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In the lab...again. Didn't want to but one of my prints was the wrong size and the other was missing elements of it--like the text. Kind of important. Luckily survey is Thursday not tomorrow so freaking out will wait until then. Now it's all about mounting and getting that last minute shit done. God I hate survey time. is not fun.

Flash game was just working at all so I animated what SHOULD happen rather quickly in AE and hope that will suffice. Everything in Flash is ready but the f-ing movies just won't work. The intro does fine but when I say go to keyframe 140 where there is ANOTHER video it just plays the intro, which probably has to do with them being compiled in the same player. I couldn't figure out how to fix it, tutorials online were useless and I asked friends who know Flash better than I but they couldn't figure it out either. So it's all about the AE fakeout. At least I will have a cute enclosure for the computer...

Gah, not happy.


Despite distinctly remembering that I moved the files I needed onto my harddrive apparently I didn't because they aren't fucking there and I need to go back and get them. WTF?! I am very unhappy. God fucking damnit. The lab closed an hour ago! I could have gotten 'em and not worried if I had only checked a fucking hour sooner.

Date: 2009-12-16 04:20 am (UTC)
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YOU CAN DO EET!!! Don't forget, we all have faith!


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