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1. I do not like my temp housing. The old lady I am staying with is nice but does not speak English at all or have the internet. I am currently at the school using their computer and keyboard, hence no contractions and potentially no punctuation.

Which is why I brought my laptop to school today.

2. My wallet is missing, possibly and now probably stolen. It had my IDs in it, my credit cards, one debit card, my health insurance card and a bunch of other cards I kept for a fucking reason in it. This pisses me off. Yesterday two friends were fantastic and went with me to the various police stations trying to find one where I could fill out a fucking report, which took way longer than it should have, and then we went out for drinks. So they are great but I still do not have a wallet. There is a possibility that I left it on the bus coming back from the outlets but I kind of doubt it since apparently one card has been used at a mall.

ETA: Yup, definitely stolen. Cards have been canceled or put on hold since they can't be canceled unless I call and I can't call right now since my minutes ran out on my cell, and I can't recharge them because I can't call to recharge them, and I don't have internet at the apartment (but am at school now using theirs) so Mum recharged it for me, because she is amazing, but it didn't work as of last night so I will try again when it's morning in the states.

3. I cannot reach said bus company yet because they probably are not open until later. Will keep calling throughout the day.

4. Do they not realize it is a fucking American credit card? Seriously. I wish they asked for ID with purchases with a credit card like they do in Brooklyn.

Bright Side

1. I still have one debit card.

2. I have my passport.

3. I have an expired STA travel ID that can work for now to bring with me.

4. I only had 50 Euro in that wallet so they did not get away with all of my money.

ETA: 5. What I forgot to mention was that I was with two friends, Sandra and Anastasia, when this happened and instead of just going to shop like they had planned, they went with me all around Milan looking for a police station and waited with me in line. Sandra went through her purchases of the day and entertained us all and kept things up beat and happy. It was the most fun I have and will ever have in a police station. Without those girls, I probably would have crawled into a corner and cried. They were also there when I was getting increasingly frustrated with this phone business and offered me their phones so I could text my mother and get my cell recharged. We'll see if my phone works later so it's not all bad. These girls are fabulous.

So I am not exactly available on the internet. If you emailed me, I have tried to respond, which really only refers to Nicole and Michele, but I cannot do facebook since you need to type an at symbol and I do not know how to do that with this keyboard. So gmail it is and not often. May move into another temp housing place that I will check out today and then will figure out payment shit. GAH I am not amused by this crap.

Veep Debate

Oct. 2nd, 2008 10:44 pm
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Class ran later than I thought so I caught the debate after it started. I also left to go get some food briefly so I missed a few parts. So yeah, I don't know if anyone "won". It was more of a he said/she said than anything. My suitemate also began watching at one point so there was this weird echo-y thing going on with our TVs both on the same station which was kind of cool.

Things that bothered me:
-Palin saying "nukular"
-Biden referring to himself in third person alla Bob Dole
-Palin pointing out that Biden kept using the past and using that as a "he's not into change" sort of thing when Biden was using it is a foil and then Palin would turn around and talk about how things were in Alaska and shit like that.
-I'm sick of hearing about how fucking fabulous Alaska is and how shit cities are. Get off your high horse small town America, you are no better than a city.
-Biden's repetition thing was vaguely condescending. Kind of like McCain's "what Obama doesn't understand" thing except less douche-y than McCain.

Anyway, while watching I was texting my brother Jeff and here is our conversation...

Me: If Biden pulled that 'naive' thing McCain did on Palin, they would call sexism on him.
Me: [Palin] "It's cool, I have gay friends!"
Jeff: Prophetic!
Me: Take a shot every time they use 'fundamental!'
Me: Every time Palin says "that's fer sure" I think maybe it's just Tina Fey playing her.
Me: HK + Palin = BFF! HK= Henry Kissinger
Me: John McCain is obviously a time traveler.
Me: 2 STATES FTW! on Palin's Israel solution
Me: "I respect that you love Israel but I still think you're a dick."
Me: Biden needs to stop referring to himself in third person. Is it an homage to Bob Dole?
Jeff: Doesn't matter- it works for him, so he'll keep doing it.
Me: "Look at me! I'm from Canada's wang!"
Jeff: Biden looks like he's about to cry.
Me: OMG stfu about that bullshit 'smalltown microcosm of America' crap! Cities are not an orgy of sinfilled liberals!"
Me: Those third graders should be in bed.
Jeff: Haha! She makes lame jokes of our gov't!
Me: Get on gchat. It's cheaper.
Jeff: Can't. I'm at a debate watch party.
Me: LAME. Sharing my genius insights with your friends?
Me: My theory is that Cheney is a zombie living in a cave below the oval office.
Jeff: It's not just a theory...
Me: Pimping out your downs syndrome baby? Wow.
Me: Shots? Well, you did say 'change' and 'maverick'.
Me: I associate maverick with Tom Cruise. Does that mean Palin and McCain worship Xenu?
Jeff: If by Xenu, you mean oil.
Me: Their thetan levels are insane!
Me: Look at me Biden! I'm so fucking perfect! Did you know I can kill a moose with my bare hands?
Me: Way to bring up the past when you keep calling Biden on that. Also, how is using the past as a contrast living in it?

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