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'Cause I finally uploaded it onto youtube: PEEP WARS!

Apologies to those who subscribe to Badgerstaff Wheneverly Blog's RSS feed Whenevs for what is essentially the same post as this.

Also, despite sleeping relatively well the last two nights, I'm back to being unable to fall asleep despite the new mattress. I blame having slept in till 3 PM today. Need to get this whole sleep schedule business down...blargle.
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This is genius!

I love collegehumor sometimes.
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Progress on the Twilight Collab Vlog is somewhat slow. Mostly because I keep on needing to move files from my harddrive to an external harddrive because I was stupid and didn't just work off one in the first place. Now every time I render it's telling me there isn't enough drive space and I need to clear more files. That part is quite unfun. The fun bits happen when I put the different clips together. Keep in mind, my lovely collaborators, that not all of your footage will be used. I'll be trying to keep the camera time even among us and I'm still wondering if I will use background music or not. Right now I have a pretty sweet intro (if I do say so myself) with music that has NOTHING to do with the story but I want to have some songs that are appropriate, however I can't think of how to get them in there without them overpowering the snark.

Work-wise, I have this weekend off and am hopefully heading to NJ to hang with some friends. I'm still not 100% that I can go but I really hope that it all works out and that I will be there. Heaven knows you'll need emotional support for the Avatar finale watching. :-P

Speaking of friends...IchiP! Yeah, I'm looking at you! When the hell are you going to edit that interview thing? You don't even have to put it on youtube. I just wanna see it. *hint hint*

I want something to eat. Preferably chocolatey. And maybe some tea. I am a tea addict.

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I pretty much love everything this guy does...just some more fabulousness.


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