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I'm almost done with college applications. My tutor dude read the essays and told me that they rock (except for one or two grammar errors) and that I am awesome. Well, he didn't say that so much as say that they are good and that the colleges will like 'em muchly. And he has a dog named Topaz. Topaz rocks. His daughter is cute, too, but I only saw her for a few minutes. The dog, however, kept me company as I studied for the ACTs...which are tomorrow.

So, I just (well, not just, I've been working on it for a few hours) drew a picture of me, holding my iPod and you see my eye in the screen and my legs are leaning on the couch. I don't know if you can tell that it's a couch in the background but I think the other parts of it are pretty cool. I like it. And I shall use it in the portfolio o' DOOM. Like 398753987 pieces left to do. Okay, about 10 (some of which will be photographs and my metal arts stuff).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] uscdreamr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can I just mention how screwed I am for next week's tests? There is no AP Gov on Monday, I'll be there for Tuesday but Wednesday I won't be because I'm seeing Avenue Q with Creative Writing and there is no way in hell that I'm not going to that. The test is Thursday. So is the AP Environmental Science test. So, yeah, screwed.

That's enough ranting and pointlessNess. I'm gonna watch me some SG-1 and then go to bed so I won't die when waking up hella early.
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[ profile] huntresshelena1 gave me mini m&ms! Yay! I loff her! Thank you, Cara!

Bri brought Firefly back!!!!! Well, he gave it to Daddy to bring back. But now it's here and that means I get to have my marathon (after college applications are filled out and my portfolio is finished, obviously).

I drew Roo today and it actually turned out nicely. And then I drew a hammer. The hammer looks okay, it's the desk it's sitting on that looks crappy. Meh, will work on it tomorrow.

Jonas Quinn is adorable. I heart him. I want my very own attractive/adorable nerdboy sometimes...

ACT retake on Saturday. Mergle.
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To summarize: Today was filled with awkward moments. Tomorrow I get to go up a mountain and look for hawks, or something like that. Oh, and apparently I have 20:15 vision because I'm freakin' awesome. And I got a weird call with lots of noise in the background and I don't know who it was 'cause no one answered when I said "hello?" repeatedly. Then there was a button being pushed and then an prolonged beep. So if I hung up on you, sorry, I was just kinda freaked by the whole thing. What else? I began watching season 6 of SG-1 because I decided that I deserved it. I heart Jonas Quinn! Am still sad about Daniel, though. Oh well, he's gonna be back.

Still trying to figure out this whole essay thing. It's going a bit better, I think, but I'm still very hesitant to show anyone other than my mother anything I've written. And what about these "resume" things we should submit with our applications? Can we do it separately because I already gave in my envelopes to the office? This stuff is so confusing. I hate paper work.
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Today was good. My digital photography stuff actually looks pretty cool. I am verreh proud. Once this class is over I'll be updating my photobucket with most of the stuff I did so I can show it off and whatnot.

The comic is pretty much done, all it needs to be is checked by my teacher and printed up. Yay!!!

This is the last week of class. I thought I had another week left...Huh. That would explain the teachers' desire to finish everything right away.

All seasons are happily downloaded! Yay! And Season 2 works now that I've played around with the audio settings so I'm a happy little geek girl. Speaking of geekyNess, that is one of my four "sides of me" for this project and the only side I've kind of finished. This will also be shown off later (and in colour, unlike the 'zine, which will be black and white).


ETA: HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY [ profile] cellobugkt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry that you're sick on your birthday, that's no fair. Still, relax and get better. Soon you'll be able to pig out on that cake you may not have eaten while feeling not-so-good. *huggle*
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Hee! Yesterday this guy I know from school and I ended up talking. We both go to UArts but he's in a different program. Anyway, he kept talking about these little problems that could lead to some major one. I suggested fixing them by apologizing and sucking up a lot. It's a simple common sense solution, right? He told me that I was a genius and now his personal Buddah. I told him to bow down...and that I accept money...Cash only. Today a girl in my class told me something similar (the genius thing, not the Buddah part) as I gave her the common sense solution to a very trivial problem. Either I'm actually a genius or people are getting too lazy to find even the easiest solution. Seriously guys, think for a few seconds and the answer will most likely come to you.

I also passed the tour bus for the band Earth, Wind and Fire today. Some dude was signing a bottle (or looked like he was) outside of the Ritz. Could have been a member of the group or some random guy who decided to name his Coke bottle. I would name my Coke bottle Carl. And I named by iPod Colm. Did I ever mention that I'm a loser? Because I totally am.

Now I'm gonna go back to watchin' some Stargate-y goodNess. I just watched "Hathor" and Daniel Jackson had some sweet lovin' with an alien.

Totally downloading season 2 when Mum and Dad aren't home...


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