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That's right folks, I am in Paris. It's my...third? Yeah, third day here. I mean, if you count the day I arrived (which was actually in the evening). I have so far done two walking tours, the free one and the Montmatre one, checked out the Louvre (very big, hard to figure out how to get around and apparently you need to PROVE your age when buying a student ticket...I would have gotten in for FREE...or they would have still charged me because despite having an EU student ID my passport is most definitely USA and only EU students are free), the Centre Pompidou, Notre Dame (gotta say, all churches look pretty much the same from the inside), been up to the top of the Eiffel Tower (AT NIGHT), gone to Versailles and went on a tour of the palace, hung out for hours in the gardens and briefly strolled around in the town. And I still have one full day left.
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Now I'm in the apartment. Got me some take away Chinese that was le suck. Cannot wait to get to London to get some good Chinese take away. I've been craving it for too long. The family is out and it sounds like a club outside. Unless the son is home and I don't realize that music is def. coming from outside. Anyway, no idea what I'll be up to tomorrow but I will be back in Milan on the 20th of June and the family comes on the 25th. Then July 11th I fly into London and stay there until the 18th. Then Canadialand and finally home on July 20th. Honestly, cannot wait. Travel is fun but I really miss my friends...and my bed...and Wawa. Never separate a tri-state area girl from her Wawa hoagies. It is not pretty.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful summer. Tell me, what have you been up to?
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Last day of school. Made out with mostly three Bs (two of these grades came from teachers who barely looked at my work, which annoys me greatly), two As (photo and lettering) and one E. That last one is in art history where I completely failed the test. Let's keep in mind that I was taking it in a different language and hadn't studied the right material because I couldn't find the books (it is my fault that I didn't try the library but I'm pretty sure you can't actually take books OUT of it, just look at them on campus). I did study. I wrote a seven pages of notes and images. I just didn't look at the right stuff. Of course, the test was not what I was expecting either so I guess it's a mix of me not understanding when he told me what the test would be like and not going over the right information. But it's done and I need to stop dwelling. That, however, is hard because an E is essentially failing but with effort. So I tried but still did a shit job. If we had had a paper, I would have fucking aced that class (or at least gotten a B and I would have written it in English). So yeah, that whole dwelling thing...gotta get on not doing that.

In happy news, I am going to Madde's place tonight and we are going to play mini golf! It should be fun. I haven't played mini golf in ages. Mini golf and friends! Best way to end a school year.

More happy news, I leave for Berlin on Tuesday! Three days later, I head to Hamburg and on the 15th I go to Paris where I'm staying with a family friend. Then back to Milan to begin cleaning my apartment and packing before the family comes/I move out.

July 12th I'm going to London before heading home. Haven't booked a ticket home yet because I'm not sure if I want to go home on the 20th or a few days earlier. Thing is, in London I have friends and family and I adore the city. I could very well spend 8 days there and be happy. But I also want to get back Stateside soon. I'll figure that stuff out when I'm back from my trip.

Now, to eat lunch. I skipped dinner last night (unintentionally) because I was working on lettering. Almost finished season 10 of SG-1 whilst doing so (let's keep in mind I started watching middle of season 8 when I began working on this hardcore a few weeks ago).

And how are you all doing? I want stories!
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Shut up, I know it's a bad joke.

Update first:
Went to this "speed date" thing that Nadine and Fallon convinced me would be fun (and the promise of a free drink was very tempting). It was entertaining but extremely weird. Pretty much I was asked the same thing over and over again (in Italian) and there were awkward silences (when I was trying to figure out the answer in Italian). Besides Nadine I was the youngest there, I think, and was often told this by older men (in their 30s). One of the guys who was there had his dog in the bar and the only reason I wanted him to get to my table was so I could play with the puppy. He seemed more amused than offended by this. A very small number were vaguely creepy but most people were just nice. I did meet a few cool people from the language school who I could totally hang out with again and be friends. So yeah, potential new friends is good.

One of the Spanish exchange students, Marcos, invited me to a party they're having at their house tonight. If I can bring Judith and Fallon (and if they want to go), then maybe this could be the night's activity. :-)

Milano! )

Lago Como Trip...did you know George Clooney has a place here? I do now. Because people wouldn't stop asking about it. )

back in Milano around the neighborhood )

That's it for now. Gotta go meet up at the school and head out to the park now.
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Work wasn't so good today but the afternoon more than made up for it. I hung out with [ profile] jesskivage, [ profile] sneeze042, Carter and [ profile] ladysar803 at Carter's pool. If you believe in fate, that's what it was. I went online for the first time in ages and so did Carter. He opened his pool up to us and we had fun talking about random stuff and eating pizza after freezing our collective asses off in his pool. Still, very fun. Very relaxing. Bad thing was that I'm supposed to study for that final but have yet to do so. I'll bring it with me tomorrow and read it during some free time.

I found out that Schecter, my elementary school, kept records of us. It's organized by graduation year. Ira, the boy who told me about it, also told me where they're kept. I really want to find mine. I tried after work today but they locked the doors going into the school. I wonder what they have about us in there...

ETA: Fixed it Jess. Happy now? *giggle*
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I'm officially signed up for this bartending school! And school's done! Now I need to work on my senior project, which I would explain but I'm a little tired right now and it's hard to describe what it's about with words anyway. Still, excitment ensues.

Had tons of fun on adventures with friends, pretending to be space heroes fighting aliens whilst in our "Space Pod" (aka Ben's car) and shooting at the "Alien Ship" (aka [ profile] sneeze042's car) with 'pew pew!' sounds. The whole trip to Ruby Tuesdays was hilarious. I especially liked making the laser gun noises at the dudes in the Mercedes who scoffed at our techno music. We offended them with our music, oh noes!! The ride back was fun, too but with more scenery and discussing building the ultimate mansion. Which would be awesome. Comes with secret passageways and everything! A Beauty and the Beast ballroom, VIP lounge, etc. Good times. And driving through the creek...twice...just for kicks. Gotta love it. I wish we could have found a place to swim. I was in the swimming mood. I guess that will wait for tomorrow.
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Today was good. My digital photography stuff actually looks pretty cool. I am verreh proud. Once this class is over I'll be updating my photobucket with most of the stuff I did so I can show it off and whatnot.

The comic is pretty much done, all it needs to be is checked by my teacher and printed up. Yay!!!

This is the last week of class. I thought I had another week left...Huh. That would explain the teachers' desire to finish everything right away.

All seasons are happily downloaded! Yay! And Season 2 works now that I've played around with the audio settings so I'm a happy little geek girl. Speaking of geekyNess, that is one of my four "sides of me" for this project and the only side I've kind of finished. This will also be shown off later (and in colour, unlike the 'zine, which will be black and white).


ETA: HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY [ profile] cellobugkt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry that you're sick on your birthday, that's no fair. Still, relax and get better. Soon you'll be able to pig out on that cake you may not have eaten while feeling not-so-good. *huggle*


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