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Quickie update.

Still in Milan. Actually have homework now that we're a few weeks from being done. Still constantly confused as to how this school functions. Doubt we will ever know.

Got housing. Frustrated because I think they made the room a triple when it should definitely NOT be a triple. I got the single but doubt this will be a comfortable living environment (kitchen not big enough for four people, don't want to even THINK about bathroom dynamics and there is a sound tunnel effect that makes everything sound louder at the door of the single...and roomies would be sophomores, which isn't bad but would prefer to live with older people). Plans to swap rooms ASAP in progress. [ profile] ohniki has similar situation.

Holy Shit I Actually Have Stuff To Do List )

Trying to figure out where I want to go after classes are done. I'm thinking Paris because I would have free rooming there--we know a guy-- and guides--guy's got sons. Other ideas include visiting Germany. Possibly hanging with Maayan in Weimar or Cat and Armin in Heidelberg. Or Sandra in Hamburg. Any suggestions are awesome. Am definitely going to London at some point and Exeter. Must tell the family this because I'll be mooching off them for housing. Also considering another trip to Israel. If only money grew on trees! Am probably going to be like Aurore (Fallen's friend who is now my friend and who stayed here for a few nights and is now on her way to Rome) and kind of wing it. She's going a vague idea of where she wants to go but other than that is very much going with the flow. It sounds freeing, scary but freeing. I would love to do that.

To Do List

Oct. 27th, 2008 04:40 pm
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Stuff that's due this week:

Italian homework
3 ad proofs

Comps for packaging-need labels that have "the essence of homemade", make box and figure out what you want
to put on it and where, colors?

Stuff that's due next week:

Italian homework
Graphic design- get a page from the newspaper and recreate it exactly, finish up Beatles lyric project (needs
to be more cohesive)
Type- fix book and print/bind, fix book cover and print

Ecology reading
After Effects story board for final (.pdf presentation)

Italian homework
Advertising- finals

Packaging finals (box done and silk screened, labels made and attached, everything fucking perfect)
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Things I need to find out about this Italy Program:
1. How long it is - Semester is March to June, three week language course first
2. How much housing costs - Need to be there to get housing but can get it for about $600/Month
3. Where to get housing (preferably near the school)
4. Supply costs
5. How much the Italian class costs - About $450
6. How much earlier I need to get there for said course - Three weeks?
7. What the area is like - Fantastic
8. Language barrier--is it really a big deal (in terms of socializing)? - Pretty much yes
9. How intense are the courses - Not too bad for Fashion, hopefully not too bad for COMD
10. Will I be screwed credit-wise when I get back to Pratt

There are probably a lot more things I should be asking but I can't think of them. [ profile] ohniki, I sent out an email to the girls who are currently there. You've been copied on it. Feel free to send your own with questions you have that I didn't cover.

To Do:
1. Write art history essay (due Friday)
2. Write world civ essay (due Wednesday)
3. Get comm imaging proposal together (technically due Monday but will be due Tuesday due to Daily Show)
4. Do vis comm (due Tuesday)
5. Do typography plus extra credit (due Wednesday)
6. Stupid boards for design procedures, stupid newsletter stuff, get better promo colors (due Thursday)
7. Work on web design (due Thursday)
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Today I intended to do all this fabulous stuff. Instead I have barely started anything. I've done bits and pieces but nothing substantial. Unless you count scanning in a bunch of my doodles from notebooks when I should have been taking actual notes. Remember this one, [ profile] ohniki?

Ah, good times in World Civ.

Things I WILL Do Tonight:
-Start Illustration
-Begin picking out stuff for my portfolio
-Get everything ready for [ profile] crudelydrawn's visit. OMG EXCITEMENT!!!

Things I SHOULD Do Tonight:
-Start those pesky essays for the exchange program
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I have done literally nothing all day. I woke up late, considered going to the library to start my art history paper (which really needs to be written) and then decided not to do that. The most productive thing I've done is make lunch. And I know that this is going to set me back and I'm being stupid and taking time to just catch up on all those TV shows I've missed and chill in my dorm. Apparently today is Adri-alone-time-day. I don't mind that, actually. It's nice to have alone time. It's just that I hoped I'd bring myself to do something productive while I was alone. Alas, it was not to be. Perhaps I'll get off my ass and do something small later. But right now my head's bothering me and I'm going to make tea and chill in my bed more. There are few things that are better than relaxing in bed with tea.

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