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Before reading this, keep in mind that as of right now I have not watched the newest Doctor Who special so no spoilers please.

Brainstormed with Katrina for what I can do for project four for one of my senior project classes. I really like the restaurant she's doing and while I'm not about to rip her off, the idea of doing something in the same vein came up. So here it is: a Doctor Who themed bar. The entrance will be a normal looking wall with the TARDIS parked up next to it--but THE TARDIS IS THE ENTRANCE OMG! IT'S BIGGER ON THE INSIDE! Right now I'm partial to the New Who TARDIS interior more than Old School but I want to reconcile the different aesthetics so they kind of mesh together in one geeky cornucopia of awesome.

The center console with navigation controls will be the main bar--it will be larger than the actual consul, obviously, and there will no green tube thing because people need to stand there. I'm thinking there will be about three sections of the console/bar, each one representing different periods of the console in Who history. The wait staff will be dressed as various companions. A friend suggested having a floor show at one point in the evening where the Doctors come out and dance/sing/play instruments.

Pretty much I want to have fun and create a wonderfully nerdy bar that can bring old and new Who fans together in love and drunken debauchery.

What I'd need to do for this project includes:
-Create a logo (and apply it to sign-age, business cards, advertising)
-Menu design
-Interior design
-Exterior design
-Uniform design
-Special glass design (if applicable
-Sign age (bathroom, exit, employees only, etc)

That's all I can think of right now. Anyway, thoughts? People who are into Old School Who, I need your suggestions the most. I'm horribly uneducated in Old Who.

Keep in mind this is a fictional bar.
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Last week and a half of school. SO eager to get out of Milan. Booked my ticket for Berlin and am currently looking for a hostel (Twitter is awesome because some random cheap hostel place @replied me offering help). The plan is as follows:
-Head to Berlin for three days (maybe head to Weimar and visit Ma'ayan if time allows).
-On the 12th, catch the train to Hamburg and visit Sandra/explore the city for about three days.
-On the 15th or 16th, head over to Paris to stay with Mum's friend Pierre and sons. Stay for four days.
-If prices allow, maybe hit up Madrid/Salamanca on the way back to Milan to visit Carter. So far this part of my trip is a no-go as it's too much money to spend for only three days.
-Alternatively, head back to Milan and then directly to Rome to visit Nadine for a few days (two or three) and then head back to Milan.
-Be back by 23rd at the latest because I need to pack up the apartment and then get the keys to the place the family is staying in.

Before all that, however, I must finish my projects for the semester. So far most of them are at that point where I need to get just a few more things done. The project that's killing me is Lettering. He wanted us to design two typefaces, one serif and one sans. Done that bit. We needed to do it by hand and making it fucking perfect, mine is...less than perfect. But I'll fix part of that tomorrow. Then we need to scan the letters and vector them (almost done serif). Then we need to design three posters for various museums in Milan. Thing is, I haven't been to any of these museums (though I will definitely go to the da Vinci one with my brothers and maybe the natural history if we have time) and I don't know anything about them. I have vague ideas of which face I want to use on each poster and took notes on what they're known for so that's a start...but I have no idea what image I would use in the background or what colors. I need to start at least 2/3 tomorrow. Then I need to finish my books for photography so they can be printed, along with my work for art and copy (Speaking of, OMG their aesthetic can be so freakin' annoying!). Wow, this is turning into a to-do list (and I have about five of those already).

Other than work, I have actually had some fun. I went to Lake Garda last week to visit Fallen since she's working as an au pair stuff near there. It's a gorgeous area and we went swimming in the lake. Did I mention this was near a freakin' castle? It totally was. Anywhoodle, I got horribly sunburnt because Mother Nature thinks I'm part Irish. And I applied sunscreen. Twice. (The sunscreen song went through my head the entire day..."Ladies and Gentlemen of the Class of '97, Wear Sunscreen").

This coming Saturday we're having a dinner party at my place because Sandra, one of the girls I hung out with my second week here, is coming to visit! It should be fun. So lots to do so I can justify not having Saturday as a work day.

