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Ah, the prom. It was a very fun night full of dancing. Yes, I actually danced. Blame Jeff (date Jeff, not brother Jeff), he made me do it. But it was really fun. Our Post-prom hang out was nice, too. I finally saw "Dodgeball" and squeed every time Alan Tudyk was onscreen.

The night itself is pretty much a blur. I remember lots of dancing, a little food, pretty dresses and loud music. And a pretty shitty band but we didn't care because we just wanted to dance. When getting dessert, the band did a Bon Jovi cover and I turned to Cat and we just began singing along to each other randomly. It's hard to explain how awesome that moment was. But yes, much fun was had. I was even photogenic for many of the pictures! Pictures that will be put up eventually.

Now I'm going to do the homework I didn't realize is due tommorrow until just now. Not cool Mr. Rosazza. Not cool. I am SO not going to school ontime tomorrow.


Feb. 21st, 2006 08:00 pm
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Yesterday, I had an adventure. I drove to Newark train station with my Mum and we took the train into Manhattan. Now, my mother and I do this quite often, but not always to such a degree. We decide what we think would be fun to do and then do it if we have the time. Yesterday was one of those days when we had the time and the desire to go for it. So we went to New York for tea.

When I told this tale to Arlo he couldn't understand why we would go so far for a simple cup of tea. But this was no ordinary tea house. This was Alice's Tea Cup, one of the coolest tea houses ever! It has an Alice in Wonderland theme and serves tiny sandwiches, scones and various cakes and cookies. And after hours of driving and only having a small breakfast, we were famished. So after meeting up with mum's friend there, we ordered the Jabberwocky (unlimited sammiches!).

I must say, I'm glad we did it. While I could have slept in a whole lot and watched movies all day this was a much more fun way to spend my time. Even though people think it's stupid to hang out with their parents I'll admit that I enjoy it sometimes. Mum and I go on fun trips. Sometimes they're planned out (like London) and sometimes they're spur of the moment. In the end all that matters is that they're fun. So yes, it was a nice vacation. Although I do think I would have enjoyed getting more, what can ya do?

On a separate note, I am still in need of a prom dress...and possibly a date. I think I may have a backup date now. That part can be worked out later.
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I went to Boston to visit BU. It's a great school. I'm not sure whether I want to go there or to Pratt. I'm leaning more towards Pratt but I'm still not 100% sure. And I haven't been accepted or rejected by BU yet so I can't really judge until I find out, now can I? Oh well.

[ profile] jdcohen, I got your package. Thanks!!! The panda stuff is crazy cute! *feels loved*

The State of the Union address is on right now. Bush annoys me...I don't like him much. Not only because he took money that's supposed to go to AIDS relief and gave it to religious groups preaching abstinence that won't actually help those who have AIDS right now but also because he makes tons of bad decisions, skews facts to fit his purposes, spies on people, and probably more stuff. Yeah..."no honor in retreat" blah, blah, blah. Retreating does NOT make you look like a pussy if you're OBVIOUSLY in over your head! Jesus H. Christ! OOoo, "death camps". I guess that sleazy word guy we learned about in Art and Modern Culture talked to Bush. Bladeebladeeblah. I hate this speach. It's taking over the time I usually watch "Scrubs". I wanna watch JD and his amusing antics, not some idiot trying to spread propoganda.
/ impromptu rant

Could someone tell me why people have been ranting on their LJ's about the prom? It's not for three months, guys. Why worry now? Just chill. And eat some chocolate.



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