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As usual, my hair has curled perfectly and there's no one around to see it. I also have the urge to dress up and go dancing. I don't even enjoy dancing that much.

Unrelated, my closet has been cleaned out the first time in ages. I can actually walk into it now. Not that I use my closet if I can help it. Still, Purple Heart is about to get a shit-ton of new clothing/shoes and one of Mom's co-worker's daughters is getting a REALLY nice dress.

Heading back to Brooklyn in 4 days. Senior will probably kill me slowly with stress. How exciting!
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Jesus Smallville, way to be craptastic. (spoilers, foul language and calling Clark a pansy-ass..okay, not that last part but it is implied) )

Well, I've gotsta meet up with a friend, then apertivo and then we're hitting up the karaoke bar. Madde and I are going to do Spice Girls (I'm voting for "Stop"), Backstreet Boys (preferably "Everybody") or Michael Jackson ("Billie Jean" probably). I may be convinced to do one on my own, which would most likely be "Virtual Insanity" by Jamiroquai, "Sunny Came Home" by Shawn Colvin or "Stay" by Lisa Loeb. Most people who go are Italian and do songs in Italian. Last time Manuela and I did "Quit Playing Games With My Heart" but I didn't actually know the song that well, just the chorus, and we pretty much butchered it. But in a fun way. Tonight will be better, I'm sure.

ETA: Sang "Stop" with Madde and then "I Want It That Way" with Madde and Madde's boyfriend Walter. But Madde left us on stage. Walter and I kicked that songs ass (yeah harmony!). Walter signed me up after much prodding to do a solo but we left after they decided to take a karaoke "break" and never really came back. Oh well. Next time. Hopefully by then I will know "Virtual Insanity".
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It's just occurred to me how similar The Phantom from Phantom of the Opera (mostly focusing on movie!Phantom) and Edward from Twilight are. They are both obsessed with one girl, except in Christine's case she has redeeming qualities as a character (at least Sarah Brightman Christine and book Christine-- I'm reading PotO right now and that Christine isn't completely lame), and are kind of pathetic when it comes to said girl. They have stalker tendencies (see: Edward watching Bella SLEEP and The Phantom having his My Size Christine doll). Edward is supposedly too beautiful to go out in public whereas The Phantom is too hideous (I say this with sarcasm because DAMN is Gerard Butler hot!). Basically they both feel alienated by society and shit and have found the ONE GIRL they idolize and put up on a pedestal. Sadly in Phantom's case he doesn't end up marrying and banging Christine and biting pillows and then having a super growing super powered baby half-vamp (that can sing like mad). Maybe things worked out for the best in his case, then.


P.S. Gerard Butler as The Phantom is WAY hotter than RPatz as Edward. Just sayin'.

P.P.S. This has nothing to do with the above post but I felt like stating that I've finally watched the first two episodes of Dollhouse and I'm really liking it. I can't wait until next week's ep!
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I think this is hilarious and incredibly smart. So much love for the people who designed this bottle and wrote the product description.
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Just watched Something Borrowed. Am I the only one who thinks that Jack/Gwen is forced?

Spoilers? Totally )
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Exchange program-wise, we figured out (after a lot of miscommunication) that we do not have to resubmit our portfolios until we find out whether we have been nominated to actually apply to the schools themselves. This is very good news as it means I have time to fix my portfolio and create a digital one instead of a paper one. I'm still going to try to fix the paper one but perhaps will print it at home where I can do it at a Kinkos or something.

Other news, I discovered much to my surprise on Wednesday that it was almost March...That means in a week I'm 20. It's freaky. It's weird to think that I won't be a teenager anymore, even though it's not like this will change the way I act. Which is more suited to a middle schooler sometimes. This number thing and what it's just so strange. Hopefully the birthday will be a good one.

Randomness...I want to get a printer. A very good one that prints high quality photo prints (preferably can print 11x17", too). Any suggestions? Digital camera suggestions are also welcome though I won't be getting one of those for a bit.
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Laura K: "Men are terribly designed. God is a terrible designer!!"

Me: "Yeah, all those unnecessary lines. They need to keep it clean and simple!"
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I have an art history quiz tomorrow and no desire to study for it anymore. I have studied but am far from memorizing everything.

Today I went to the Upper West side, which is REALLY nice. I hung out at Mum's friend's apartment while she had a meeting with the Jewish Genetic Disease Consortium. Basically I stayed in the TV room, played with the cat, studied, and watched "Phantom of the Opera" in the background. At one point I synched up the Original Cast Phantom soundtrack with the movie to see how much the movie changed the songs. I also realized just how bad the movie is dialogue-wise. But it's my guilty pleasure. Plus, movie!Phantom is hot.

I have cake. Mum gave me more cake and some cobbler. And a hot water bottle and a coat. I like when she visits. And brings stuff.

Urgh, studying...

There's a party at the student union tomorrow...I'm still debating whether or not to go. It's a $5 cover. So maybe I won't. It really depends on my mood and whether my friends are going. Pity they don't really like to party much because I need someone to go with or I won't go at all.

ETA: Today on the subway some older man came on and stood at the pole in front of me. He started singing quietly, and he had an okay voice. Then he got louder and louder until I could make out the lyrics. It was a hymn that I believe is titled "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" or something. Because those are pretty much the lyrics. I wasn't offended or bothered by it, but amused. No one said anything but you could tell some people weren't completely comfortable, but that could be because it was the subway and very crowded. Anyway, this guy sang his heart out and part of me wondered why he was doing it in such a public forum. The other part was impressed with his voice and enjoyed the serenade. I'm still curious as to why he just started singing randomly. I just thought it was amusing and felt like sharing. I also met producer Richard Gladstein's wife, apparently, and knew more about the movies her husband's producing than she did. What? I'm an addict.
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I decided to dye my hair. And then I did. It's a reddish colour now. It's kind of obvious right now but will look nicer once it's washed out a bit more. Sometimes its fun to be spontaneous.

I also bought more DVDs. They're the kind you watch when you want a happy ending and nothing too serious. Thus begins Adri's "moderately-chick flickish" section of her DVD collection.

It snowed. A lot. It may be snowing a little bit still.

I'm going to California a week after graduation! This rocks! Must tell Grace.

Oh, saw Romeo and Juliet on Friday. It was wonderful!! Good job guys!

Bad: The clips I sent to myself for the AP Gov Powerpoint project aren't working so I have to do that part tomorrow. Luckily the other part is done so it won't be too bad...hopefully.
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I'm still alive and AP Gov readings are still boring. And I can't think of a way to end my common app essay. And for some reason I'm worrying about other people because I'm overly sensitive to their feelings or what have you. My head hurts. I'm gonna go to bed early tonight.
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I feel very incoherent today. My thoughts jump from one nonsensical one to another. It's kind of funny, really.

Happy Independence Day! I now have the urge to watch that movie...or not.

I have no social life.
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Sleep would be so much easier if my left arm did not feel like one HUGE bruise. I'd also like my Amazon purchases to get here soon. I'm running out of distractions and I don't want to begin SG-1 yet. Watching Buffy 'fore bed is not so much a good thing. Makes ya all jumpy. Colin needs fixin' again. Hopefully the Apple Genius Bar will do that. I did it before but it only worked until I used On-the-Go again. I'm not good at being sad. I need to do something...maybe I'll make brownies...

Funeral tomorrow. 9:30 am for the viewing and 10:30 for the mass at St. Margaret Church, N. Narberth Ave.


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