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And it's over. Again, very anticlimactic. I was hoping to run into more teachers and get some feedback. Alas, it was not to be. I'm pretty proud of my work from this semester (not including design procedures which was doomed from the start). My survey setup )

After hanging everything we went to breakfast and then I proceeded to take a quick nap and woke up hella groggy. Weird dreams were had. They involved donuts and having a slumber party on the COMD floor. Checked out the rest of sophomore survey, which was pretty good. The one teacher I did see said we had all done a great job. 'Course, he's super positive about everything. Love that man. He was nice enough to let me into his class this semester despite it being full. I also overheard another teacher telling someone that she shouldn't lose touch with her classmates. Apparently there's a huge disconnect between sophomore and junior year. The sophomores allegedly are great and then something happens junior year and many of them suck. It's like they just stop trying, I guess. I don't know how true that is but that's what the guy seemed to think.

So now I have one more thing to do and I'm done. Finished. It still doesn't feel like the end. I have a hard time remembering that next Tuesday I'm moving out. It feels like there's still so much more to do...I guess that's good. I want to do more independent projects. For instance, my silk screening stuff. I have so many unfinished projects for that! I need to find a place near my house that has the equipment so I can mooch. Or, you know, pay and then use the facilities. Whichever.

Study time now.
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Sophomore year is coming to an end and Survey is tomorrow. I know that it doesn't mean much when it comes to sophomore survey but I'm still kinda nervous. I've laid everything out on Bethany's floor so I have an idea of what I want my wall to look like. I have fabric with which to drape said wall and will steal one of my taller friends when I need help putting it up. And it's the first of May tomorrow! We're so listening to that song whilst getting everything ready (or Nicole and I would be if we were next to each other again).

It seems like everything is ending too soon...I'm so not looking forward to move out.
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Survey was rather anti climactic. We arrived early to put our work up and it took less time than I thought it would (I took longer because I'm a freakin' perfectionist). Then Laura, Bethany, Hunter and I went to breakfast. After that, I went off to get more teeshirts for silk screening (accidentally got a few long sleeves that I don't know if I'm going to use) and got some more things printed on acetate so when I finally do the actual project I'm all ready. Hunter's mom was in town for something so we all went to lunch with her. Very nice woman. She's also hilarious and probably a genius. After I was so prepared to do some silk screening and then begin studying for my final tomorrow. Sadly the lab was closed until 5 and I've decided that napping is more important. I woke up at 6 AM and had been active since so I was definitely crashing. Erica called me and we went to be girly and get our eyebrows done before stopping for some Chinese food. Yumminess. We returned to my partially cleaned dorm and chilled for a bit before she told me to nap due to said crashing. I have only woken up recently. It was supposed to be a two hours nap. Became 4 hours. I woke up to my roommate's hilariously creepy non-Christmas-Christmas music. It was actually a great way to wake up. Now I'm about to begin studying hardcore. w00t.
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Back at Pratt. I did pretty much no homework over break, which I knew would happen despite hoping I could accomplish shit. So now I'm chillin' on my bed (which is WAY more comfy than my bed at home, surprisingly) and not doing work. It's like a normal Sunday.

Break Summary )

This break seemed to go by so quickly. It barely felt like a break, too. I was doing stuff constantly. Helping Mum out, helping Grandma out, entertaining people, seeing people, trying to do homework, etc. I need more time. And now I have three weeks left of this semester. Hopefully enough time to finish everything that needs to be done in time for Survey. Oh God. Survey. So not ready for this.


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