Day Two

Mar. 3rd, 2009 10:42 pm
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Ridiculously lazy day. Class wasn't that special either. He talked about stuff that I couldn't quite understand (language barrier, how I hate you) but the gist was that we will be incorporating image and type and whatnot from the various Creative Suite programs and making, at least for the first assignment, posters. So far I'm not that enthused. Then he showed us examples of work that I'm assuming came from the previous year. He seemed to like the ones that used hand drawn images and illustrator-text and photography together. I think they looked too busy and many were illegible. The few that I did like he said didn't quite get the whole "multi layer" thing down (or that's what I think he said). At the end of class he talked to me in stilted English, which was very kind of him, and explained that our first project is based on this social design zine's project called "Basta" ("Stop" in Italian) and it can be anything like, "Basta la guerra" (stop the war) or "basta hip hop music" (his example, not mine). It sounds like I need to have a brief for next week on what I want to do. The question is, is this a series of posters or just one? Because I think it's one and I think he's giving us a month to do it...I think he mentioned that we do about three or four projects during the semester. I know that we have long term projects at Pratt, too, but is it just me or does this seem like an excessive amount of time for (I'm assuming) one poster?

Tomorrow is Art and Copy. It is SO FUCKING LONG (9 AM - 1 PM) that it had BETTER be good or I am going to cut a bitch. Seriouly, out of all of the classes I have I'm considering dropping this one the most. This or multilayer (which could be fun if I ignore most of the design rules we've been taught at Pratt...may be good for me, you never know). Mostly because I just don't want to take a four hour class if it's boring. I do, however, want to move my lettering class to tomorrow but will talk to Aleksandra about that later.

People at Pratt RIGHT now: What are you guys taking next semester? I asked in my last post and NONE OF YOU ANSWERED because you are obviously losers. :-) Tell me so I can make a schedule that doesn't suck ass!
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Have the glasses. They're weird and give me a headache (which is because I'm not used to them). I'd post a picture of me with them on but I have yet to get a good picture (using photobooth) and I'm insecure like that.

Mum and I have made two cakes in order to use two different types of icing. We made the marshmallow fondant and are going to "ice" the cake once she's done with a shower and then we're going to do the pudding frosting tomorrow if there's time. I've decided that this weekend I'm going to relax at least a bit (even though I can't stop thinking about those various projects that are starting this week) and whatnot.

I've been feeling really bad about not getting Badgerstaff Wheneverly stuff up or edited. If I'm honest, I haven't had time to sit down and thoroughly cut the footage, or even film my own. I feel too weird doing it in my dorm and I don't have a camera so I'd either have to rent one or borrow one from a friend (hey Michele! Wanna do some filming? We can have footage editing parties, you doing IchiP and me doing BW!). So yeah, I suck and am stressed with school (not as much right now because we're doing new projects, not finishing any) so while I feel bad, I've got to prioritize.

Also, my Peep War final for After Effects is a go! That's right, stop motion animated Peeps fighting to the death to Princes of the Universe by Queen. Now I need to find Peeps when it isn't Easter or I'll just make Peep-like creatures out of Play-Dough.

ETA: Marshmallow Fondant Experiment failed. We didn't put in enough confectioner's sugar and it was WAY too sticky. We have since decided that perhaps buying fondant ready-made is a better option, or maybe just trying one that doesn't involve marshmallows. Pudding Frosting Experiment is a go when I return in Thanksgiving.
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And it's over. Again, very anticlimactic. I was hoping to run into more teachers and get some feedback. Alas, it was not to be. I'm pretty proud of my work from this semester (not including design procedures which was doomed from the start). My survey setup )

After hanging everything we went to breakfast and then I proceeded to take a quick nap and woke up hella groggy. Weird dreams were had. They involved donuts and having a slumber party on the COMD floor. Checked out the rest of sophomore survey, which was pretty good. The one teacher I did see said we had all done a great job. 'Course, he's super positive about everything. Love that man. He was nice enough to let me into his class this semester despite it being full. I also overheard another teacher telling someone that she shouldn't lose touch with her classmates. Apparently there's a huge disconnect between sophomore and junior year. The sophomores allegedly are great and then something happens junior year and many of them suck. It's like they just stop trying, I guess. I don't know how true that is but that's what the guy seemed to think.

So now I have one more thing to do and I'm done. Finished. It still doesn't feel like the end. I have a hard time remembering that next Tuesday I'm moving out. It feels like there's still so much more to do...I guess that's good. I want to do more independent projects. For instance, my silk screening stuff. I have so many unfinished projects for that! I need to find a place near my house that has the equipment so I can mooch. Or, you know, pay and then use the facilities. Whichever.

