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Before reading this, keep in mind that as of right now I have not watched the newest Doctor Who special so no spoilers please.

Brainstormed with Katrina for what I can do for project four for one of my senior project classes. I really like the restaurant she's doing and while I'm not about to rip her off, the idea of doing something in the same vein came up. So here it is: a Doctor Who themed bar. The entrance will be a normal looking wall with the TARDIS parked up next to it--but THE TARDIS IS THE ENTRANCE OMG! IT'S BIGGER ON THE INSIDE! Right now I'm partial to the New Who TARDIS interior more than Old School but I want to reconcile the different aesthetics so they kind of mesh together in one geeky cornucopia of awesome.

The center console with navigation controls will be the main bar--it will be larger than the actual consul, obviously, and there will no green tube thing because people need to stand there. I'm thinking there will be about three sections of the console/bar, each one representing different periods of the console in Who history. The wait staff will be dressed as various companions. A friend suggested having a floor show at one point in the evening where the Doctors come out and dance/sing/play instruments.

Pretty much I want to have fun and create a wonderfully nerdy bar that can bring old and new Who fans together in love and drunken debauchery.

What I'd need to do for this project includes:
-Create a logo (and apply it to sign-age, business cards, advertising)
-Menu design
-Interior design
-Exterior design
-Uniform design
-Special glass design (if applicable
-Sign age (bathroom, exit, employees only, etc)

That's all I can think of right now. Anyway, thoughts? People who are into Old School Who, I need your suggestions the most. I'm horribly uneducated in Old Who.

Keep in mind this is a fictional bar.
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Quickie update.

Still in Milan. Actually have homework now that we're a few weeks from being done. Still constantly confused as to how this school functions. Doubt we will ever know.

Got housing. Frustrated because I think they made the room a triple when it should definitely NOT be a triple. I got the single but doubt this will be a comfortable living environment (kitchen not big enough for four people, don't want to even THINK about bathroom dynamics and there is a sound tunnel effect that makes everything sound louder at the door of the single...and roomies would be sophomores, which isn't bad but would prefer to live with older people). Plans to swap rooms ASAP in progress. [ profile] ohniki has similar situation.

Holy Shit I Actually Have Stuff To Do List )

Trying to figure out where I want to go after classes are done. I'm thinking Paris because I would have free rooming there--we know a guy-- and guides--guy's got sons. Other ideas include visiting Germany. Possibly hanging with Maayan in Weimar or Cat and Armin in Heidelberg. Or Sandra in Hamburg. Any suggestions are awesome. Am definitely going to London at some point and Exeter. Must tell the family this because I'll be mooching off them for housing. Also considering another trip to Israel. If only money grew on trees! Am probably going to be like Aurore (Fallen's friend who is now my friend and who stayed here for a few nights and is now on her way to Rome) and kind of wing it. She's going a vague idea of where she wants to go but other than that is very much going with the flow. It sounds freeing, scary but freeing. I would love to do that.
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I'm in 1416B. Is that any good??? Do we know who lives there already? Am I fucked?
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[ profile] ohniki posted hers so I figured why not get mine out there, too. Lucky girl has a four day weekend (OMGJEALOUS) but I still get Fridays off this way so it's cool.

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Loving The Guild, by the way. How I love Felicia Day more and more.
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Brooklyn Trip Roundup: )

Quick question to the FList. Many people start separate journals when they go traveling and I'm a week away from being in Milan. Should I start a new journal (I'd either get a new LJ like Laura K did or a blogspot) or just continue on this one? I'm leaning towards getting a separate LJ account but I also like keeping things in one place...advice is appreciated.

Also, if any of you have traveled abroad for long periods of time, what did you bring with you and what do you wish you'd brought?
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Have the glasses. They're weird and give me a headache (which is because I'm not used to them). I'd post a picture of me with them on but I have yet to get a good picture (using photobooth) and I'm insecure like that.

Mum and I have made two cakes in order to use two different types of icing. We made the marshmallow fondant and are going to "ice" the cake once she's done with a shower and then we're going to do the pudding frosting tomorrow if there's time. I've decided that this weekend I'm going to relax at least a bit (even though I can't stop thinking about those various projects that are starting this week) and whatnot.

