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I never thought I would miss the insanity that is Pratt but I genuinely do. I feel so unproductive here (though I am working on a side project for BW so that's good). It's been a month and I've been given a total of ONE real project and a bunch of vague directions for projects that will be done in the future. It makes it difficult to WANT to do anything, too. Speaking of assignments, the one that I do have is a group project (which is good for a first project because I'd be lost without Manuela and her amazing patience when it comes to explaining shit to me in a mix of Italian and broken English) and we JUST got a typed brief today.

When I got to class Silvia, the girl who wants to go to Pratt next semester, came over and we talked briefly. She asked me if I'd read New Moon. Kind of random. I guess it was because Twilight is a huge thing in the US for certain age groups. Or I give off a vibe that reels lovers of the Sparklepire.

Uploaded photos to photobucket and will post them tomorrow. Promise. Tweet me if I don't, 'kay? *expects Erica, Amanda and Nicole to respond alla Pee Wee's Playhouse*

Random observation: You tweet once using the word "vegan" and all of a sudden you're followed by one on Twitter.
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Progress on the Twilight Collab Vlog is somewhat slow. Mostly because I keep on needing to move files from my harddrive to an external harddrive because I was stupid and didn't just work off one in the first place. Now every time I render it's telling me there isn't enough drive space and I need to clear more files. That part is quite unfun. The fun bits happen when I put the different clips together. Keep in mind, my lovely collaborators, that not all of your footage will be used. I'll be trying to keep the camera time even among us and I'm still wondering if I will use background music or not. Right now I have a pretty sweet intro (if I do say so myself) with music that has NOTHING to do with the story but I want to have some songs that are appropriate, however I can't think of how to get them in there without them overpowering the snark.

Work-wise, I have this weekend off and am hopefully heading to NJ to hang with some friends. I'm still not 100% that I can go but I really hope that it all works out and that I will be there. Heaven knows you'll need emotional support for the Avatar finale watching. :-P

Speaking of friends...IchiP! Yeah, I'm looking at you! When the hell are you going to edit that interview thing? You don't even have to put it on youtube. I just wanna see it. *hint hint*

I want something to eat. Preferably chocolatey. And maybe some tea. I am a tea addict.


SA Update

Dec. 27th, 2007 10:18 pm
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We've been exploring Cape Town for about four days now. So far we've done one beach day (Muizenberg) and had the same exact experience Mum had years ago. She would go to the beach and see tons of people she knew. We arrived at the beach to hear someone yell out "Adrienne!" It was the older sister of one of my high school friends. We knew they were in Cape Town but not where and we didn't expect to see them after seeing her at the airport. So we hung out with her family at the beach and Mum ran into two people she knew from high school. Then a guy who had worked at Galil (a camp my brothers and I all went to) recognized Brian and came over to say hello. We were also stopped on the beach by this boy who knew Bri and turned out to be our friend's cousin. It was pretty awesome. So we made plans to hang out with the family again . Tamara, the girl I knew, came with Bri, Jeff and me to Trivia Night at this restaurant at the V&A Waterfront but it turned out they weren't having it so we went to the mall area and walked around for a bit before finding a coffee shop to chill at..then we met up with the parents and they got some coffee, too, before we all left. That was yesterday. I'm going out of order. A real day by day post will be made later. And it will include further explanation of the following: Wally the street performer, the apartment thing, Jeff's sunburn of annoyance, Stressed to Kill, It's Not Just Fez, Boulders beach/Penguins!!!, zebras, Table Mountain, Camps Bay, Moyos, Lanzerac, wine tasting, wine country, baboons!, Cape Point, the Flying Dutchman, and probably more stuff that I just can't think of right now. These are mostly here to remind me of what I wanted to mention before I forget it. Remember that journal I was supposed to be keeping? Haven't written in it since day 1. Been too busy watching movies once we get to the apartment with Jeff. We've so far watched "The Prestige" and "The Illusionist". It's been a Magic-Movie-Theme. But that has nothing to do with Africa.

We have four more days here. Tomorrow we're going to the Market and then Kalk Bay for beach time. Hopefully I will find my Nyami nyami charm (and not in ivory). Wanna know what that is, look it up on wikipedia. We also want to go on some nice drive but since I'm stuck in the middle I'm not very fond of long drives. But we'll see. We are going with the flow.

Not sure when I'll get back to the bar. May update again in a few days. Love to everyone. I'll catch up with the FList later.
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Saw HP5 with Cara and her mummy after work and had dinner after, then infiltrated one of the elementary school's playgrounds for funsies. Twas a nice night. Unfortunately, it means I have again missed my Gramma's daily call whilst my parents are away and have to call her tomorrow or fear her wrath.

Possible spoilers but not really since you've probably read the book and whatnot )

For SBMBers, new and old, in case you don't frequent the boards, I want to put together an HP themed BW for the 21st (or a day or two after) but need stuff from you. Send pictures of you in costume, fanfic, stories that actually have nothing to do with HP, whatever. Just send me stuff pleasethanks! I'll get the other BW out soon. It was supposed to be ready for Wednesday but life got in the way of me getting it all put together. Sorry! The best way to motivate me is through feedback and submissions. And chocolate. And pretty boys. And ponies (or unicorns, I'm not too picky). So motivate me!


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