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So the SA post is taking its sweet time being written. Mostly because I can't remember what happened in any particular order and am trying to sort it all out. In the mean time, classes have started and I'm back to work.

Fun SA Fact of the Day:
South Africa LOVES the movie Cocktail. Of course, I'm basing this off having seen it playing on their movie channel twice during the vacation. But honestly. Cocktail? The best part about that movie is Doug. And if you've seen it you know how that turns out.

Another Fun Fact of the Day:
I get a student discount at Forbidden Planet. I'm not sure if that goes for all college students or just those who go Pratt.

I geeked out with two random guys in the Doctor Who toy section of FP. It was awesome. One thing that I found odd...the Slitheen set for DW has Ten in it and not Nine. Seems a bit strange since Slitheen were a first season thing.

Off to sort of kind of do homework.
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Our trip actually started (and ended) in Johannesburg. We stayed there for one night at a casino hotel that was fabulous. We started the vacation with a beer bucket and buffet dinner. A few hours in and I was literally falling asleep at the table. Jeff and Bri went off to play the slots (and lost R25- which is about $3.00) for a bit and I went to bed. The next day we had an amazing breakfast and things were looking good. Then we got the airport...

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We're back from SA now. The last week was kind of miserable weather-wise. Lots of rain, especially in Jo-burg. I lost any tan I may have gained in Cape Town once we got to the rainy bits. Another thing to make a poor end to my vacation, I misplaced my 2 GB photocard. It was full. I am lucky enough to have put the pictures on my father's laptop before it was lost so I still have the pictures but I'm so pissed at myself for losing a 2 GB card. At least I have the photos. And I think I may know where the card is. We had this driver/tour guide, Henry, for our Jo-burg part of the trip and I think it may be in his car still. He was awesome.

So right now I'm exhausted and not wanting to go into detail about the trip. I'm going to be uploading pictures onto facebook soon, too, and want to do storytime with photos. Overall, it was great. Mum and Dad intended this to be our last family trip to SA but after going we're now thinking we have to go back. I'm hoping for another trip in a few years.
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At least I hope this is free.

Since I've last posted, we've left Cape Town and went to Oudtshoorn for one night. We stayed on an ostrich farm. It was crazy buggy. Not my thing. Seriously huge. Now we're in Plettenberg Bay and will be here for the next four days. It's 15 minutes to midnight so the New Year is almost here. We aren't really doing anything for it. We went to a beach party briefly before deciding it wasn't our thing and returning to the hotel. Now the parents are talking to some people who are also chilling on the balconey and I've decided to take advantage of the computer. It doesn't feel like New Years without my friends. In seven hours they'll be at Sarah's or somewhere else. I kind of miss home right now. But no moping. This is Africa. It's not like I do New Years in Africa regularly. So let's make the most of it, eh?

Happy New Years to you all! I hope you all have fun with your friends or relatives, doing whatever you do. Love to everyone!
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In SA now. There was a bit of drama when we missed our flight to Cape Town but got the next one. Then we went to get our key to the most amazing place to stay ever, only to find out that there were two Lion's Head apartments and we'd accidentally booked for the other, crappier one. It's not awful. Just not nearly as posh and amazing. So we're here for eight days and then off on the Garden Route. It shall be nice. At least we have a place to stay, and it's clean and has everything we need. So we're good. Sadly, we don't have wifi so I'm in the bar near the apartment paying for this by the hour. Sweet. There may be more updates but very few and far between. Am keeping a sort of journal so I'll update more later.


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