Study time now.
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Sophomore year is coming to an end and Survey is tomorrow. I know that it doesn't mean much when it comes to sophomore survey but I'm still kinda nervous. I've laid everything out on Bethany's floor so I have an idea of what I want my wall to look like. I have fabric with which to drape said wall and will steal one of my taller friends when I need help putting it up. And it's the first of May tomorrow! We're so listening to that song whilst getting everything ready (or Nicole and I would be if we were next to each other again).

It seems like everything is ending too soon...I'm so not looking forward to move out.
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I've been nominated for the exchange program. This is cool and all but I'm sad that my friend didn't because I would have LOVED to go to Scotland with her. Also, she is probably my first choice for getting in and I have no idea why she didn't get nominated. :-( She's so talented! Anyway, I'm mostly happy to be nominated. Part of me is panicking about when I need to turn in my redone portfolio. I'm doing it digitally this time. No printing bullshit. Glasgow wants it in Powerpoint with commentary anyway (what they want me to say, I've no idea). There's a meeting tomorrow about this whole exchange thing. I'm kind of nervous.

Also, I have my art history midterm tomorrow. I do not know the IDs at all and haven't even started with the terms or essays. w00t.
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I met Annie today. She's really nice. I think this will work out well. She's from Manhattan so she was at home and just commuting for the past few days, I guess. Since she doesn't really like commuting she decided to live on campus and liked Pantas better than Willoughby, which is the dorm she probably would have been put in because she's a senior. I don't know if she'll be back this weekend since it's a long one and she lives so close by. Still, it was nice to meet her and I think we'll get along well.

In a few minutes I'm gonna go to Manhattan with a few friends. I think we're getting a sort of tour from Jen. She's from Queens so she commutes. It'll be fun! And we're not eating the food here so it will be a nice change from cafeteria food (which is getting old fast).

Have shitloads of work to do this weekend.
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I was told that LCD was the most evil class that is required of all freshmen. I thought it was exaggeration, maybe it still is. But now that I've had it I know this will be my most tedious and annoying class. Well, maybe Art History will beat it in the first part. I haven't had that one yet. But LCD-- the teacher is nice but I don't care enough about colour to feel as enthusiastic about the subject as he does. And he said he didn't want to give us work before everyone got this crazy expensive paper-- colour-aid (about $120) and then proceeded to "piggy back" onto our drawing assignments. We need to draw, in my case, three shoes but cannot do diagonal lines, only vertical and horizontal and it must be in red, blue and yellow. Needless to say, my piece is going to suck. And I haven't even started the drawing homework yet. I've been doing 4D. I really need to work on everything else...gah!!! I need to stop procrastinating.

Other than that, my roommate's stuff is now here. She, on the other hand, is not. I don't know when she got here or when she put her stuff in the room but there are boxes and bags all over her side of the room. I wonder why she didn't unpack. I also wonder where she was living before since she obviously had class earlier this week (she mentioned something about it in an email). I don't know what's up but I'd really like to meet her. Y'know, considering I'm living with her. Unfortunately, I'm so used to living alone that I don't know how I'll react to living with someone. I'll adapt. I really hope she's nice. That will make life easier.
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Work wasn't so good today but the afternoon more than made up for it. I hung out with [ profile] jesskivage, [ profile] sneeze042, Carter and [ profile] ladysar803 at Carter's pool. If you believe in fate, that's what it was. I went online for the first time in ages and so did Carter. He opened his pool up to us and we had fun talking about random stuff and eating pizza after freezing our collective asses off in his pool. Still, very fun. Very relaxing. Bad thing was that I'm supposed to study for that final but have yet to do so. I'll bring it with me tomorrow and read it during some free time.

I found out that Schecter, my elementary school, kept records of us. It's organized by graduation year. Ira, the boy who told me about it, also told me where they're kept. I really want to find mine. I tried after work today but they locked the doors going into the school. I wonder what they have about us in there...

ETA: Fixed it Jess. Happy now? *giggle*
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Senior Project is officially over for me. I've presented. I'm done. Mr. Kelly said my project did a great service to the families with kids with anophthalmia/microphthalmia. This means he liked the presentation. Yay! Now all that's left for high school is graduating.

