" back or "YAY!".

ETA2: I looked up and it was suddenly 3 Oh, yeah that whole day-light savings business. Guess it's bed time.
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Shut up, I know it's a bad joke.

Update first:
Went to this "speed date" thing that Nadine and Fallon convinced me would be fun (and the promise of a free drink was very tempting). It was entertaining but extremely weird. Pretty much I was asked the same thing over and over again (in Italian) and there were awkward silences (when I was trying to figure out the answer in Italian). Besides Nadine I was the youngest there, I think, and was often told this by older men (in their 30s). One of the guys who was there had his dog in the bar and the only reason I wanted him to get to my table was so I could play with the puppy. He seemed more amused than offended by this. A very small number were vaguely creepy but most people were just nice. I did meet a few cool people from the language school who I could totally hang out with again and be friends. So yeah, potential new friends is good.

One of the Spanish exchange students, Marcos, invited me to a party they're having at their house tonight. If I can bring Judith and Fallon (and if they want to go), then maybe this could be the night's activity. :-)

Milano! )

Lago Como Trip...did you know George Clooney has a place here? I do now. Because people wouldn't stop asking about it. )

back in Milano around the neighborhood )

That's it for now. Gotta go meet up at the school and head out to the park now.
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I never thought I would miss the insanity that is Pratt but I genuinely do. I feel so unproductive here (though I am working on a side project for BW so that's good). It's been a month and I've been given a total of ONE real project and a bunch of vague directions for projects that will be done in the future. It makes it difficult to WANT to do anything, too. Speaking of assignments, the one that I do have is a group project (which is good for a first project because I'd be lost without Manuela and her amazing patience when it comes to explaining shit to me in a mix of Italian and broken English) and we JUST got a typed brief today.

When I got to class Silvia, the girl who wants to go to Pratt next semester, came over and we talked briefly. She asked me if I'd read New Moon. Kind of random. I guess it was because Twilight is a huge thing in the US for certain age groups. Or I give off a vibe that reels lovers of the Sparklepire.

Uploaded photos to photobucket and will post them tomorrow. Promise. Tweet me if I don't, 'kay? *expects Erica, Amanda and Nicole to respond alla Pee Wee's Playhouse*

Random observation: You tweet once using the word "vegan" and all of a sudden you're followed by one on Twitter.
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Going to Lake Como tomorrow with Scoula Leonardo. Need to find out where/when we meet to leave (think it's 9 at Cadorna). Will eventually do another photo post, promise.

Finally watched this Repo! The Genetic Opera. Kind of disappointed. I loved Anthony Stewart Head, Sarah Brightman, Elder Rotti (aka guy who played Juliet's dad in the Baz Lurhman Romeo + Juliet) and whoever played Graverobber. Think it could have done with less gore and more story. Maybe a little less with the unnecessary songs. [ profile] jyoki was right, the Zydrate song is the best.

[ profile] ohniki, we have decided to not do Franz but we'll have a party at the apartment instead on Monday. Nadine and I never got the tickets so we figured we'd rather have a dinner thing instead. Perhaps we could do quesadillas?
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Went to Purim Party on Tuesday. Chabad peeps rented out an entire disco! It was cool and I met some American girls that go to the seminary school who were nice. Lots of food, lots of wine, lots of Yiddish. Jews totally know how to party.

Today got first assignment in Art and Copy. Still unclear as to what we need to but next week is just roughs so that shouldn't be too hard, and I'm working in a group. The very nice girl who I sat next to helped me by translating because we could barely hear the clients' explanation and because I'm shit at Italian it all went over my head. Silvia, the girl who wants to come to Pratt next semester, also came over to make sure I knew what was what. Fantastic people! Hope to be better at this comprehension thing in the future. And I need to speak more in Italian...slipping into English is just so easy! Back to the client thing: they will actually USE what we come up with if they like it. I think that's really cool. Thing is, they desperately need a corporate identity and we're just doing print ads and a radio spot. Kind of want to try doing extra work and develop an identity for 'em...

Currently watching Ricky Gervais stand up. Last week was Russell Brand. Am on a British comedian kick (okay, "British comedians who aren't Eddie Izzard for once" kick).

Note to self: send desired schedule to Jen Perry, send current schedule to Mia and Kathleen, call Itamar
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I didn't realize that today's not only my birthday but also International Women's Day.

Haven't done anything all weekend (unless you count checking out the market across the street and walking around yesterday). Tonight hopefully will involve getting drinks with language school friends.

Kind of wish I were turning 21 in the states. It's just another number here while in the US it's kind of a big deal. And it's not like I wasn't allowed to drink before 21 anyway...I guess I just miss that feeling of importance. And it would be nice to celebrate with friends I've known for years as well as the new ones. I guess we'll have rectify this when I'm back home--wanna go party at the beach?
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Lettering is probably going to be like Type I, which is bad if I want credit for Type IV but maybe the teacher will give me special projects or something? He's English. That is all kinds of awesome. Not only will we be able to communicate easily but even if he speaks Italian quickly I can mostly understand him. I don't know why I'm so shit at understanding native Italian speakers...maybe it's how the words just flow seamlessly so I'm all "What the hell did you just say? Something about cars?" (this totally just happened, by the way...a woman asked me something about cars and I have no idea what it was...I translated it in my head to "There were/are cars here?" and since they were right in front of us I doubt that was it. Perhaps she was talking about the illegal parking?). Hopefully this will improve with the next week of lecture. Decided that despite this being early on a Friday, I like this teacher so I will stay with him rather than move to Wed. nights. Still need to drop multi-layer...need to find out how the hell to do that *emails Aleksandra for help*.

Helped a girl who wants to get into the exchange program and go to Pratt next semester with her letter of motivation. Hope my edits don't make her sound too American or whatever. I want her to get in and I think Pratt could be very good for her. They seem quite laid back here and I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. When am I going to have five projects due on the same day when the printers happen to be down and the closest print shop is closed? Does that even happen here? Also, from what I've seen, they don't even have large format printers at NABA! And they use paper sizes A3 and A4. Blowing my mind.

Need to unpack like whoa. Landlady and nephew are coming to check out the room to make sure previous girl didn't damage anything.

Birthday on Sunday. Possible Purim party Monday night. Do I want to party with most likely orthodox Jews? The men get weird when they get drunk (see: Jewzapalooza, freshman year). Other party Tuesday night, I think. Will probably make appearance at that once since nice Chabad family invited me. Purim = Holiday with costumes, A LOT of booze (not to be confused with Passover, which has a four drink minimum but no costumes...and no yeast) and food (ie. hamantashen: dough with filling--often fruit--in shape of triangles, like Haman's hat).


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