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Hung out in London with [ profile] nibbes and [ profile] klo_the_hobbit (at least when Klo wasn't working) and had a blast! Nicole and I saw HBP and wandered around the city. V. fun! Also got to see my Auntie and Uncle before heading to Canada to stay at their house (while they went off to Spain).

Got picked up at the Toronto airport by other Auntie and Gramma. We stopped by to get cousin Joanne and the four of us went to get food. Later Jo and I went to see The Proposal and hung out. Twas very nice. Next day the grandkids (so Jo, Daniel, Ricky and me--Kev was at a wedding) went to lunch with Gramma. After that I called up [ profile] melisus and we met up. We proceeded to walk all around Toronto, passed something being filmed and eventually made it to the Hard Rock Cafe. We talked about all things nerdy and awesome and came up with a brilliant bakery idea. I had a wonderful tome, Melis! We will definitely do it again (and if in NYC I will take you to my favorite food places because that's the kind of tour guide I am :D ). Got back and had tea with Jo and played with the doggies before bed (love the doggies!).

Today Gramma got me for the airport and I sat next to a nice guy who teaches history in Philly. Was going to wait for the parents to arrive but their plane was delayed so I got myself a cab and am now finally home, showered and relaxing.

Only thing that could make this perfect is if there were some freakin' food in this house. SHOPPING!

Overall I had a good time these six months. It's had it's ups and downs, of course, mainly when it came to NABA but it was worth it. I met great people (whom I hope to keep in touch with) and I'm pretty sure I got more outgoing. Did things I probably would not usually do (like going clubbing until 5 AM) so yay! So, worth it!
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Currently in Toronto, Canada.

I didn't call anyone or message them 'cause I wasn't sure if we'd have time to be social. I still don't think I can actually go somewhere other than where we plan to go with the family but we will be checking out the Busker Festival that's going on somewhere in Toronto. Something with Queen in the name? Honestly, I've looked it up online and haven't found exactly what my parents were talking about. Anyway, if you are in the Toronto area and know where that is and are available, please go and we'll hopefully meet up and chill. :-) Being vague is awesome! If I find out the location, I'll definitely post it. Sorry for the lack of details, I just wasn't paying attention when it was mentioned at dinner.

ETA: We're going to the St. Lawrence Marketplace nowish.
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We're off to Toronto tomorrow morning. I'll be dead. I know this because I haven't been able to fall asleep until about 3 AM for the past few days and the parents are waking me up early. See, we're driving. Yes, driving. To Toronto. Now, I've done this drive many times before. And we have a portable DVD player. But I still hate waking up crazy early just to get to Canadia by dinner. And I really should be working on my senior project presentation this weekend. Oh well. I guess I'll be finishing off my senior year like I did everything else this past year. At last minute. Because I'm that awesome.

Shakira's music makes me want to dance. This is weird because I don't dance. I want to go to a club. Hint, hint.
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