As usual, as one thing ends another will begin. For the next month I have to spend pretty much every Sunday at the JCC doing some orientation stuff for my counselor job. I don't see why they insist on doing it for a month before camp seems a little early. Maybe that's how all camps work, I dunno. Oh well. It's a job so who am I to complain?
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I'm a bad Jew. I don't even know why I really identify as Jewish anymore...I don't really like organized religion in the first place. I guess I just do it because it's easier than explaining my actual belief system. Meh. The point is that I broke Passover. Two days ago. And yes, I feel guilt. Not as much as I thought I would. And while I like the Sedar tradition, I do not like living off matza for eight days. I doubt that I'll keep it next year for more than three days.

Anyway, [ profile] caitylady88 was begging for someone to update, and I guess I'm willing to appease her. Considering I'm in a class where the teacher hasn't shown up and will be gone for three more days next week I'm wondering why I even bothered to show up at all. We're probably supposed to be doing some kind of work...I think we're supposed to work on our papers for our final. I'm doing it on population statistics. Boring. Very boring. I would rather ramble on teh LJ instead.

Speaking of people, my group for Brit Lit has yet to email me their part of the project. It's due today. I'm kind of annoyed. I would be angrier if we had had a very clear way of putting it together but we didn't arrange it well so I can't blame anyone. I'll just act slightly pissy next period when I see them so they get the idea. I don't understand why teachers are still giving us work. No one cares anymore. They don't even care. Oh fuck, I just remembered that I have that sewing final design due tomorrow. Gotta get on that. Blargle.

For the final we're supposed to take stuff that we usually throw out and make it into something. I was thinking a placemat bodice. But that sounds complicated. I don't have any other ideas, unfortunately. Any of you have an idea? It needs to involve sewing of some kind. She used a coffee filter turned purse as an example, and a placemat bag.

Oh, class is almost done. Must go.
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Ode to Power Game

Oh Power Game,
How I hate thee.
If it were not for Jeff wanting to reread you
I would set you alight
And dance around the fire.

Oh Power Game,
Why do I need to know
About PACs and Astroturf?
I'm going to be an artist
Not a politician.

Oh Power Game,
You suck.
Really, you do.
Why, oh why, must I
Memorize you.

Me sleep now.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVAH-IN-LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of birthdays, I want to have a party. Not a movie night. In fact, I'm hoping to avoid the movie-crutch in general. While my friends and I hang out a lot we don't always talk and I just want to have fun with some food, nice music and hang-outage. And Apples to Apples. Which I've only just discovered. That is one kickass game! Anyway, details are sketchy at the moment so I'll call/email ya'll later...or something.

For pressies Mum and Dad bought me iPod speakers (which are quite nice...except because of that I don't want to bring them with me to the dorms next year which defeats the purpose) and The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde. Because I requested and was very glad to get this, Bri called me a dork. Well, less calling me a dork than lifting up his Napoleon Dynamite hoodie (which says, "You're just jealous because I've been chatting with hot babes all day..." or something like that) to reveal his DORK tee-shirt. He then pointed at it and said, "This is what you are!" Gotta love brothers. Anyway, that book should arrive with a bunch of others I ordered off soon. Yay!

On another note, Brit Lit is one of the most pointless classes EVER! On the bright side, because the teacher isn't very bright I may be able to convince her to let us watch A Knight's Tale because we're currently reading The Canterbury Tales and it's based off one of them (titled "The Knight's Tale")...and Paul Bettany plays Geoffrey Chaucer. Yeah, we should totally watch that movie. I mean, it's got Wash, Heath and Paul's ass educational. Sort of.
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This analysis sparks from a conversation I had second period with [ profile] sneeze042, [ profile] caitylady88, [ profile] reynardelzorro, Bo and Rory. We were discussing the movie The Devil's Advocate, which I have yet to see in its entirety. Now here's your spoiler warning because I'm going to give stuff away that you may not want to know. Of course, the film came out AGES ago so if you, like me, have not seen it, leave. Right now. Seriously, dude. )

Hehe, we're awesome!

Oh yeah. And happy day of chocolate eating or whatever it is you do on this day. I plan on watching "Scrubs" later on. And having Wawa for dinner. Mmmm, hoagie goodness!
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Metal arts midterm today. Well, it wasn't techincally my metal arts period but I had to do it today so I can take the AP Gov midterm on Thursday. Anyway, I rock. Mrs. Ackerman even complimented me and asked me if I was going to take the more advanced class next year, to which I reminded her that I'm a senior and will be in college. So, fun stuff all around. Once that charm is graded it shall be Mum's...after she pays me for it. What? It's part of the assignment.

