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Hung out wit [ profile] apeygirl  today and it was awesome! Feel free to be jealous. :-) We met at a coffee shop in Long Beach and chatted until she had to leave for rehearsal. Twas a lovely time! I never realized how dramatic Smallville fandom is/was. You learn new things every day! Hopefully we'll meet again when she next visits PA.

Speaking of, soon I'm heading back to PA. By soon, I mean on Sunday. I'm excited to see my family and friends! It's going to be brief, though, because I am off to Israel on January 1st and won't be back until the 11th. I'm ready for the trip but also nervous that I won't be able to handle all the hiking. I'm not completely out of shape but I have a feeling climbing Masada is going to involve lots of cursing inwardly (and possibly outwardly). Anyway, should be fun! And once I'm back in PA, I get to start the job search all over again. That part will be not so fun. If anyone has any leads, please do share. 
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Oh, hey, just a reminder that you should buy my stamps. I've been pimping 'em out on Tumblr and facebook but not here. So, have at it!
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Just updated my Etsy with new stamps. Please buy them so I can earn money and move out of my parents' house sooner. Also, if you have a Tumblr, would you be so kind as to reblog my stamp posts? Y'know, just one of them? I want to reach a larger audience. Thanks!
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Test post!
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Dear Covert Affairs,

Nice typography joke. Her codename is Helvetica and she's in Switzerland? Very cute and I approve. Keep it up and I may forgive you for significantly less Auggie in this past episode.
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Dad: So how are you going to get to Radio City tomorrow?
Me: Subway.
Dad: Pratt didn't organize a bus to take you to your graduation?
Me: Hahahahaha! We didn't even get a "senior week" like normal colleges. You should be used to this by now.
Dad: *exasperated* Artists...
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Today [ profile] typo1138, Chana and I went to the SoHo Apple Store for a Doctor Who Meet n' Greet thing. We got there VERY early so we went over to Rice to Riches (where I got to introduce [ profile] typo1138 to the wonders of trendy rice pudding that is overpriced so we only get it once a year) and then looked around at other stores nearby. We eventually made our way back to the store to find that many fans had already staked out a spot in the theater area during a GarageBand demo. Even though we weren't there for the demo specifically it was very interesting and potentially useful. Anyway, we got adequate seats and were able to chat with people while we waited.
And the Q&A )
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Next Monday I'll be 22. Then there's that whole graduating thing come May. Weird.
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[ profile] typo1138 straightened my super curly hair with her brand-new straightening iron. I look SOOO different it's weird. That plus my sexy librarian glasses are apparently adorably barf-worthy (or, rather, barfingly adorable). [ profile] tru_chan_speaks took photos. And then [ profile] ohniki came in, assumed I was Bethany and then had a wonderful reaction to realizing that I was me. Here's hoping I don't ruin this too much during sleepytimes.
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When I can't sleep, I listen to Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me. Then I listen to it again later 'cause I fell asleep during the show.
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I had a nightmare that I worked checkout at a grocery store and had no idea how any of the computers worked. It was very disturbing.
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I love Janis Ian.

I wanna see her live again. She tells the best stories!
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Left arm hurts like a bitch. Currently have a splint on my arm in case that helps the wrist. First thought: Am I going to be like Bennett from Dollhouse? Second: No, I'm not Summer Glau. Me playing crazy would be less awesome and more scary.

Also, saw Sherlock Holmes. Never read any Sherlock Holmes books so I just enjoyed it and didn't think about how accurate it was. According to textile major friend, the costumes are fairly spot on except for Irene's pink dress (she would be assumed to be a hooker in that) and the old clergy man wearing britches. Only little boys would be wearing those at that time. I told her he obviously likes little boys. Lots of laughs and innuendo had by all during the showing and I snuck (sneaked?) in a Wawa hoagie for dinner-y goodness. Yummy and entertaining. May see it again with other friends tomorrow. Really want the soundtrack.

Saw Invictus, too. Went with the 'rents. Very moving and good. As said before, accents were awful. Still, Morgan Freeman can pull off the Mandela gravitas. Good on him.

Time to catch up on Doctor Who specials. Haven't seen the last three. DUN TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS.
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My main wonder about 2010 was how they would do the new year glasses. They balanced the 2 sticking out on the side with an exclamation point on the other. The glasses look silly but so did the previous years'.

