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Today [ profile] typo1138, Chana and I went to the SoHo Apple Store for a Doctor Who Meet n' Greet thing. We got there VERY early so we went over to Rice to Riches (where I got to introduce [ profile] typo1138 to the wonders of trendy rice pudding that is overpriced so we only get it once a year) and then looked around at other stores nearby. We eventually made our way back to the store to find that many fans had already staked out a spot in the theater area during a GarageBand demo. Even though we weren't there for the demo specifically it was very interesting and potentially useful. Anyway, we got adequate seats and were able to chat with people while we waited.

When staring into space I recognized someone and then it registered that Steven Moffat, followed by Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, was heading to the green room. Obviously the crowd caught on and cheered, prompting Matt Smith to throw up a peace sign. He tended to do that a lot. I think it's because he didn't know what else to do. He's so adorable. What you should take away from this bit is that I first recognized Steven, not the actors. He's been one of my favorite television writers since I fell in love with Coupling. So yeah, that was very exciting. Eventually the Q&A started, with a guy from TV Guide as the moderator. He asked some interesting questions, mainly to Matt and Steven. I wished Karen had talked more but she seemed so nervous. There were times I could have sworn Jeff, Susan or Steve from Coupling was talking instead of Moffat (or I guess those are the times Steven's voice really shines through his characters). He had wonderful one liners (which I should have written down, damnit!) and deftly avoided telling any spoilers. Matt talks a lot. Not in an annoying way, more amusing. I noticed it in his Jonathan Ross interview.

During the audience Q&A we got some good questions and some very crap ones. One kid asked them what their favorite cheeses were (Matt- Cheddar, Karen- Gorgonzola, Steven- something smelly with the word "bishop" in it) and then followed it up with "where do you like to cut the cheese?" to which Matt replied in all seriousness "With a brand new block of cheddar, just along the side" proving that he has some improv chops. One guy asked Karen for her number semi-jokingly and she didn't know how to answer, getting a bit flustered, so Steven saved her with "I'd say that was a good try but it really wasn't." Laura asked a fabulous question about what wacky hiijinks the cast got up to on sets but Matt and Karen didn't have a very good answer. Apparently, if you listen closely, during some of the backyard scenes you can hear and owl hooting throughout. Laura wonderfully told Steven Moffat I said he sounded like all of his Coupling characters and showed off the shirt I made her sophomore year. There were obviously more questions but I can't remember all of them. There's a podcast called "Meet the Filmmakers" that is on iTunes where you can hear the whole thing.

After the show we waited around in case they would sign anything. We weren't able to get it the first round but the second I got Matt's autograph (asking him if Steven was going to come back--this may have been a bit rude but we praised him, too) and later Steven's. Laura did, too. I was able to tell him I was a long time fan of his work and that I had all of Coupling on DVD. He said that felt like ages ago and I said (though I'm not sure he was really listening) that it's still re watchable and that really is the test of good writing. I also sort of jokingly but not really said we were design students and if they needed more production people they can totally hire us. We didn't get to see Karen as she was whisked off rather early. I want to reiterate just how adorable she is. REALLY adorable! We also talked to the BBCAmerica production guys briefly and I got one of their business cards in case they have jobs. One guy said they always need interns but they need to be enrolled in school.

And now we're back at school. Time to do homework because I need to graduate. Woo!

Finals are not going to be fun.
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