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Today [ profile] typo1138, Chana and I went to the SoHo Apple Store for a Doctor Who Meet n' Greet thing. We got there VERY early so we went over to Rice to Riches (where I got to introduce [ profile] typo1138 to the wonders of trendy rice pudding that is overpriced so we only get it once a year) and then looked around at other stores nearby. We eventually made our way back to the store to find that many fans had already staked out a spot in the theater area during a GarageBand demo. Even though we weren't there for the demo specifically it was very interesting and potentially useful. Anyway, we got adequate seats and were able to chat with people while we waited.
And the Q&A )
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Family is already driving me a little crazy at times but we had a nice evening hanging out at my apartment (because it is WAY better than the one they've rented). Bri was going to stay over but they left so late that he's opted to just stay with the 'rents. Tomorrow we're heading to Lake Maggiore. We were supposed to go to Lake Garda and visit my friend Fallen but it's going to rain heavily there, which is not so fun. Sadly, the family will miss out on the awesomeness that is giant lemons...oh, and a castle. Bri and I are hoping to convince Dad to hop over to Switzerland for dinner since it's so close. Seriously, it's like twenty minutes away from Maggiore.

Sunday we're going to hit up the antique market on my street (and I will get more photos for my steampunk obsessed friends because I am an enabler) and hopefully get to the science museum. Then Monday I say goodbye to my amazing apartment and Milano. I'm ready to leave Milan...the apartment, not so much. I love it to the point where I would take it with me if it were physically possible. To make up for this, I plan to steal the mini-Spiderman figure that hangs out in the bathroom ([ profile] ohniki knows what I'm talking about).

In other unrelated news, I had a weird dream that I was heading home. )

Okay, so I have a shitton of photos to put on my computer and eventually post. In a bit, I will get them up on facebook. I haven't been good about facebook photo albums since South Africa...lots to catch up on.
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Smallville Geekery )

Nicole is headed here tomorrow! If only I didn't have school this week (and some homework that I didn't do, not that it will take super long). Alas, we'll figure shit out. Hopefully everything goes smoothly tomorrow to get here.

I can hear the people outside singing. I think there's a discotheque across the naviglio, actually. Didn't notice it until now but it does explain the bass.

ETA: Now someone has a loud-speaker thing. I can't understand what they're saying (1. different language 2. I can't hear them clearly anyway) but people are yelling "YEAH!" back or "YAY!".

ETA2: I looked up and it was suddenly 3 Oh, yeah that whole day-light savings business. Guess it's bed time.
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OMGRAGE! This completely and utterly undermines the Hippocratic Oath. Fuck you Bush Administration! You have NO right to tell me what to do with my body, nor is it okay to give physicians a CHOICE in WHAT they will treat! I don't care how "ethic" or "moral" you deem it, if I want my birth control they'd better fucking give it to me with a goddamned smile and 'have a nice day'!
The NY Times piece.

In other news, Obama wants you to pay child support. One group responds with a "FUCK NO!" and a protest.

I hate US elections...on the bright side, this time I can finally vote.

In other news, the Large Hadron Collider has been shut down because of a liquid helium leak. Damn! As per our discussion in ecology, we were going to solve Earth's carrying capacity issues by finding an alternate universe! Well THAT won't work now!
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DW stuff 'cause I'm a total nerd )

I'm hungry.

ETA: Every time I see John McCain I can't help but think "He looks an awful lot like Saul Tigh from Battlestar Galactica." I know this has already been mentioned on the internet. Felt like reiterating.


Jun. 1st, 2008 08:19 pm
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Possible Spoilers for Silence in the Library. What am I saying? Definite spoilers for Silence in the Library )

Went to NJ to see Amanda yesterday. We went to see Miss Gay NJ 2008 and the person we were rooting for ended up winning! YAY! He totally worked the dress during the evening gown section and was the most original when it came to talents. It was a LONG show but entertaining. The theatre was gorgeous. Sadly, I don't think they had the staff who work at the theatre regularly there because whomever was on lighting really didn't understand that there's a reason there are lights pointing at the stage. When people moved towards the audience on the stage, they stepped into shadows. They really needed spotlights on and better sound equipment. Maybe next year. But those are my pet peeves after doing high school theatre.

It was very nice to hang out with Amanda. We went to a very nice Italian place for dinner before the show and then her mom's friend drove us around Asbury Park and told us about how it used to be and what significant buildings were. He also took us into a really cute town that had these beautiful Victorian houses. I really should have brought my camera along. :-( Anyway, next time you should come to me. We'll do South Street and maybe even go into Amish country?

