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My NABA classes start tomorrow. I'm nervous for many reasons. One, I don't speak Italian very well and my classes are All IN ITALIAN. I knew this was the case but it's hit me that I am so very screwed. Two, I don't know if the schedule I made is the schedule I have. See, with the International Affairs person, Aleksandra, I made a schedule (well, she made it and I sat there hoping to get the times I wanted and while the schedule she gave me isn't ideal it'll do) and was told that there is no guarantee that I will actually get into those classes since they're mostly in computer labs and a limited number of computers means a limited number of students. Fair enough. But I haven't gotten any word from her about whether this is my actual schedule or not. Hence the confusion and uncertainty.

Let's not even begin with the fact that one of those classes is a history course that she thought I should take when we first discussed classes. Hopefully hearing a lecture in Italian will improve my comprehension...but at the same time this puts me at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to grades and I would rather not severely fuck up my GPA because I decided to "challenge myself" language-wise. So the plan tomorrow is to go in early, find Aleksandra (and pray she is available) and make sure I'm in those classes. From what I've heard about the administration, I'm guessing she'll just tell me to show up and see if they have room. If they don't, I have no clue what I'll do. Maybe find alternative classes? None of these really fulfill the credits I need to stay on track at Pratt.

I really wish Kathleen had researched this more before Okay-ing the exchange program. Had she done so, she would have known that second semester exchange was a really bad idea with NABA. They don't really do two-part classes where you can swap teachers for the second half so my class options are already very limited. They don't have an exact equivalent of Graphics II or Type IV. But Kathleen said they HAD to give me the credits and they had better fucking do it. I am NOT going to be screwed over because Pratt and NABA don't know how to get information to each other.

Now I'm in my new apartment, kind of loving it. It's with two other girls who are a bit older than me and are doing fashion marketing. They're from Sweden and Finland (though I don't know which girl is from which country). One of the reasons I really wanted this place, other than it being nice and close to the school, was that in the house we speak English. I'm glad that communication will be easy. Also, they're both really nice and helpful. Will post photos of new apartment later. Promise. P.S. Laura K, you can find photos of the old studio on facebook.

Yesterday I went to Milan's Carnevale festival and had I not been with friends it would have been really lame. I went with Nadine, Heike, Aslan (for real, his name is Aslan--I told him I would remember it because of the Narnia books) and Fleur (I think this is his name? Probably spelling it wrong but that's seriously what it sounds like when people say it) Flo to the Duomo. Nadine is from Switzerland, Heike's from Germany (cannot explain how to pronounce it...thought she was called Heidi but it's like the Hei from Heidi and 'Ki' at the end), Aslan's from Iran originally but grew up in Sweden and Fleur (again, assuming this is his name) Flo is from the German part of Italy. Lots of German was spoken, which mostly went over my head, but we mainly spoke in English (with some Italian thrown in there). I mostly know Nadine and Heike. I'd seen Fleur Flo around and met Aslan the previous night at the Carnevale party the school threw at Mayflower. That was a good time. I met a bunch of new people, sadly many were leaving the next day.

But I digress...we went to the Duomo and had confetti thrown on us and sometimes got hit with silly string. They also had this foam that was pretty much evil. It's annoying and can ruin clothes so we tried avoiding people with it like the plague. The parade was rather dull with only two cool things, these "birds" (I should have photos, I let Nadine use my camera since she was at a better angle and hers was dead...will post later) and these HUGE color wheels. Compared to Viareggio, it was dull.

After we went to a cafe before splitting up. I met up with Bonnie who was in town for a ballet. With two of her friends we walked all around the Duomo area until we settled on a restaurant. Twas very nice and fun. They're all taking cooking classes so it was educational, as well. After we attempted to find this really cool looking dessert place that we had seen on the way to the Duomo but couldn't find it. Bonnie and I headed back to the hotel but ended up horribly lost and walked way out of the way before getting back on track. We were sort of going in the right direction but got a bit turned around. Lesson learned: following the tram lines is not an effective means of finding your way. We did get to see more of the city on our walk, which is always good I think.

Today involved moving, which was a bitch and a half, and some unpacking but most will be done during the week. Decided to give up unpacking and met up with Bonnie and friends. They went to the Duomo so Bonnie and I went to this really cool mansion museum. These brothers were obsessed with all things Renaissance and collected stuff from the period and their entire mansion was like a huge homage to the time period. It was beautiful! But I would NEVER want to live there. Bonnie's and my favorite room was the Salon. It was the most empty but incredibly detailed where it counted--the ceiling, the door, the walls, fireplace, etc. I wish we could have taken photos but they're not allowed. Then we went to a cafe we'd seen on the way and ran into her friends there. It was funny, trust me. I parted with them shortly after and headed back home. Thought I'd unpack more but I've mainly looked at my schedule, tried figuring out when the hell I actually have breaks and vacation and goofed off on the computer. You know, the usual.

Tomorrow's classes include: Motion Graphics (aka Adri Plays with After Effects, hopefully) from 9-12 and History of Graphic Design from 1-3 (or as they put it on the schedule: 13-15). Must talk to teachers about the whole "I speak English and my Italian sucks but I'm honestly trying to get better...please don't fail me" thing.

Question for Pratt Graphic Des. people (so Michele): What classes are you taking next semester and do you know what teachers you want for senior project? I want to challenge myself but also have fun. And possibly and internship. Speaking of, how does one go about getting an internship anyway?

P.S. My birthday is this next Sunday. Perhaps I should have a party on Friday or Saturday?


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