I've been feeling really bad about not getting Badgerstaff Wheneverly stuff up or edited. If I'm honest, I haven't had time to sit down and thoroughly cut the footage, or even film my own. I feel too weird doing it in my dorm and I don't have a camera so I'd either have to rent one or borrow one from a friend (hey Michele! Wanna do some filming? We can have footage editing parties, you doing IchiP and me doing BW!). So yeah, I suck and am stressed with school (not as much right now because we're doing new projects, not finishing any) so while I feel bad, I've got to prioritize.

Also, my Peep War final for After Effects is a go! That's right, stop motion animated Peeps fighting to the death to Princes of the Universe by Queen. Now I need to find Peeps when it isn't Easter or I'll just make Peep-like creatures out of Play-Dough.

ETA: Marshmallow Fondant Experiment failed. We didn't put in enough confectioner's sugar and it was WAY too sticky. We have since decided that perhaps buying fondant ready-made is a better option, or maybe just trying one that doesn't involve marshmallows. Pudding Frosting Experiment is a go when I return in Thanksgiving.

Veep Debate

Oct. 2nd, 2008 10:44 pm
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Class ran later than I thought so I caught the debate after it started. I also left to go get some food briefly so I missed a few parts. So yeah, I don't know if anyone "won". It was more of a he said/she said than anything. My suitemate also began watching at one point so there was this weird echo-y thing going on with our TVs both on the same station which was kind of cool.

Things that bothered me:
-Palin saying "nukular"
-Biden referring to himself in third person alla Bob Dole
-Palin pointing out that Biden kept using the past and using that as a "he's not into change" sort of thing when Biden was using it is a foil and then Palin would turn around and talk about how things were in Alaska and shit like that.
-I'm sick of hearing about how fucking fabulous Alaska is and how shit cities are. Get off your high horse small town America, you are no better than a city.
-Biden's repetition thing was vaguely condescending. Kind of like McCain's "what Obama doesn't understand" thing except less douche-y than McCain.

Anyway, while watching I was texting my brother Jeff and here is our conversation...

Me: If Biden pulled that 'naive' thing McCain did on Palin, they would call sexism on him.
Me: [Palin] "It's cool, I have gay friends!"
Jeff: Prophetic!
Me: Take a shot every time they use 'fundamental!'
Me: Every time Palin says "that's fer sure" I think maybe it's just Tina Fey playing her.
Me: HK + Palin = BFF! HK= Henry Kissinger
Me: John McCain is obviously a time traveler.
Me: 2 STATES FTW! on Palin's Israel solution
Me: "I respect that you love Israel but I still think you're a dick."
Me: Biden needs to stop referring to himself in third person. Is it an homage to Bob Dole?
Jeff: Doesn't matter- it works for him, so he'll keep doing it.
Me: "Look at me! I'm from Canada's wang!"
Jeff: Biden looks like he's about to cry.
Me: OMG stfu about that bullshit 'smalltown microcosm of America' crap! Cities are not an orgy of sinfilled liberals!"
Me: Those third graders should be in bed.
Jeff: Haha! She makes lame jokes of our gov't!
Me: Get on gchat. It's cheaper.
Jeff: Can't. I'm at a debate watch party.
Me: LAME. Sharing my genius insights with your friends?
Me: My theory is that Cheney is a zombie living in a cave below the oval office.
Jeff: It's not just a theory...
Me: Pimping out your downs syndrome baby? Wow.
Me: Shots? Well, you did say 'change' and 'maverick'.
Me: I associate maverick with Tom Cruise. Does that mean Palin and McCain worship Xenu?
Jeff: If by Xenu, you mean oil.
Me: Their thetan levels are insane!
Me: Look at me Biden! I'm so fucking perfect! Did you know I can kill a moose with my bare hands?
Me: Way to bring up the past when you keep calling Biden on that. Also, how is using the past as a contrast living in it?