Just a note to add onto the iPod thing: I didn't actually buy five separate iPods. We bought the first one (with a discount thanks to the UPenn student thinger) and then kept getting shitty replacements. This last one was not just a replacement but an upgrade because my Daddy rocks and told them to stop giving us iPods that were obviously flawed. In the end they'll save money on this because they don't need to keep replacing the older version. Everyone ends up happy. In conclusion, this one may end up named Wash because I just rewatched Serenity and I love Alan Tudyk. And when Cailtin suggested "Malcolm Roberts" I immediately thought Mal Reynolds and so on.

I'm gonna continue studying for APES now.
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On Friday my parents went to Brooklyn to redo my portfolio review. I gave them notes on what to say if asked and other stuff like that. I had school, I couldn't go. Anyway, I passed again. And I'm in! I'm trying to be really excited about it but for some reason I have yet to jump around or squeel in delight. Maybe it's just not my way of reacting to really awesome news? The point is that I got into Pratt and that makes me happy!

Today I went with a bunch of people *waves to those people who were there and are currently reading this* to see Underworld: Evolution. When discussing favourite parts the scene with Scott Speedman without a shirt on came up quite a bit. Also the fighting. Screw wanting to be an artist. I want to be Selene! Okay, maybe not Selene exactly but having her super vampire powers would be kickass...minus the whole sun aversion and drinking blood of innocents thing. Yeah, that'd rule. *sigh*

I'm still trying to write my short story. I was kicking around the idea of stealing a bit from Laura's Muse House story and have a woman trying to write a book and having a very unhelpful muse hanging around...he would only help when making coffee. Except I have no idea where to take that idea nor do I know if people in my class would find the idea as amusing as I do. And it's due on Monday. Yay...

Midterms are this coming week. Party.

ETA: I think the Carol skit on SNL is an excuse for Horatio Sanz to prance around in drag and hit on men. Bring on more Seth Meyers! Or Cheeky! Or Andy! *is in withdrawal*
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Tagged by [ profile] eileenthepeach
Rules: The first player of this "game" starts with the topic "5 weird habits of yours" and people who get tagged need to write an LJ entry about their 5 quirky habits as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next 5 people to be tagged and list their names.

Instead of what I really should be doing... )

Good news:
-There's a lady at Pratt working on my missing application stuff. She's staying in touch with us and being really awesome.
-I'm getting a new iPod. FOR FREE! This is because my Daddy is awesome.

Bad news:
-I have major creativity block and have yet to write my short story. It's due Friday...well, kind of on Monday but really Friday.
-I need to think up a food art project and a metal arts project for my final

So...I'm gonna continue watching "LOST" now. I missed the first minute but since it's a Jack episode I don't really care.
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To do:
- Write that essay for Creative Writing (1/15)
- Edit/Revise that story for Creative Writing (1/10)
- Write that new story for Creative Writing (1/20?)
- Curse off Creative Writing teacher (in my head)
- Midyear report stuff for colleges (call colleges about various questions)
- Find a time to take AP Gov midterm early because I'll be in Boston on the actual day
- Study for the impending gov test of doom
- Oh, and do APES homework (1/17)...and Art (1/17)
There's probably more...

My school is weird. They start midterms on the Tuesday instead of the Monday, thus fucking up my plans that seemed so prefect. I have to go to a portfolio review for BU and I can't afford to miss it. So fuck you, School. I'm going to Boston and you can't stop me.

I need story ideas. Please. Anything at all would be great. Also ideas for the essay about being a geek girl. Please help. *begs*
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A US Corporal dude just called for me and wanted to talk about the US military with me. I told him that I was peace loving and would never fight. I said that I prefer to be diplomatic rather than fight. Basically I told him nicely that I wasn't interested. It was weird. They've never called me before. I'm not even 18 yet. Why are they calling me? Are they that desperate? So weird...

Also, I hate poetry. Well, writing it. I'm not a fan of reading it either. But writing it totally sucks. I greatly dislike my creative writing teacher for insisting on it. Evil woman.


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