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Twilight Review Vlog is pretty much done. I've cut the footage together and there are bits where it's mostly my footage and Melis's because we filmed the most but I've tried to balance it out. Anyway, I'm currently working on background music and I think I've done okay with that. I've pretty much put whatever I thought would work in the background and be fun. I'm currently stuck on what song to used for the credits (yes, I'm doing credits...mostly because I feel like it, I'll decide later if they stay). Also debating random video to put after said credits...and possibly outtakes (not that there really are any from people other than me). Anyway, the song. I need song suggestions. I'm thinking pop music. Or something really serious. I don't know. I'm leaning towards upbeat pop music. Suggestions?

The review is almost a half hour
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Progress on the Twilight Collab Vlog is somewhat slow. Mostly because I keep on needing to move files from my harddrive to an external harddrive because I was stupid and didn't just work off one in the first place. Now every time I render it's telling me there isn't enough drive space and I need to clear more files. That part is quite unfun. The fun bits happen when I put the different clips together. Keep in mind, my lovely collaborators, that not all of your footage will be used. I'll be trying to keep the camera time even among us and I'm still wondering if I will use background music or not. Right now I have a pretty sweet intro (if I do say so myself) with music that has NOTHING to do with the story but I want to have some songs that are appropriate, however I can't think of how to get them in there without them overpowering the snark.

Work-wise, I have this weekend off and am hopefully heading to NJ to hang with some friends. I'm still not 100% that I can go but I really hope that it all works out and that I will be there. Heaven knows you'll need emotional support for the Avatar finale watching. :-P

Speaking of friends...IchiP! Yeah, I'm looking at you! When the hell are you going to edit that interview thing? You don't even have to put it on youtube. I just wanna see it. *hint hint*

I want something to eat. Preferably chocolatey. And maybe some tea. I am a tea addict.

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Re: Twilight-- FINISHED!!! More snark-summary to come.

Apparently I was driving next to one of the guys I work with on Sunday night (well, Monday morning). He now has decided I'm a crazy ass driver (I told him I like to accelerate but always go the speed limit) and at one point called me Speed Racer. We never really talked before so this was new and fun. Now we're more friendly and can actually hold conversations. Who knew that being a "maniac" driver could lead to friendship? Also, Alex was working the salad bar so I got to chill with her. Twas very fun. Except for when it was hella busy. That was not so fun.

Last week of UPenn class. Final is on Thursday. This means I can't participate in Mum and Dad's anniversary outing and I feel really bad about it. I didn't realize! This timing sucks. On the bright side, I said many important things today that my teacher had not thought of as answers to questions, making me feel all smart.

So excited for the Vlog collab review on the board!! We are SO doing this!


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