Re: Package Design )
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IRON MAN IS FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!! Robert Downey Jr (I got it right this time, Nicole!) IS Tony Stark. So much love for that movie! Gotta see it again. Jeffy, you, Bri and I NEED to go together. It will rock! Also, do you have Iron Man by Black Sabbath? I don't and can't find it to download. Please upload to mediafire? I'll love you forever!

Free Comic Book Day tomorrow. I'm going whenever I wake up and meeting up with some friends who are going early to sate their inner otaku. Now that exams are over and move out is imminent, we're stealing some chill time in Manhattan before we head back to our homes. So not looking forward to move out.
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And it's over. Again, very anticlimactic. I was hoping to run into more teachers and get some feedback. Alas, it was not to be. I'm pretty proud of my work from this semester (not including design procedures which was doomed from the start). My survey setup )

After hanging everything we went to breakfast and then I proceeded to take a quick nap and woke up hella groggy. Weird dreams were had. They involved donuts and having a slumber party on the COMD floor. Checked out the rest of sophomore survey, which was pretty good. The one teacher I did see said we had all done a great job. 'Course, he's super positive about everything. Love that man. He was nice enough to let me into his class this semester despite it being full. I also overheard another teacher telling someone that she shouldn't lose touch with her classmates. Apparently there's a huge disconnect between sophomore and junior year. The sophomores allegedly are great and then something happens junior year and many of them suck. It's like they just stop trying, I guess. I don't know how true that is but that's what the guy seemed to think.

So now I have one more thing to do and I'm done. Finished. It still doesn't feel like the end. I have a hard time remembering that next Tuesday I'm moving out. It feels like there's still so much more to do...I guess that's good. I want to do more independent projects. For instance, my silk screening stuff. I have so many unfinished projects for that! I need to find a place near my house that has the equipment so I can mooch. Or, you know, pay and then use the facilities. Whichever.

Study time now.
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Sophomore year is coming to an end and Survey is tomorrow. I know that it doesn't mean much when it comes to sophomore survey but I'm still kinda nervous. I've laid everything out on Bethany's floor so I have an idea of what I want my wall to look like. I have fabric with which to drape said wall and will steal one of my taller friends when I need help putting it up. And it's the first of May tomorrow! We're so listening to that song whilst getting everything ready (or Nicole and I would be if we were next to each other again).

It seems like everything is ending too soon...I'm so not looking forward to move out.
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I wanted to do the following over break:
-get a 4GB flash drive
-do illustration homework
-do comm imaging homework
-start research for paper
-get digital portfolio together
-whatever homework that I could have started
-finish UPenn summer school application

I did absolutely NONE of these things. None. I did actually try to accomplish that first task and failed miserably. I was being lazy. I wanted to actually relax during my break. Now I'm probably fucked for this upcoming week. Guess I'll find out when I get back tomorrow.

On the bright side, I did finally get a hair trim.
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I've been nominated for the exchange program. This is cool and all but I'm sad that my friend didn't because I would have LOVED to go to Scotland with her. Also, she is probably my first choice for getting in and I have no idea why she didn't get nominated. :-( She's so talented! Anyway, I'm mostly happy to be nominated. Part of me is panicking about when I need to turn in my redone portfolio. I'm doing it digitally this time. No printing bullshit. Glasgow wants it in Powerpoint with commentary anyway (what they want me to say, I've no idea). There's a meeting tomorrow about this whole exchange thing. I'm kind of nervous.

Also, I have my art history midterm tomorrow. I do not know the IDs at all and haven't even started with the terms or essays. w00t.
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I always get to class early. It's partly because I get up earlier than I need to and then chill for a bit before classes start. Today I got to class early and was surprised to find a random guy sleeping on the teacher's desk.

Now, this is in North Hall, one of our oldest buildings at Pratt. It's always hot and there are tons of ways to get inside. While I'm not 100% certain, I'm guessing he usually sleeps on the streets. He had a bag of stuff, a half-finished bottle of malt liquor (stereotypes, I know), and while not really dirty/smelly, you can tell he doesn't shower regularly. I figured there was no harm in sleeping so I left him alone and sat outside the classroom.

