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[ profile] ohniki posted hers so I figured why not get mine out there, too. Lucky girl has a four day weekend (OMGJEALOUS) but I still get Fridays off this way so it's cool.

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My high school senior project involved creating an information booklet on Anophthalmia and Microphthalmia. Both are disorders where children are born without eyes (or one eye) or small eyes (or one small eye) respectively. If you want more info, check out ican's site. Anyway, this was my project. I didn't really finish it because not all the research had been finished at that point and wasn't ready for print. It's still not finished but now there's actually hope. See, the program just got a lot of funding. It's pretty damn awesome. And now my unfinished senior project needs to be completed. They want to actually print it. Also pretty cool. So I guess this summer will involve me cocktail serving at night and on weekends and fixing up this booklet in the mornings. Doing stuff, even work stuff, sounds good to me. After foundation year, sitting around with nothing to do seems really weird and somewhat wrong. I'm enjoying it but I think doing stuff will be nicer. Unfortunately, they aren't paying me for the booklet. They'd better give me some credit, though, or I will not be a happy Adri.

In other news, I downloaded a driver for my tablet and it now works on my Mac! Yay!! Now all I need is a paint program of some sort. Probably Painter. Unfortunately, I have no money for Painter. Do you guys know any programs that are easily acquired and will work on a mac (specifically macbook pro)? Cookies to those who help!
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Zac informed me that I haven't updated in forever so I may as well do that now.

I've been working on my senior project for the past few weeks and it's all put together and now needs to be editted and prettyified. It's a booklet for parents on anophthalmia/microphthalmia (which are disorders where kids are born without eyes/with small eyes). So, all the information is in there. I have some photos. I just need more stuff to make it look good. Tomorrow will be spent doing that and looking at other booklets to see how they do it.

Two days ago we had the senior class trip to Hershey Park. Well, kind of two days ago. It went from 8 PM to 4:30 AM so I guess that could count as Saturday. Anyway, I got home at 7:30 AM on Saturday, slept for a little and was then wisked away to New York to visit family. It was a good visit but I had been surviving on about five hours of sleep (I took a nap on the drive to NY) and various caffeinated beverages. Still, it was worth it.

Hershey Trip )

So between class trips, hanging out with friends and senior project I've been doing a lot of vegging and reading fanfic. Those last two aren't the most interesting ways to spend the day but I don't really mind. Things will get more exciting later.

Toronto in a few days.
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Common app essay-wise I'm almost done. I have that one tiny paragraph needed to go between the conclusion and previous paragraph and then I'm done. Bri liked it, Mum liked it, even Dad did. I sort of do. Maybe it's because I've had to deal with rereading and rewriting it that I'm sick of the story. Oh well, will probably post once it's submitted. Y'know, for kicks.

Today was awesome with going to lunch with Sarah, Caitlin, Flax, Angela, Laura, Louise and Caroline. Caroline came to visit Laura, they are really cute together. I was afraid that we'd get kicked out of the McDonald's, though, if they got too touchy-feely because some of the customers might complain...although I'm pretty sure that some of the men in the restaurant (and probably the lady cop) were totally into it and hoping it'd escalate. It was at that point that I realized that I've become desensitized to PDA. Which is probably really good because IC will be make-out/dry humping central.
ETA: After rereading this part I'm afraid that I came off as against the whole showing affection thing. I'm not. I think it's fine, just where appropriate. This goes for all couples out there. So, yeah, my point was that I didn't want them to get in trouble for showing their feelings for each other. At least, I think that's what it was...something like that, anyway.

Tonight I've emailed the guy I'm hoping to work with for my senior project. He's a producer of stuff in London. My mom's friend is his sister. Dad's against me going to London. I'm just hoping that I'll have some sort of project by the time my proposal is due. Maybe I can get some work in New York...that or I can beg Karli to let me join her project. *keeps thinking outloud*

For art I need to do a political poster. I'm thinking the whole illegal surveillance debacle or abortion. All I need to do is think up a slogan for people against illegal surveillance or a slogan for pro-choice. But I need help...please help. That would be awesome.


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