Y'know what would start this new year off right? Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2009. Is it up yet? Apparently it hasn't even aired yet--will have to wait until the Brit's get it and then hope they are generous and share the funny.
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In the lab...again. Didn't want to but one of my prints was the wrong size and the other was missing elements of it--like the text. Kind of important. Luckily survey is Thursday not tomorrow so freaking out will wait until then. Now it's all about mounting and getting that last minute shit done. God I hate survey time. is not fun.

Flash game was just working at all so I animated what SHOULD happen rather quickly in AE and hope that will suffice. Everything in Flash is ready but the f-ing movies just won't work. The intro does fine but when I say go to keyframe 140 where there is ANOTHER video it just plays the intro, which probably has to do with them being compiled in the same player. I couldn't figure out how to fix it, tutorials online were useless and I asked friends who know Flash better than I but they couldn't figure it out either. So it's all about the AE fakeout. At least I will have a cute enclosure for the computer...

Gah, not happy.


Despite distinctly remembering that I moved the files I needed onto my harddrive apparently I didn't because they aren't fucking there and I need to go back and get them. WTF?! I am very unhappy. God fucking damnit. The lab closed an hour ago! I could have gotten 'em and not worried if I had only checked a fucking hour sooner.
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Dear Hollywood,

Stop making movies where American actors fake the South African accent. It's more subtle than they can master. Hire actual South African actors. May I suggest Cliff Simon?

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Before reading this, keep in mind that as of right now I have not watched the newest Doctor Who special so no spoilers please.

Brainstormed with Katrina for what I can do for project four for one of my senior project classes. I really like the restaurant she's doing and while I'm not about to rip her off, the idea of doing something in the same vein came up. So here it is: a Doctor Who themed bar. The entrance will be a normal looking wall with the TARDIS parked up next to it--but THE TARDIS IS THE ENTRANCE OMG! IT'S BIGGER ON THE INSIDE! Right now I'm partial to the New Who TARDIS interior more than Old School but I want to reconcile the different aesthetics so they kind of mesh together in one geeky cornucopia of awesome.

The center console with navigation controls will be the main bar--it will be larger than the actual consul, obviously, and there will no green tube thing because people need to stand there. I'm thinking there will be about three sections of the console/bar, each one representing different periods of the console in Who history. The wait staff will be dressed as various companions. A friend suggested having a floor show at one point in the evening where the Doctors come out and dance/sing/play instruments.

Pretty much I want to have fun and create a wonderfully nerdy bar that can bring old and new Who fans together in love and drunken debauchery.

What I'd need to do for this project includes:
-Create a logo (and apply it to sign-age, business cards, advertising)
-Menu design
-Interior design
-Exterior design
-Uniform design
-Special glass design (if applicable
-Sign age (bathroom, exit, employees only, etc)

That's all I can think of right now. Anyway, thoughts? People who are into Old School Who, I need your suggestions the most. I'm horribly uneducated in Old Who.

Keep in mind this is a fictional bar.
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After scouring my room multiple times, I haven't been able to find the mask I brought back with me from Venice. I'm clinging to hope that it's just somewhere that I haven't checked thoroughly enough...Is there a way to announce lost items at Pratt? I'm tempted to post on the LJ community to garner some help in finding it.

I'm afraid that it may have been accidentally thrown out (though this is HIGHLY doubtful). I'm really upset that it's missing. I saw that mask the first time I was in Venice with friends and bought it when I went with my parents. They kept it safe for me while I traveled to England and I was delighted to get it when I was at home. I'm wishing I didn't bring it to Pratt. It would have been safer at home. If it was taken, I would have thought they'd go for my TV or DVD player first. Maybe it's because the mask is small and I didn't need it at the time so I wasn't paying attention? I've asked my suitemates to keep an eye out for it (so glad I took photos right now!) and I'm hoping to find it next time I check the closet (which has been checked multiple times already).

So for those of you at Pratt who check this out, please please tell me if you see it. If someone has taken/found it or whatever, tell them to give it back and no questions will be asked. I don't care HOW it got into someone else's possession, I just want it back.


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