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IRON MAN IS FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!! Robert Downey Jr (I got it right this time, Nicole!) IS Tony Stark. So much love for that movie! Gotta see it again. Jeffy, you, Bri and I NEED to go together. It will rock! Also, do you have Iron Man by Black Sabbath? I don't and can't find it to download. Please upload to mediafire? I'll love you forever!

Free Comic Book Day tomorrow. I'm going whenever I wake up and meeting up with some friends who are going early to sate their inner otaku. Now that exams are over and move out is imminent, we're stealing some chill time in Manhattan before we head back to our homes. So not looking forward to move out.
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Nicole and I went to the Disney Store on 5th Avenue. It's so...cheesy. The guy who worked the cash register was awesome, though. He talked to us briefly about the Little Mermaid play on Broadway and how he heard that it was bad. We told him we were art students in Brooklyn (he is from Brooklyn, right near us actually--we know this because his name tag said he was from Brooklyn and Nicole asked where specifically) and how we went around the store going "like it, like it, composition is off, etc." He told us to go to the gallery section and give them a piece of our mind. Perhaps next time.

After bidding Nicole adieu, I met up with my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin to see November. It's hilarious! I love Nathan Lane so much. And the guy who played Archie, who is pretty much everything ever yet I cannot remember his name. Either way, fantastic show!! Totally recommend it.

After the show we went to a hoity-toity French restaurant. The meal probably cost about half of my college tuition. Okay, not that much. But it was freakin' nice. Like four-five courses. My tummy is revolting against me now. It was very good at the time, though. This probably has to do with the fact that I tried lobster, which I have never had before, and my stomach isn't used to it. Or they poisoned me. You know, whichever.

It was snowing today. Snow is annoying.
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There have been a lot of these reflective posts lately. I think we're all reaching a point in our respective lives where something important has happened. Maybe it's not very big but big does not equate importance. My not-so-big accomplishment is getting through my freshman year of college.

Foundation year. Oh how I hated and loved it. I met so many great people, explored New York, became more independent, and worked my ass off. I can't necessarily describe what I learned, though. As [ profile] typo1138 said (paraphrased), accomplishments in art aren't something you can put your finger on. I can tell you that I see improvement in my drawings and have begun to understand concepts but I can't really say how this happened. It just did. I may not be amazing but I'm working on it and it's a slow process. It's probably the heaps of work that they piled on us that has to do with it. It was intense and now I feel incredibly weird not having 27 hours of classses and homework (minimum) a week (I also feel like reiterating what Laura said about an art student's workload vs other students, aside from maybe pre-med, we have WAY more work than everyone and fewer breaks. Not cool). I made fantastic friends and am used to seeing them daily and hanging out with them almost all the time. But now I have nothing to do for three months (except find a job). It's so weird. Though I am very excited to see the high school friends I have missed over these months.

So tomorrow I bring everything to the car and drive back to Pennsylvania. It will be a bitch to load everything and then unload it. I'll miss New York. Brooklyn is home now. Manhattan is a fun place to explore and Central Park is a cool place to chill on weekends if we have time. There are always shows to see and sometimes we can afford them. I am so visiting over the summer and taking advantage of it even more.
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I love my family. They may annoy me and piss me off sometimes but overall I love 'em. We had fun yesterday going to two shows and hanging out with more family and eating dinner. Good Food + Good Comany + Good Musical Theatre = Happy. If I hadn't been so tired I may have enjoyed it even more. But still it was pretty damn awesome.

Weekend of Awesome )
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OMGSOTIRED! I've been very social this weekend. Much, much more than usual. But it's so good! I hope that I do this more often.

Weekend Fun )

So tired right now. And sort of hungry. Gonna eat something and then get to sleep. Yes, that sounds like a plan. 'night all!
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Barret Foa is hot...

It was a good trip!
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We arrived Wednesday... )


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