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Twilight Review Vlog is pretty much done. I've cut the footage together and there are bits where it's mostly my footage and Melis's because we filmed the most but I've tried to balance it out. Anyway, I'm currently working on background music and I think I've done okay with that. I've pretty much put whatever I thought would work in the background and be fun. I'm currently stuck on what song to used for the credits (yes, I'm doing credits...mostly because I feel like it, I'll decide later if they stay). Also debating random video to put after said credits...and possibly outtakes (not that there really are any from people other than me). Anyway, the song. I need song suggestions. I'm thinking pop music. Or something really serious. I don't know. I'm leaning towards upbeat pop music. Suggestions?

The review is almost a half hour
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Saw HP5 with Cara and her mummy after work and had dinner after, then infiltrated one of the elementary school's playgrounds for funsies. Twas a nice night. Unfortunately, it means I have again missed my Gramma's daily call whilst my parents are away and have to call her tomorrow or fear her wrath.

Possible spoilers but not really since you've probably read the book and whatnot )

For SBMBers, new and old, in case you don't frequent the boards, I want to put together an HP themed BW for the 21st (or a day or two after) but need stuff from you. Send pictures of you in costume, fanfic, stories that actually have nothing to do with HP, whatever. Just send me stuff pleasethanks! I'll get the other BW out soon. It was supposed to be ready for Wednesday but life got in the way of me getting it all put together. Sorry! The best way to motivate me is through feedback and submissions. And chocolate. And pretty boys. And ponies (or unicorns, I'm not too picky). So motivate me!
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Before the possible flames start rolling in, allow me to explain the title. In my English class we are reading Frankenstein and I, no matter how hard I try, just cannot get into the book. It's boring. It's boring and as Nicole says, "You can tell it's written by a woman". Now before flames about me insulting women and feminism start I want to put it out there that I am a woman and totally for feminism. That doesn't mean I can't make fun of myself or my gender/sex. So if you're offended by my comments you should probably stop reading now.

Firstly I'm gonna give Mary Shelley props for coming up with a creative plot and characters that are still being reinvented today. She's a cool lady and pretty talented. Except I can't stand her writing. Maybe it's the first person (I've never been a fan...but that doesn't usually keep me from enjoying books that use it). Or maybe it's the whole "show don't tell" rule that has been hammered into my brain from creative writing class. Shelley just keeps on telling me. And once in a while there's bad weather. Then there's good weather. And I don't care because it's fucking boring. It's like she's trying to use a Wuthering Heights-type weather metaphor and just missing. Probably due to her EXPLAINING EVERY LITTLE EMOTION! As you can see by the caps lock, I really hate the explanationions.

Which brings me to the "you can tell it's written by a woman" statement. All that emotion! Frankenstein and his Creation analyze their feelings every two seconds! Then they won't shut up about it for twenty pages! Gah! Why, Mary Shelley? Why? Do you seriously need to tell me everything they feel? No, you don't. And we go back to the "show don't tell" rule. If Frankenstein has an emotional/mental breakdown I can guess that it's because he has all this inner turmoil about creating the monster. If the monster kills a little boy after hearing the name "Frankenstein," I can deduce that it's because he hates his creator and wants revenge on him. So yeah, stop telling me. It's like the book is talking down to me. I hate that. But back to the emotions. There are so many! Maybe it's just because guys hide it but they don't seem to analyze their feelings all that much. They just feel them and vaguely know why. Girls don't even analyze them that much. Seriously. It's overkill. *really wants to make a "go back in the kitchen and make me a sandwhich" joke here but thinks it's out of place...insert one where you think it appropriate*

Now let's talk Monster. Oh, the Monster. He's even more of a stereotypical woman than Frankenstein. He's all "I'm feeling sad. EMO EMO EMO ANGST ANGST ANGST! NO ONE WILL EVER LOVE ME! I'm so ugly!! I WILL NEVER FIT IN, OMG! :C" Oh the angst. While reading his story I was just waiting for the passage where he attempts to commit suicide and then blog about said attempt (which has failed) and wait for the comments to pour in. Now that would be funny- the Monster's blog. Someone should totally start that up. If it hasn't been done yet I want credit fo thinking it up. Oh, I can see it now...

Day 1: ARGHAH!
Day 2: Sadness.
Day 3: Ah! Angry mob!
Day 4: Happy. See pretty cottage.
Day 5: All alone. No one loves me. Sad.
Day 6: Ate berries. Learned to speak.

Oh Monster. Why are you so wussy? Yeah, he kills things but only to hurt Frankenstein. In today's world he'd probably post a mean comment on Frankenstein's facebook for all to see. Why Frankenstein would friend him, I don't know, but I can totally see it happening. Maybe I should stop thinking of this in terms of LJ and Facebook. Anyway, the Monster just wants love. Fair enough. But he's just so whiney about it! If he didn't keep on about the "I want LOVE! I just want to be ACCEPTED by SOMEBODY! Woe is me!" thing I might be able to sympathise with him. But NO. He overexplains (or shall I say, Shelley does) the why. I realized as soon as I opened the book that the Monster wanted love. I no longer care. He should just go marry his creator. Then they'd both be miserable together instead of alone. Misery loves company, you know. And now I'm overexplaining my dislike for the book so let's just stop.

In conclusion, I don't want to finish reading it but I have an essay to write on it and don't think Sparknotes will give me enough info.
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There's currently an unfinished drawing on my floor that is being ignored as I write this. I can't help it. I found this:
Superman's a Cocky Bastard

To be truthful, I rediscovered it when showing [ profile] ohniki my old photobuckets that had some old artwork on them. Only after going on the Smart Bitch blog and seeing the link to Superdickery did I actually remember that I'd found it.

Recently (read: sometime during first semester) [ profile] ohniki introduced me to where there is proof of Superman's asshatness but apparently I'd decided a while ago that he was, in fact, a dick. I'm sure that there's some SBMB thread that urged me to make this crappy drawing of why Superman is such an ass but I can't remember why. All I know is that I found it quite amusing.

But why, you're possibly wondering (but probably not but I'm gonna tell you's called procrastinating), was I reading a blog about romance novels? Well, because I, Adri, am a romance novel junkie. I blame Angela. She's my dealer, so to speak. Sometime during the past two years she lent me a book about a highlander-hunk-with-a-raging-libido falling for the gorgeous-red-headed-virgin-who-doesn't-think-she-is-beautiful-but-apparently-is-a-sex-kitten. And god, was the story hilarious! Too bad I can't remember the title.
You always remember the first...well, sort of )

And now I'm wondering, why the hell I wrote all that out. Oh yeah, time wasting. Shall I continue? Well, Nicole isn't here yet to finish Drawing so I may as well.

So, just out of curiosity, do you like the random reviews that are somewhat related to my real life but are more for your amusement (and mine)? If not, I can stop. They're just fun to write and I hope they're fun to read. Just a little something to distract you from the boredom and evilness of constant work. That is why we have LJ, aferall. :-)

ETA: Tell me what your first romance novel was and feel free to post the cover. Half of what makes romance novels awesome is due to the abundance of mantitty on the cover. So, please share.


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