Fish, a classmate, came by and I told her about the guy in the room. She and I decided we'd go inside and chill while he slept. It wasn't long before he woke up and left. I've been told that maybe I should have reported this to security but I don't see the harm in this man sleeping in a warm room. If a bunch of random people begin making Pratt their bedrooms, then we might have a problem.
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Nicole and I went to the Disney Store on 5th Avenue. It's so...cheesy. The guy who worked the cash register was awesome, though. He talked to us briefly about the Little Mermaid play on Broadway and how he heard that it was bad. We told him we were art students in Brooklyn (he is from Brooklyn, right near us actually--we know this because his name tag said he was from Brooklyn and Nicole asked where specifically) and how we went around the store going "like it, like it, composition is off, etc." He told us to go to the gallery section and give them a piece of our mind. Perhaps next time.

After bidding Nicole adieu, I met up with my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin to see November. It's hilarious! I love Nathan Lane so much. And the guy who played Archie, who is pretty much everything ever yet I cannot remember his name. Either way, fantastic show!! Totally recommend it.

After the show we went to a hoity-toity French restaurant. The meal probably cost about half of my college tuition. Okay, not that much. But it was freakin' nice. Like four-five courses. My tummy is revolting against me now. It was very good at the time, though. This probably has to do with the fact that I tried lobster, which I have never had before, and my stomach isn't used to it. Or they poisoned me. You know, whichever.

It was snowing today. Snow is annoying.
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Some of you may know the story behind Valentines Day. Sadly I don't. I've looked it up on Wikipedia and am still going over the article but I'd like to know what stories you guys know. For instance, what's the Pagan significance? What's the Christian significance? That sort of thing. Keep in mind that I'm Jewish and do not know my New Testament very well. I have a project for my visual communications class where we have to create invitations to Valentines Day parties and they have to be creative. Right now I'm toying with the idea of using silk screen. What to silk screen is the question. Also do I want to create a puzzle (or something that you can do something with after getting the invite)? Maybe a coaster? Anyway, I'm pretty much just trying to get as much information on the Valentines day mythology that I can. If you can help, it would be much appreciated. Thank you so much!
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Laura K: "Men are terribly designed. God is a terrible designer!!"

Me: "Yeah, all those unnecessary lines. They need to keep it clean and simple!"
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Back at Pratt. I did pretty much no homework over break, which I knew would happen despite hoping I could accomplish shit. So now I'm chillin' on my bed (which is WAY more comfy than my bed at home, surprisingly) and not doing work. It's like a normal Sunday.

Break Summary )

This break seemed to go by so quickly. It barely felt like a break, too. I was doing stuff constantly. Helping Mum out, helping Grandma out, entertaining people, seeing people, trying to do homework, etc. I need more time. And now I have three weeks left of this semester. Hopefully enough time to finish everything that needs to be done in time for Survey. Oh God. Survey. So not ready for this.
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I have done literally nothing all day. I woke up late, considered going to the library to start my art history paper (which really needs to be written) and then decided not to do that. The most productive thing I've done is make lunch. And I know that this is going to set me back and I'm being stupid and taking time to just catch up on all those TV shows I've missed and chill in my dorm. Apparently today is Adri-alone-time-day. I don't mind that, actually. It's nice to have alone time. It's just that I hoped I'd bring myself to do something productive while I was alone. Alas, it was not to be. Perhaps I'll get off my ass and do something small later. But right now my head's bothering me and I'm going to make tea and chill in my bed more. There are few things that are better than relaxing in bed with tea.

To Do List- ya'll can ignore this bit )
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So there's a mouse in my room. I don't usually have a problem with this but we've also seen a baby cockroach recently, which means there's a mom cockroach around these parts. Not cool at all. I HATE roaches so fucking much. Terrified of 'em. I'm very eager to clean my dorm like crazy but don't have the time. Bah! Inconvenient. Stupid school, getting in the way of my cleaning and stuff.

Tired. Must go to sleep now.

Finishing TARDIS shirts tomorrow, hopefully (well today now). Hope they don't suck ass.


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