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Went to a club with friends on Friday night (Fallen, Nadine, Raef and Manuela, the last three all know German so at times Fallen and I had NO idea what was being talked about, it was more amusing than annoying). We arrived too early so we had a drink at one of the few cafes nearby. At the club there were A LOT of men. Some quite pretty. Some making out with each other. Turns out we arrived on gay night, for lack of a better name. Of course, realizing that we were not surrounded by the pervy Italian guys who apparently will grind with unsuspecting girls I felt much more comfortable about dancing, something I rarely do. But damn, was it fun! Lots of boy love and Britney Spears (with some Justin and Beyonce thrown in for good measure). Was thrilled when the two songs I wanted to hear were played (I blame [ profile] crudelydrawn for my Lady Gaga love). Even slightly inebriated, I couldn't help but appreciate the comedic value of hundreds of gay men singing along to Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" (not to be confused with Jill Sobule's "I Kissed A Girl", a superior song in my opinion but not nearly as danceable). Fallen made a friend with one Italian dude who kept finding us to dance with our group throughout the night. We didn't put our stuff in the coat room so we settled with putting it on the floor and dancing around it, so we made more friends that way when making sure no one tripped over it. One guy pinched my cheek in that "well, aren't you JUST PRECIOUS!" sort of way.

We danced from 11:30 until the club closed at 4:30 AM. We walked to the Duomo, hoping to find some food place along the way. Alas, it was not meant to be (we found sammich trucks but they were busy and we were impatient). Raef, usually quite quiet, is LOUD when he's had a bit to drink. Also, I'm pretty sure I'm the first Jew he's ever seen/hung out with. We sat down outisde the McDonald's and discussed what we'd do since nothing was open, it was 5 AM and we were hungry. The homeless guy sleeping in the flowers across the way began yelling at us in Italian because were were being too loud. Anyway, Raef and Manuela were close to their respective homes so they walked home while Fallen, Nadine and I sat outside the McDonald's. Apparently it doesn't open until 9 AM? That's just wrong. We wanted our freakin' Egg McMuffins!

Whilst debating over what to do, two guys walked by and motioned for us to share a cab with them. I know, not the smartest idea but there were three of us, two of them and they looked harmless. And they were. But they did try to get us to go back to their apartment and "smoke a joint" and "play Guitar Hero". I admit, I really did want to play Guitar Hero but not with them and there was no way in hell we were going to their apartment. After a few more minutes of trying to convince us they gave up, the cab driver even chipped in and told them they should leave us in the taxi. He was awesome, by the way. We joked with our driver friend on the way back to Fallen's place and told him stories of our night at the club and laughed at the men we'd just dropped off. After arriving at Fallen's door, we opted to head to our apartments. Nadine didn't live too far away and could walk and the bus I needed was running at this point.

I got back to my room about 6 AM and went to bed shortly after. I ended up sleeping most of the day away. We had discussed going to another club on Sat. night but I never got a message telling me a meeting place or time so I assume either it didn't happen or it did but I didn't get the message. Oh well, I was tired and I don't mind alone time.

Today involved waking up much earlier than Saturday and heading to the shops (praying they were open, surprisingly a bunch of clothing stores were) because I'm in desperate need of new pants. Gotta love H&M. I know, I'm in Italy and should be checking out their stores for clothes but the places I looked were WAY overpriced for what I wanted. I'll save that kind of shopping for later.

So back to class Monday (which is technically now but whatevs). I'm not sure if this week is normal because there's a design fair thinger and I THINK we might not have class? I'm going to ask tomorrow (today?). I hate how uncertain I am about scheduling at this place! Which reminds me, I need to do that OIA forum post thing...but not now.
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