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Photo post! So today I felt sick and after discussing it briefly with my roommate (Katarina) I opted to stay home today instead of going to class because I need to justify this sort of thing before I do it. Messaged one girl in my class to let her know I'd be MIA so it's all good. Feeling better now and I've decided to p--and here's where I rushed to the oven because I totally forgot about putting those mini-pizzas in the oven and I smelled burning, they're still edible

Anyway, back to what I was typing. I decided to post some Venice photos (and by some, I probably mean many) and, as usual, they're unedited.

Venice, a city slowly sinking into the ocean )

Pretty much, I love Venice. There were times when it smelled a bit but I don't care because I loved it anyway. I've decided to go back with my parents when they come to Italy. I was going to split from the family vacation and get to my own travels...not so much anymore. I will but two days later than originally planned. So yeah.

Tomorrow I head to Israel for Pesach. My roommate Annette and I may head over to the airport together since she also is going somewhere for the holidays. I plan to meet up with the Carols (and hopefully check out the nightlife in Tel Aviv with Lauren) and maybe even see Liora, one of Mum's friends (they've been friends FOREVER). I want to see Jerusalem and pick up some more Israeli chocolate spread (that shit is GOOD). Maybe get some other foods I can't find in Italy.

Tonight I'm headed to Fallen's for a very un-Passover-y dinner. As much as I like Freida and her family (the Chabad peeps in Italy) I still don't feel very comfortable in an Orthodox environment. I will, however, join them for Shabbat dinner again sometime soon.

Side note: I hate my neighbor's ridiculously loud alarm clock. Stop waking me up before I have to get up! And stop putting it on snooze, you douche.
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Shut up, I know it's a bad joke.

Update first:
Went to this "speed date" thing that Nadine and Fallon convinced me would be fun (and the promise of a free drink was very tempting). It was entertaining but extremely weird. Pretty much I was asked the same thing over and over again (in Italian) and there were awkward silences (when I was trying to figure out the answer in Italian). Besides Nadine I was the youngest there, I think, and was often told this by older men (in their 30s). One of the guys who was there had his dog in the bar and the only reason I wanted him to get to my table was so I could play with the puppy. He seemed more amused than offended by this. A very small number were vaguely creepy but most people were just nice. I did meet a few cool people from the language school who I could totally hang out with again and be friends. So yeah, potential new friends is good.

One of the Spanish exchange students, Marcos, invited me to a party they're having at their house tonight. If I can bring Judith and Fallon (and if they want to go), then maybe this could be the night's activity. :-)

Milano! )

Lago Como Trip...did you know George Clooney has a place here? I do now. Because people wouldn't stop asking about it. )

back in Milano around the neighborhood )

That's it for now. Gotta go meet up at the school and head out to the park now.
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I never thought I would miss the insanity that is Pratt but I genuinely do. I feel so unproductive here (though I am working on a side project for BW so that's good). It's been a month and I've been given a total of ONE real project and a bunch of vague directions for projects that will be done in the future. It makes it difficult to WANT to do anything, too. Speaking of assignments, the one that I do have is a group project (which is good for a first project because I'd be lost without Manuela and her amazing patience when it comes to explaining shit to me in a mix of Italian and broken English) and we JUST got a typed brief today.

When I got to class Silvia, the girl who wants to go to Pratt next semester, came over and we talked briefly. She asked me if I'd read New Moon. Kind of random. I guess it was because Twilight is a huge thing in the US for certain age groups. Or I give off a vibe that reels lovers of the Sparklepire.

Uploaded photos to photobucket and will post them tomorrow. Promise. Tweet me if I don't, 'kay? *expects Erica, Amanda and Nicole to respond alla Pee Wee's Playhouse*

Random observation: You tweet once using the word "vegan" and all of a sudden you're followed by one on Twitter.
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Only I would run into a co-worker (from the cricket club) in Florence at a museum looking at Michelangelo's David. Like Brian said, I am a magnet.


PHOTOS! Oh, so image heavy! )
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Am feeling somewhat bitter today that it insists on still snowing. Apparently they have not had this much snow in Milan for five years, and then it was a little bit for about four hours.

Didn't really talk to people in language class as they seem to know WAY more Italian and a majority don't speak English as their first language anyway. Feel somewhat stupid but am dealing. One girl, Anastasia, and I walked to the train together. She's very nice. From Moscow and we spoke in stilted English and stilted Italian. I think I'm still going to be screwed for classes Italian-wise since I'm not learning language specific to my major. Hopefully classes will be conducted partly in English, though this is doubtful.

May have a place to live in between this coming Saturday and March. Yay! Waiting for the Leonardo school peeps to get back to me on that.

To Peachers: I haven't forgotten about our SNL convo and I know it's weeks late. I cut most of the video into the different parts, just didn't get around to arranging it and such quite yet. I also wanted to include clips from the NPH SNL so there would be context. I love you baby, don't be mad. ;-)

Anyway, PHOTO TIME )
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P.S. This is totally my desktop background and in my cupcake book.


P.P.P.S. I received a text message from a 484 number telling me to vote McCain today. I have no idea who sent it or if it was a "robot" or whatever but either way that'd better not come out of my total texts.

Yay this election business is almost over! We're hoping to have a party.


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