May. 27th, 2009

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Last week and a half of school. SO eager to get out of Milan. Booked my ticket for Berlin and am currently looking for a hostel (Twitter is awesome because some random cheap hostel place @replied me offering help). The plan is as follows:
-Head to Berlin for three days (maybe head to Weimar and visit Ma'ayan if time allows).
-On the 12th, catch the train to Hamburg and visit Sandra/explore the city for about three days.
-On the 15th or 16th, head over to Paris to stay with Mum's friend Pierre and sons. Stay for four days.
-If prices allow, maybe hit up Madrid/Salamanca on the way back to Milan to visit Carter. So far this part of my trip is a no-go as it's too much money to spend for only three days.
-Alternatively, head back to Milan and then directly to Rome to visit Nadine for a few days (two or three) and then head back to Milan.
-Be back by 23rd at the latest because I need to pack up the apartment and then get the keys to the place the family is staying in.

Before all that, however, I must finish my projects for the semester. So far most of them are at that point where I need to get just a few more things done. The project that's killing me is Lettering. He wanted us to design two typefaces, one serif and one sans. Done that bit. We needed to do it by hand and making it fucking perfect, mine is...less than perfect. But I'll fix part of that tomorrow. Then we need to scan the letters and vector them (almost done serif). Then we need to design three posters for various museums in Milan. Thing is, I haven't been to any of these museums (though I will definitely go to the da Vinci one with my brothers and maybe the natural history if we have time) and I don't know anything about them. I have vague ideas of which face I want to use on each poster and took notes on what they're known for so that's a start...but I have no idea what image I would use in the background or what colors. I need to start at least 2/3 tomorrow. Then I need to finish my books for photography so they can be printed, along with my work for art and copy (Speaking of, OMG their aesthetic can be so freakin' annoying!). Wow, this is turning into a to-do list (and I have about five of those already).

Other than work, I have actually had some fun. I went to Lake Garda last week to visit Fallen since she's working as an au pair stuff near there. It's a gorgeous area and we went swimming in the lake. Did I mention this was near a freakin' castle? It totally was. Anywhoodle, I got horribly sunburnt because Mother Nature thinks I'm part Irish. And I applied sunscreen. Twice. (The sunscreen song went through my head the entire day..."Ladies and Gentlemen of the Class of '97, Wear Sunscreen").

This coming Saturday we're having a dinner party at my place because Sandra, one of the girls I hung out with my second week here, is coming to visit! It should be fun. So lots to do so I can justify not having Saturday as a work day.


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