Starting Italian tomorrow. So my schedule as of now is class from 10:40 AM to 12:15 PM at UPenn Monday through Thursday, Italian 6:00 PM to 8:15 PM on Mondays and Wednesdays and work at the cricket club Tuesdays and Thursdays and one day a weekend from about 5 PM to 9/9:30 PM. Here's hoping it isn't too much.
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Just watched Something Borrowed. Am I the only one who thinks that Jack/Gwen is forced?

Spoilers? Totally )
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I'm currently doing homework while watching Spice World. And you remember the random pregnant friend that have in the movie? Yeah, that's Tosh. I knew I'd seen her before! I kind of love this movie. It's so utterly camp.

Well...back to work.
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There's currently an unfinished drawing on my floor that is being ignored as I write this. I can't help it. I found this:
Superman's a Cocky Bastard

To be truthful, I rediscovered it when showing [ profile] ohniki my old photobuckets that had some old artwork on them. Only after going on the Smart Bitch blog and seeing the link to Superdickery did I actually remember that I'd found it.

Recently (read: sometime during first semester) [ profile] ohniki introduced me to where there is proof of Superman's asshatness but apparently I'd decided a while ago that he was, in fact, a dick. I'm sure that there's some SBMB thread that urged me to make this crappy drawing of why Superman is such an ass but I can't remember why. All I know is that I found it quite amusing.

But why, you're possibly wondering (but probably not but I'm gonna tell you's called procrastinating), was I reading a blog about romance novels? Well, because I, Adri, am a romance novel junkie. I blame Angela. She's my dealer, so to speak. Sometime during the past two years she lent me a book about a highlander-hunk-with-a-raging-libido falling for the gorgeous-red-headed-virgin-who-doesn't-think-she-is-beautiful-but-apparently-is-a-sex-kitten. And god, was the story hilarious! Too bad I can't remember the title.
You always remember the first...well, sort of )

And now I'm wondering, why the hell I wrote all that out. Oh yeah, time wasting. Shall I continue? Well, Nicole isn't here yet to finish Drawing so I may as well.

So, just out of curiosity, do you like the random reviews that are somewhat related to my real life but are more for your amusement (and mine)? If not, I can stop. They're just fun to write and I hope they're fun to read. Just a little something to distract you from the boredom and evilness of constant work. That is why we have LJ, aferall. :-)

ETA: Tell me what your first romance novel was and feel free to post the cover. Half of what makes romance novels awesome is due to the abundance of mantitty on the cover. So, please share.
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Carter, I got your message. Sorry that I can't go see the movie with you but I'm currently in Canada. The problem with this whole you owe me a movie thing is that the only time you're available is when I'm out of state or out of the country. We should work on that...

Anyway, we arrived in Toronto last night. Today Jeff, Bri and I saw "X3" and are disappointed. There were good parts but we're upset with the overall product. Bah! Will rant later. We're going to see a probably depressing play about Golda Meir tonight. It's a pity because the last time we were here we saw The Blue Man Group, which was awesome. I guess you can't beat that, though. Bah.

Jeff is rewriting X3 as I type his head. He just came up with an idea for a scene where Nightcrawler fights Madrox and said "my kingdom for a piece of paper" so that he may now write out a list of things he wishes he'd seen. Yeah, we're dorks.
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I have officially gotten a bunch of my friends into "Firefly". Yay! Spread the Joss Love!! And I think the Pratt thing went well. Thanks for the words of encouragement! I really appreciate it. *hugs the flist*

I should have done some work today instead of rewatching "I Capture the Castle" I have a shitload to do tomorrow. Oh well. Must finish Barbie's Last Supper piece for art. Heehee! That sounds like a new kind of Barbie. "Jesus and 12 Apostles sold separately. Now with water your Barbie/Ken can turn into wine!!!*"

*Water does not actually turn into wine.

That doll would receive a lot of complaints.
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[ profile] huntresshelena1 gave me mini m&ms! Yay! I loff her! Thank you, Cara!

Bri brought Firefly back!!!!! Well, he gave it to Daddy to bring back. But now it's here and that means I get to have my marathon (after college applications are filled out and my portfolio is finished, obviously).

I drew Roo today and it actually turned out nicely. And then I drew a hammer. The hammer looks okay, it's the desk it's sitting on that looks crappy. Meh, will work on it tomorrow.

Jonas Quinn is adorable. I heart him. I want my very own attractive/adorable nerdboy sometimes...

ACT retake on Saturday. Mergle.


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