Day Three

Mar. 4th, 2009 02:15 pm
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Art and Copy. Started out confused as to what I was supposed to do. Teacher explained that this was a weird day as we usually get a client who gives us a brief and then we begin working on it. Starts with ideas, then sketches (on paper) and then once teachers have looked the stuff over we move onto the computer. Most of the work sounds like it's done in class but I assume edits are done on our own. Also, today I actually talked to other NABA students. Well, they came to me, which was very nice considering the whole "Adri is shy" thing. One girl, Alessandra, speaks very good English and introduced me to some of her friends when we got coffee over break at the NABar (yeah, they totally call it that). I think I have class with her again tomorrow and may swap into the motion graphics class her friend is in (he's very nice and willing to translate his Italian despite saying he speaks English badly). Another girl, Silvia, wants to go to Pratt for the exchange and showed me her portfolio. I liked it and think she could get in, I hope she does. I told her if she gets in I'll be back at Pratt that semester and we exchanged email addresses. She also introduced me to some of her friends but they were about to leave so we didn't really talk. After class I met up with my Scoula Leonardo friends at Mayflower for lunch. We're going to see Revolutionary Road tonight in Italian. Should be entertaining.

So yeah, today was very good socially. The class seems to be more of the same stuff I've done but that could be good. The teachers showed us some commercials that were funny and I have no idea what the significance of that is in relation to what we will be doing but it could be a fun class. At least I know some people in it, so that's always a plus. It's also nice that they're willing to re-explain things to me in English if I'm lost (even if I think I get it for the most part this is good).

On a sad note, my headphones decided to break so I headed over the Italian Best-Buy equivalent called Media World and was SO tempted to get this sweet alarm clock (I do need an alarm clock, I wasn't just "HOLY SHIT I MUST HAVE THIS ALARM CLOCK BECAUSE IT IS COOL! FRIVOLOUS SPENDING FTW!") that has an iPod base, CD player and radio. Question is, can I wake up to any of those options or is it only alarm-radio, because that would be lame. If so, there's one that's the same price that has two alarms and you CAN wake up to a CD. In conclusion, Media World is love.

Weather sucks today. Currently happy inside apartment with small mug of tea (my mugs are huge, this is like a slightly larger Italian cup). Movie later.

P.S. Had dream where Whoopi Goldberg was trying to take my eyes. With a spoony thing. WTF BRAIN?!

P.P.S. Read some past entries (circa 2004/2005) and while I'm glad they aren't all "angst angst angst bitch bitch bitch" it reinforces this fact: I am a loser. In the best sense of the word...but still, loser. Looked at memories, too, and realized that the SBMB Oldies had lots of plans, like Mildred's Kilt and a Badger Colony. What happened to these things? Did we all grow up and get jaded? Mildred's Kilt could still totally happen, you know. It really should. I need somewhere to work after school is over.
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